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  1. Definitely not the name to have at school in the 1970s 🤣
  2. Agreed. I’ve known a... Fender - A guy John I worked with at WH Malcolm back in the 80s. Pending - A professor call Pat I knew from the Wacky Races Bender - A robot I knew from Futurama Gender - A thing I knew that used to be fairly simple to understand. .........but never a Pender.
  3. All because unlike the other countries, Nicola isn’t prepared to give false promises that she knows she can’t guarantee keeping.
  4. Ha ha. Naw, I just think his boots were so old, the front Gola stripe had fallen off 🤣
  5. Aye thinking about it, Eddie was probably late 70s. He was definitely the guy who ran on the pitch with the magic sponge, which was pretty much the role of a physio (or trainer as they were commonly known) in those days.
  6. Eddie McDonald? He was one of my Tech teachers at Camphill.
  7. What a slavering incoherent mess. Nicola did well to provide any sort of response other than “I’m sorry could you repeat that in English?”. https://www.scottishparliament.tv/meeting/committee-on-the-scottish-government-handling-of-harassment-complaints-march-3-2021?clip_start=16:56:30&clip_end=17:09:00
  8. Overall I thought she was magnificent. Full of admiration for her.
  9. Bassturt!! That’s the last time I give him the benefit of the doubt. 🤣
  10. Lots of talk about St. J and United here, but I’m still looking up as well as down so great to see Livi losing tonight too. Would be great if a Motherwell team who look like they may have started to turn the corner could beat them on Saturday.
  11. Yep certainly could’ve been worse. Perhaps overly greedy to moan about Accies conceding late.
  12. Here are two statements. One I’m pretty sure I’ve never ever said before, the other one that I must have almost never said before. 1. Mon the currant buns 2. Mon the Accies
  13. I tell you what it clarifies, that you’re as good at using the sub quote tool as me. 🤣. As for your response, I was reading it intently until you used the word separatists. I stopped reading then and heaved a very heavy sigh. Edited only to add. Being British and the United Kingdom are not the same thing. People in an independent Scotland would still be British if they do chose to be. Great Britain is not a Sovereign nation. The United Kingdom is.
  14. Apologies if this is messy (don't know how to "sub quote" individually posts on here), but attempting to answer your points in order. Scotland may well have been bailed out by the construct of the union, but forgive me for basing my view on things that have happened since the birth of my great granny's great granny. Are you seriously holding up the events of some 300 years ago, as justification for how Scotland has benefitted from the union? Is that the best you've got? I don't know whether you follow a communist philosophy or a socialist one. Communism has been proven time after time to be a failed ideal (albeit a naively well meaning one in concept). As for socialism, I am certainly a socialist in the sense I believe firmly in social justice. Furthermore I believe Scotland to be a socialist country at heart and I strongly believe that in an independent Scotland, the government of choice would more often than not be a socialist one. I pay zero heed to the teachings of Christ (I am not religious in the slightest) nor the teachings of pontificating scholars AKA "philosophers". I make my own mind up about things. I listen to the "teachings" of everyday people. Even you Antrin! How on earth can the desire for Scotland to determine it's own future, be skewed to mean we are demarcating against the nationality of others? On the contrary, I want a Scotland that I have zero doubt would be considerably more open to other nationalities, races and creed's that rUK would appear to be. Also loving your use of the word "Nationalist". I have no doubt you are using it in the same tired and familiar way we have become used to from Unionists i.e. in a thinly veiled inference to right wing politics or fascism. What a load of nonsense. I am not even close to being a Nationalist in that sense and I would never refer to myself as a Nationalist. I am a supporter of self determination/independence. Not even close to the thing your are referring to. And trust me, rUK (and in particular England) is far, far closer to the right wing/fascist state you imply. That's what we're trying to get away from! Finally, as I have indicated above, as far as I'm aware I have never said categorically that "socialism can't work", but it does depend on the brand of socialism. I do believe that the pre 1980s, Citizen Smith/Comrade this, Sister that nonsense has died a death, but I do believe left of centre politics with a social conscience is the way forward and I believe that is how an independent Scotland would forever be run. It may surprise you to know that at the age of 15 I joined the Young Socialist Party and at the age of 18 joined the Communist Party (Govan branch). I then moved to Jersey and (in my opinion) grew up.
