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  1. The tea lady forgot the milk, must be Goodwins fault.
  2. Just below and to the right of purple spot was the Bells Dye Works and Laundry. My brother used to work for them as a maintenance mechanic.
  3. Supporters. Corona virus. Infectious.
  4. Good post to rekindle. Prefer a good book.
  5. pod

    Paisley Pubs

    What kind of pubs is it.
  6. She said she doesn't remember you. Bad memory, it's an age thing.
  7. Didn't quote any of it, apparently he didn't write it.
  8. So was my big sister, maybe you were in the cot next to her. .
  9. Tried to buy one online, but they have sold out. So I've locked her in the cellar.
  10. The only thing we're guilty of, is not having enough players.
  11. pod

    Hearts v Dundee

    Dundee are so bad, they're making Hearts look good.
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