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  1. f**kin hell. We’ve absolutely shoplifted that lead. 🤣🤣 Who cares. I’ll take it.
  2. Ayunga once again a shadow of the player we got a glimpse of against Celtic.
  3. We’re getting away with some really ropey defending here.
  4. 5-3-2 or 4-4-2. Could be either but strongly suspect 5-3-2.
  5. Someone on P&B mentioned that there’s no RCTV now. Does that mean there will be no stream today or will St. Mirren TV still be streaming it?
  6. So if Tait and Tanser are both out, will it likely be Dunne at LB?
  7. I had to Google it as I wondered which animal it pertained to, as in Lupine, ursine, bovine etc 🤣
  8. And As I’ve been at pains to point out I don’t disagree with any of those legal facts. I’m just saying you’re deluded if you think that any amount of feet stamping is going to change anything. As for your contention that it’s their first title, please point me to any official authority that confirms that as a fact. Give it up mate and concentrate on St. Mirren. Don’t let it eat you up?
  9. None of that changes what I’m saying mate. I don’t doubt (and never have doubted) the legalities of the situation. I’m merely saying that perception by anyone or any authority that matters, is that this is the same Rangers. If that wasn’t the case, they would’ve been stripped of their titles and honours. Last season would’ve been their 1st ever league title, not their 55th. That is never ever going to change.
  10. I would never put you on ignore as I enjoy much of your content. Just not this stuff. It's just so pointless. Do you think something can (or more importantly will) be done to correct this situation? ETA......and it's not just the Scottish football establishment. ETA again.......oh and you are using the word supine on here so often it's becoming a cliche. 😉
  11. There's a big difference between believing a lie and reluctantly accepting that everyone in world football considers this to be the same Rangers and moving on. By all means continue to hold your view. All that's being pointed out here, is that by continuously spouting it as a lone voice in the wilderness is a little repetitive and boring for the rest of us. Rangers Football Club as a corporate entity indubitably died in 2012. That is not up for debate. It also can't be denied that (sadly) football is more about business now that it ever was. In that sense your view is 100% accurate. However, you and I come from an era when it was much more than that. Looking through that lens, this is very much the same Rangers. Same, home, same strip, same fans, same history, same honours, same membership of the SFA, same membership of UEFA. In fact the ONLY thing that isn't the same is the name registered at Companies House (or wherever?). You can keep howling at the moon all you like, but the only thing you'll be affecting is yourself. Oh...and for the record....I hold an absolutely equal passionate dislike for the newer version of the old Rangers. The old Rangers cheated and broke the law and I was dead against them being allowed back. But they are back (albeit masquerading in your eyes) as the old Rangers. Nothing you or I say is going to change that EVER.
  12. Perhaps not "any day", but definitely tomorrow. Tait will handle Boyle better than Tanser would.
  13. On the contrary, I would say that "gliding past opponents" has been one of the most predominant aspects of Baccus's play so far. You only have to look as far back as last Saturday and the disallowed goal for one such example.
  14. f**kin useless, lazy, unreliable Napoli cunts!!!😡😡
  15. If Aberdeen do lose to Rangers, even a point would be enough to move into third. I think we’re more than capable of winning, but that wouldn’t be a disaster either.
  16. I’m just still trying to work out how we managed to only win that game 2-1. What an improvement on last week. Special mention for Main. He really has upped his game. It’s not just that he’s starting to score some goals, it’s his all round play. In particular his touch and his hold up play are streets ahead of last season. Thought Erhahon was excellent today too. Finally, I was a wee bit worried when I saw Gallagher was out, but the goal aside we were really solid at the back. Testimony to the strength in depth of the squad. Another great day.
  17. Solid first half. Never in any real danger other than the Carson brainfart. Hit the bar twice and a couple of good chances for Ayunga. Happy with that. More of the same please in the second half.
  18. Ayunga seems to struggle to get the ball out of his feet a lot of the time. We’ve been much much better so far today though.
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