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  1. pod

    Naming the Stands

    Agree. Given the history.
  2. pod

    Driving in Paisley.

    Thank god for that. I thought there was something wrong with my suspension.
  3. pod

    Hayden Coulson - Confirmed

    Take your pick.
  4. pod

    Alfie Jones

    On thing is certain. It will be one or other.
  5. pod

    What Makes A Good Driver ?

    I've yet to find the answer.
  6. pod

    What Makes A Good Driver ?

    I just want one that gets me from A to B.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callum_Hawkins
  8. Would put my money on it, if it was ever to happen the pair of them would try to establish themselves with a second string beginning in the lower leagues.
  9. pod

    What Makes A Good Driver ?

    Don't need a Satnav to get from Stirling to Greenhill Road.
  10. pod

    What Makes A Good Driver ?

    Nope. How much extra did you pay for something you don't use. How many season tickets could that have bought. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-3502530/How-does-cost-car-parks-reveal-model-costs.html
  11. pod

    What Makes A Good Driver ?

    Some points that make a good driver are ones that know how to use their indicators at and on roundabouts, not use high density fog lights in the pissing rain, not hug the middle lane on empty motorways, just for starters.
  12. pod

    UK Debt

    Might have to sell the Crown Jewels and reduce our debts to 1.99 trillion.
  13. pod

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    You look a bit flushed.
  14. pod

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    His contract will be nearly up.