  15. For clarity (perhaps the use of emojis would have helped) my final comment was tongue in cheek and not intended to be taken seriously. However, let me tell you what I think is simply comical. Your outdated, quaint, left wing notion of people working together for the common good. The ravages of capitalism indeed. That’s a cracker. You might as well say the ravages of human nature. When during the last couple of hundred years that you mention have you seen rUK (and in particular Westminster) working for the common good of Scotland. You to suggest that Scotland has “benefitted” from the union. I believe the opposite it true. I believe the union has benefitted from Scotland. Just another thing we disagree on that neither of us would be able to prove either way. Independence by definition is a leap of faith. In 2014 insufficient people were prepared to take that leap of faith for varying reasons. That I cannot dispute. But things change. Some bloody big things change. Federalism? Nah not for me. Simply an (albeit relatively significant) extension of the devolved or local governments we already have. We’d still be run by one central government and let’s face it, that would still be Westminster. Finally, why do you continue to suggest that my disagreeing with your viewpoint means that I think my opinion is “more worthy of expression” than yours? Surely I could just level that criticism at you too. Can’t we simply disagree on things. I think we both know that we are coming from fairly entrenched positions and debate it probably futile. But just to be absolutely clear, I DO respect your opinion. I just don’t agree with it.
  16. Referenda may be blunt tools but without them we typically had either subjectification or war. How would you suggest a majority support achieve independence? Go down and ask the nice Tories in Westminster if we can have our country back? I suspect you probably think Scotland should just shut up and do what it’s told like most others down your way.
  17. I genuinely don’t think I am. Oaky will adjudicate.
  18. Slarti, Seeing as Oaky and BIEK seem determined not to answer your question, I will attempt to do so by saying that Oaky already effectively answered it in his original big patronising rant. The theory is that it is not the same thing because men have (as a rule) not been subject to anything from verbal objectification to sexual assault and anything in between the same way that women have. Therefore by creating the situation that you refer to as double standards, in reality is specifically designed to highlight the problem at hand. It’s the same thing as the other day when my 18 year old daughter told me it was racist to say “All Lives Matter” on the subject of Black Lives Matter I.e at no time in history have white people been persecuted for the colour of their skin in the same way black people have. Therefore, by saying all lives matter you are diminishing the intent and impact of BLM. For what it’s worth, as a 55 year old man, thinking he had spent a lifetime having good judgement on what is fair, appropriate and acceptable, I too find this stuff a bit difficult to get used to. I remain comfortable with my own belief system and certainly don’t need to be preached to by others on what is and isn’t appropriate in THEIR opinion.
  19. I read Osky’s post the same way as you first time around and thought WTF because I thought he was referring to Richard Buddie’s post. On reflection I don’t think he was. I think he was still referring to HM’s. But I could be wrong
  20. The game against West Brom remains one of the best games of football I’ve seen in my life.
  21. Ordinarily I’d hear you loud and clear Oaky and I’d go as far as saying I’d begrudgingly agree with you. However, I struggle to get past the fact that the 2014 No vote was founded on at worst barefaced lies or at best false promises. Not just wee white lies either. Big whopping game changers. How can that vote be held up to scrutiny when so many (particularly swithering voters who need guidance) were so shamelessly misled. Realistically, even if one was called tomorrow it would be unlikely to be anytime soon. Let’s call it 2024. 10 years seems like a nice round number to me.
  22. Fair play, we all have our own view on priorities. I put self determination front and centre. If I had a vote I’d continue to back the best vehicle for achieving that. Once it is achieved, then it’s back to a personal opinion on who you want to run the country. I’m far less wed to SNP than I am to independence.
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