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  1. I’ve not seen his interview, but if he really said that, he’s gone right down in my estimations. 1) It’s not true; and 2) what a f**kin cop out, blame shifting piece of shit.
  2. Well we can only speculate, but I’d guess he wouldn’t have Started Main against Celtic or subbed him on ahead of Brophy in the other two games. Nevertheless I’m not badging this as a Goodwin v Robinson thing. I’m sure we’d have been just as capable of turning in those performances under Goodwin. It’s what we do. We flatter to deceive a bit, then turn to shit again.
  3. That is of course factually correct. The problem is, the way we are playing, not only are we unlikely to win at Dens, even if we do I wouldn’t hold out much hope of us sustaining a top 6 spot. I do agree though that talk of us getting dragged into a relegation battle is farcical.
  4. Although that is a very simplistic statement, it is supreme in its accuracy.
  5. I have serious concerns that Robinson has some sort of Motherwell love in with Main. Hard to put into words how bad that was so I won’t even try.
  6. What the f**k was that from Jones. Absolute f**king shite!!
  7. It doesn’t matter how abjectly f**king garbage we are in a game (like today), big Joe is ALWAYS superb. Don’t know where we’d be without him.
  8. I think after today I’m going to have to switch off any game that Main is involved in. He’s no good for my blood pressure. I think he may be even worse than Erwin.
  9. Can there possibly be a team in the league that gives the ball away so unnecessarily as often as we do? It’s so frustrating to watch.
  10. Hearts, St. Johnstone, Dundee, Rangers for me. Celtic to bear Livi tomorrow. Unfortunately 2 of those are pretty unlikely. I’d settle for draws in those games.
  11. Try to get back to Gellions in time to see Schiehallion mate. They are brilliant. 👍
  12. Next 2 games define the rest of our season. Win them and we should be genuine contenders for top 6. Lose them or draw them and it looks like a dull bottom 6 end to the season. From a top 6 perspective, other than the livi win, the other results tonight went about as well as we could have hoped.
  13. And with that the game is over. That’s the most depressing thing.
  14. You could also say it was a bit daft of Dunne after what happened against Livi. Don’t agree he’s having a mare though. Think the whole defence is playing really well. My concern is more about us lacking any real ambition at all. I’m not expecting gung ho, cavalier nonsense, but it’s a bit much to expect us to sustain this sort of pressure for 90 minutes. At the very least we have to find some way of making the ball stick with our forward players. Something we are perennially saying in matches against the old firm.
  15. We are, but it still very much has the feel of a “only a matter of time” night. It’s certainly back to the no ambition type performance.
  16. Not sure Yugoslavia is really a precedent Tom. That was a civil war. Ukraine has been invaded against it’s will. That’s not really the same thing.
  17. Totally agree that over the piece a booking is a result and that we should grab it and move on. However, I’d still be keen to know on what basis they still thought that particular incident was even a foul, never mind a booking. As an aside, when these things get overturned, does the ref get some sort of wee black mark against his name, or is it just treated as human error and move on. I would’ve though some sort of record ought to be kept in case there were either serial offenders generally, or worse still, serial offenders against specific clubs.
  18. What an absolutely belting game at Ibrox. First class entertainment. Proper throwback stuff. Credit to both teams. Saying anything nice about the currant buns does not come easy to me to say the least, but credit where credit’s due.
  19. If you’ve been married for 33 years and this guy is your pal, tell him he’s too old to be a goth! 😆
  20. I trust someone has remember to stick the USH on??
  21. Agree Gellions is spot on. That’s our go to bar every time we’re in Inverness. A band called Schiehallion play in there every Saturday and Sunday teatime (or at least used to pre Covid) and they are brilliant. Hootenanny always has live music too although is a wee bit more touristy. Someone mentioned McCallums too which is a good pub, but last time I was there it was still a cash only bar, so bear that in mind. You’ll struggle to go wrong in Inverness to be honest. It’s a cracking wee city.
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