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  1. pod

    Paisley Pubs

    Drove past a lot of eateries in Paisley today, they all looked shut, strange.
  2. Depending on what side of the pond one lives.
  3. Some of the soft penalties our opposition have got, probably about evens it out.
  4. Ren TV - Online Video content from Renfrewshire Leisure
  5. Haven't read any of the posts, but where it when wrong IMHO is the lack of a couple of goal scoring forwards. That has been our big let down.
  6. pod

    The Vaccine

    People are more scared of what it might do to them rather than what it could do for them by listening to perhaps the wrong people and hype.
  7. When you tell them it's St.Mirren, they say naw, what team do your really support.
  8. Unfortunately in my case it is.
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