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  1. One of those classic times when in the process of correcting someone’s grammar you make a typo yourself and realise too late to edit it.
  2. Football is truly f**ked...
  3. It’s funny when you think back to the old guestbook. It’s hard to imagine that just one big long thread of posts would work but it did. The old chat room was good on match days too.
  4. I’ll qualify next week over here. I’m in the 50-55 category. That auld c**t Jimmy H got his last week. He’s in the 55-60 category. 😀
  5. Did we really? I thought they both had very quiet games to say the least. Not saying that like it’s a criticism as they were only just back from injury, but I definitely don’t think they were particularly good. That said, I hope they are both playing on Saturday.
  6. Who was Piratka again? Did I know her? I remember the poster, but not sure I knew her. Kebabs is a loss to the forum definitely.
  7. That my friend is simply a thing of beauty! My favourite footballer ever I’d say.
  8. No. It’s what we did when we met them on the cup. 😘
  9. Yeah, apart from me auld mucker Jimmy H, I probably know about 5 or 6 of the reasonably regular posters on here (several more if I include former posters). All bar none have been good people. Apart from Jimmy H. He’s a right c**t.
  10. Has such a thing ever happened or would it be considered far too dangerous an event to host? Could Oaky and FS be trusted to be in the same room as each other without resorting to some form of pugilsm? Could Oaky suffer being in the same room as countless people who simply were not his intellectual equal? Would FS attend an event where he might have to pay for some of his own drinks? Could Shull cope with having to be several different people on the same evening? Could Antrin and I manage to not ruin our nights by spending the whole evening bickering about independence? Could any BAWA burds be trusted to keep their hauns aff me? Could no one be arsed? Potentially cracking night out or recipe for disaster? You decide.
  11. No not that. My thing. 👍😃
  12. Definitely not the name to have at school in the 1970s 🤣
  13. Agreed. I’ve known a... Fender - A guy John I worked with at WH Malcolm back in the 80s. Pending - A professor call Pat I knew from the Wacky Races Bender - A robot I knew from Futurama Gender - A thing I knew that used to be fairly simple to understand. .........but never a Pender.
  14. All because unlike the other countries, Nicola isn’t prepared to give false promises that she knows she can’t guarantee keeping.
  15. Ha ha. Naw, I just think his boots were so old, the front Gola stripe had fallen off 🤣
  16. Aye thinking about it, Eddie was probably late 70s. He was definitely the guy who ran on the pitch with the magic sponge, which was pretty much the role of a physio (or trainer as they were commonly known) in those days.
  17. Eddie McDonald? He was one of my Tech teachers at Camphill.
  18. Aye, and the coins are kept by his Mrs. 🤣
  19. 🤣🤣 The state of this. ^^^^
  20. What a slavering incoherent mess. Nicola did well to provide any sort of response other than “I’m sorry could you repeat that in English?”. https://www.scottishparliament.tv/meeting/committee-on-the-scottish-government-handling-of-harassment-complaints-march-3-2021?clip_start=16:56:30&clip_end=17:09:00
  21. Overall I thought she was magnificent. Full of admiration for her.
  22. Lots of talk about St. J and United here, but I’m still looking up as well as down so great to see Livi losing tonight too. Would be great if a Motherwell team who look like they may have started to turn the corner could beat them on Saturday.
  23. Yep certainly could’ve been worse. Perhaps overly greedy to moan about Accies conceding late.
  24. Here are two statements. One I’m pretty sure I’ve never ever said before, the other one that I must have almost never said before. 1. Mon the currant buns 2. Mon the Accies
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