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  1. pod

    Oran Kearney Appreciation Thread

    and when we win that one, we move on to the next one (win). Sorry, I'm I getting to far ahead of myself.
  2. pod

    Latest Scores

    Grabbed it when he hit the ground. Still 0-0
  3. pod

    Latest Scores

    Should have kept it in his biscuit tin.
  4. pod

    Latest Scores

    Unlike the dying swan incident (Lennon)
  5. pod

    Latest Scores

    No change then.
  6. pod

    It's a Squad Game

    No, that was before the Viagra.
  7. pod

    It's a Squad Game

    I keep telling the wife that.
  8. pod

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    He's spoken for.
  9. pod

    Speculation Thread

    No surprise.
  10. pod

    Magic has gone..

    We're in the wrong theatre for magic.
  11. pod

    Let Me In...............

    Welcome home, no regrets. Not.
  12. Thanks for picture. Didn't think one existed. My grannies last place of residence was in a flat two stories above the Old South Western Bar before she moved on to Hawkhead.
  13. pod

    Magic has gone..

    It's always more enjoyable when your up and not letting one down.
  14. pod

    Magic has gone..

    That has been evident.