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  1. Show me where I mentioned Romanians, clever dick. Romanians don't need to beg or steal and no different from us.
  2. Racist. OK, sometimes they give them return tickets.
  3. Some are being flown in from Romania. One way ticket.
  4. Tony was great at the painting and Frank was no bad at the carpentry.
  5. One has set themselves up outside a shop at Bridgewater shopping centre in Erskine would you believe. In Paisley what's more alarming is they stand in from of women making eye contact asking for small change, nothing more than harassment.
  6. Errrr... Is a PCA not similar? Not if you've got a manager who doesn't wont to leave without compensation.
  7. Must have made their job easier. That doesn't happen very often in the football world.
  8. Can the welcome be dropped from title. Every time someone posts, I'm thinking we've signed him.
  9. Of course he doesn't, he's a football supporter.
  10. Think you answered your own question.
  11. Throw the boys on. Come back soon Cookie.
  12. How did they get into London, did they drive, use public transport. One assume they no longer fly abroad. Doubt it.
  13. Depends in how you interpreted it.
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