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  1. Most sensible post today.
  2. We're all hurting. The last thing we what to hear or see is someone rubbing it in.
  3. Similar to your posts. Sad.
  4. Rangers fans obviously not bold enough to take on a adult.
  5. pod

    Speculation Thread

    Ye. the winger they signed on a 2 year loan.
  6. Does that make him not good enough.
  7. pod

    Speculation Thread

    Can they no put him out on loan.
  8. Why, are you interested in joining.
  9. pod

    Liam Smith

    to lazy to check. Cheers. . But only have the resource to fix my post.
  10. pod

    Liam Smith

    Cause you're lazy, or don't have the resources. Never be called lazy. But true, I don't have the resources.