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  1. Not like you or are you on another fishing trip.
  2. Very specific about date most would have said 2013 or there about.
  3. Fundraiser by West Bank SMFC : St. Mirren’s SPFL COVID fine fund (gofundme.com)
  4. Ricky most be 75 at least. Nobody knows his circumstances at the present moment with what's going on in the world. He took a lot of ridicule from some on here, which wasn't always deserved. When I used to visit my dad (not Ricky), some of our conversation used to get a bit heated, because we couldn't always agree. Eventually I found it easier to just agree he was right. I became a good listener. It made for a better relationship.
  5. My work schedule is busier than that. Their professionals, they'll cope.
  6. I take umbrage to that remark. I served my time with Balfour Kilpatrick. Nearly chucked it to be a draughtsman, but it was a drayman they were looking for.
  7. The logo of GS Ltd (Galbraith Stores) is cast in concrete above both the entrances to the large warehouses in New Sneddon Street.
  8. All over the town. had one in Braehead Road. Galbraith's Store - Paisley Scotland Galbraith supermarkets - Wikipedia
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