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  1. spankin_panda

    January Arrivals

    Genuine question; Have you seen him play a few times to be able to make this assertion? You could be right and may have seen him train with the squad and play or it could be a guess/assumption? I look forward to seeing him and happy to give anyone a chance.
  2. spankin_panda

    January Arrivals

    Lewis Morgan and a tall Striker now please and I'll be happy..... Not asking for much, eh?
  3. spankin_panda

    January Exits

    Thanks Oaksoft. I didn't know this. Very poor indeed.
  4. spankin_panda

    January Exits

    When did he do this? Quite shocked at this if true?
  5. spankin_panda

    January Exits

    My original post highlights that he hasn't played much since start of season and that I was simply a bit more concerned with this than others who have left. The point I am making is he has been used as a sub and actually started a few times of late and showed some glimpses of the player he can be. What I am mostly aware of is there are players who featured less or have had an equally poor start to the season who currently remain (Flynn for example). Anyway he is gone and I am more interested to see who comes in to replace him.
  6. spankin_panda

    January Exits

    Despite not having a lot of game time this season, this is the only departure that I am second guessing. I do think he has something to offer.... however, I am sure OK knows what hes doing.
  7. spankin_panda

    January Exits

    Having read this article, I actually appreciate OK more. Seems like a very genuine, astute and all round good people manager. Lets hope he gets what we need over this window. So far though, he offloaded the guys that we ought to have. Lets see if those on the way in are equally as valuable.
  8. spankin_panda

    Music Gigs

    Been to see them twice this year, smashing! Look forth to the next one!
  9. spankin_panda

    New Revenue Streams

    You have a far better understanding of this kinda stuff than me tbh. That last point is just typical tbh.
  10. spankin_panda

    New Revenue Streams

    I would have thought it would have been approx 10k with corners filled in (3 of which). But just a guess based on Livi's ground. I seem to recall it being like ours before the corners built in. Livi's (just for size and aesthetic) is exactly what I would have hoped our stadium would have been. Uch well, can but dream and that.....
  11. spankin_panda

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    See, I am glad you saw what I see and saw it worth responding to
  12. spankin_panda

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Can see this one far enough tbh but will be there in hope. Won't predict a score as can only see a seeing to given our depleted squad and general inability to play football.
  13. spankin_panda

    Sevco/Celtic Media In Major Meltdowm

    Thats what I cannot understand, he gets away with things others simply wouldn't!
  14. spankin_panda

    Sevco/Celtic Media In Major Meltdowm

    I have said this before. However, they have got worse... always the victim, what I have noticed is Gerard seems to play on this which sends a bad message out to the club and wider associates.
  15. spankin_panda

    Samson to Sunderland

    Genuine question; Based on that rhetoric do you disagree with 'top goal scorer' too? As most of the time the chance was set up by and only possible due to another players input? Or scrap 'man of the match' as other players assisted in said persons performance? As I say I am intrigued by this as never really thought this in depth about things that are just footballing recognition.