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  1. Can someone please tell The Rangers that the admission of colt teams into the league was a once in a generation vote.
  2. I had mine on Saturday morning and so far I’ve been absolutely fine. Not one single side effe.........
  3. The day of my first ever pint in a pub.. Cellar Bar before heading to the game. I was 15.
  4. Got mine tomorrow morning. Flying to Southampton on Monday, so hope I don’t get any bad effects.
  5. Yes. Not sure what your point is? The post you have quoted was complaining about JG not subbing Morias. Also, are you not a wee bit late quoting a post from 5 months ago! 😳
  6. Sad to say I have to agree with these posts. The lad is a half decent player no doubt, but he’s not all that. If he signs a new deal I’ll be happy enough, if he doesn’t I won’t lose any sleep over him leaving.
  7. Aye but I’m a bit of a soft arse Oaky and unlike you I sort of care a little bit what folk think of me 🤣 Even folk I don’t know on a fitba forum. 😁
  8. Yes, but the part of my post you highlight is me saying I DON’T actually think that is the case. I DON’T think that folk are that thick. I agree with Oaky that there is probably nothing at all to see in these recent polls and I certainly agree that until they start hitting nearer 60% then there’s little evidence to suggest another referendum is justifiable. I’m not referring to a drop in support for the SNP as a result of this stushie. That will be resolved one way or another in May. I’m talking about a drop in support for independence.
  9. The point I’m making FS is that SNP does not = Independence and independence does not = The SNP. I don’t support independence because I support the SNP. That would be stupid. I support the SNP because I support independence and they are currently the best vehicle for it. A loss of faith in the SNP would not for me mean a loss of faith in independence. I mean why should it? Independence = Self determination and once achieved we can hold parties to account every 5 years. Ironically in the current set up the only party Scotland can hold to account is the SNP! Surely to Christ pointing out this fundamental truism doesn’t make me arrogant or suggest I think I know better than others?
  10. Seriously though, forget the polls, but could someone please explain to me how a supporter of independence can have their minds changed by the Salmond/Sturgeon goings on? I mean regardless of your view on who is right and who is wrong. What the f**k does one have to do with the other. “I was pure dead in favour of independence so ah wiz, but it’s possible thit yon Nicola Sturgeon might have been tellin some fibs, so am pure dead for the union noo so ah um”. Are we really expected to think that there are folk with more than half a brain cell that have come to this conclusion? If it is the case, then it’s true that some folk are too f**kin stupid to be given a vote.
  11. You may indeed Sir. Like the gentleman you are. 👍
  12. Erm. I know. That’s why I said if they lose next Saturday, they could still drop out of the top 6. If they don’t lose they can’t. Think you’ve misunderstood my point.
  13. Yes but the point I’m making is that if we’ve matched or beaten these teams while we’ve been rotten, then I don’t think we need to fear losing to them. Hopefully this won’t be put to the test. 👍
  14. During the rotten run you describe we haven’t lost to any of the bottom 6 sides, yet you think we’re suddenly going to lose to all of them. What nonsense.
  15. It’s only just occurred to me that if Livi lose next Saturday, they could still finish outside the top 6. It would mean a 33rd game shoot out between us, them and St. Johnstone. Wins for the two Saints and a defeat for them would see us definitely go 5th and St. Johnstone potentially go 6th depending on GD.
  16. This Utd v Celtic game is even more one sided than our game yesterday if you can believe that. The difference is Celtic couldnae score in a barrel of fannies. I think they’ve been going to the St. Mirren school of end product.
  17. What a stunner. And I’d be prepared to tell my wife that Oaky.
  18. Never understood why we let him go. Especially in his non tasche days when he looked even sexier if that were even possible. 🥰
  19. I’ve no idea why because we’ve been pretty dodgy recently, but for some reason I genuinely expected much much better than that today. Im not saying I expected us to win (or necessarily even draw for that matter), but I just thought we’d gotten those types of performances against the OF out of our system. In our last 4 games against them (2 wins and 2 defeats) we’ve been happy to try to take the game to them in a measured way. Today we regressed back to the performances of old.
  20. As unconvincing as we’ve been, if we can get that top 6 slot there has to be a seriously good chance of finishing 5th. Livi seem to have properly hit the buffers and if they fail to beat Accies next Saturday, we could be looking at a one game shoot out with them for 5th.
  21. I thought our recent record there was decent?
  22. Thank f**k St. Johnstone dropped points at Accies in midweek or we’d be f**ked. Also, pity they got the late equaliser. That could be crucial, otherwise we could’ve drawn with Accies. Them’s the small margins.
  23. Ah well. Beat Accies and we’re sorted. Good that Livi lost too.
  24. This is even more painful watching that our game. Hibs all over them but cannae score.
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