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  1. What about players out of contract or returning to their clubs after loan expires.
  2. https://www.arabarchive.co.uk/matchdetails.php?id=3003 The season we signed Jackie from Utd.
  3. English clubs are donating 20 million to the NHS.
  4. A more worthy cause. Maybe W6er could kick it off.
  5. and filling three stands with the bigots probably.
  6. Would the old firm get the lions share of that at home.
  7. pod

    Meet the GMan!

    Its the loneliness of isolation.
  8. Electricity, gas, comms. it's endless.
  9. Your right. The demand for laptops is high, for government bodies and people working from home. I work in facilities, in buildings that is churning out new and recycled PC's. Thinking initially it would dry up. Know there's big demand from other European countries governments. We also have a big MOD data centre to maintain. Would rather self isolate, but company at present won't let us.
  10. That will be the reason we cant fill seats, apart from the coronavirus.
  11. No surprise there. They probably spent halve their life's in McDonald, KFC, Denny's etc.
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