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  1. spankin_panda

    Craig Samson hall of fame

    However, in a time where the club have at best been mediocre these guys were long serving players who helped us achieve good things; Samason in particular; a national cup win, including a pen save in the semi final over Celtic and a league title and equaled the home clean sheets record for a goalie? No bad for mediocrity.
  2. spankin_panda

    Craig Samson hall of fame

    With all due respect, in recent years we have been an average club at best and these guys are recognized for their service/efforts and achievements during that period. Some people need to be a bit more realistic.
  3. spankin_panda

    Ryan Flynn

    Against Hearts he was fantastic and I ate some humble pie. He has been excellent. He is clearly better in that more central role. His tackling and intercepting in the middle was key on Saturday. And the fact he created the chance on Saturday and bust his backside to get into a position for a re-bound was excellent. Watch that run again from Saturday and you appreciate the goal (scrappy finish) even more as it was from determination. Well done Flynn!!
  4. spankin_panda

    Tansey Banned

    Why hate us because of his brother?
  5. spankin_panda

    Tansey Banned

    Not great timing for this..... Could do with presence against Livi on Saturday.
  6. spankin_panda

    Hearts v St Mirren 23 Feb 2019

    2 great points this week and last. Gives is confidence and belief. And for what's its worth, this squad looks like it can compete better at this level. Bring on next game!
  7. spankin_panda


    Any update on Kyle M? Would be great to have him back and even better if we can have him back and remain injury free.
  8. spankin_panda

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    It is, just like our season and club , from board level down.
  9. spankin_panda

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    I think the big question is; Are we better or worse? For all the outgoings and incoming, so far I would say 'in-different'. I hope this changes and we can get off the bottom of the table and giver ourselves a chance. Sadly, I don't hold out too much hope..
  10. spankin_panda

    Written Off

    I like your optimism. I think tonight will have a significant impact (either way tbh) on belief (both the team and the fans). I hope that the new team will step up a gear and take us to safety. Time will tell I guess. Lets hope you are right Sweeper
  11. spankin_panda

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    I guess the main argument I can muster is that on the 3 occasions we have seen the new look squad (albeit not complete in first game), the improvement is marginal at best We struggled against a team from lower divisions. key theme: did not track runners in center of the park/midfield resulting in goals We played decent for 45 mins against hibs but had no plan b when the changed tactics. key theme: did not track runners in center of the park/midfield resulting in goals. Aside from the pens against Rangers, we were over ran in midfield. key theme: did not track runners in center of the park/midfield resulting in goals I think given the fact that all season the theme is we cannot runners from central areas, frequently resulting in goals against, and haven't addressed the issue (Tansey won't do), then unless the new guys really step it up a gear from recent showings, I am not sure where points will come from.
  12. spankin_panda

    Written Off

    I agree with this. I think the Hibs game was a reality check. Hibs were awful and we played well for 45 mins. However, a forced tactical change from them and 'no plan b' from us highlighted our inability to adapt during games and even our tactical shortfalls. I don't really see where a win will come from tbh. Hope I am wrong but I we have just looked out our depth this season which is disappointing.
  13. Listening to BBC radio this morn and during the sports segment they discussed the game and the commentator said the same as the majority of non-Sevconians in that 1 pen was legit and 3 were wrong; Simulation (no contact admitted by the player apparently) and 2 outside the box. Did anyone catch sport-scene? Was it ignored? Discussed.... I assume brushed aside and an attempt to justify the decisions?
  14. spankin_panda

    Stubbs breaks his Silence

    Interestingly, there seems to be a few 'grenades' that could be equally thrown back to Stubbs himself by the club, including some questionable motives regarding some of the 'deals' he struck and and even more so his assistant (Darren Jackson who had been operating as an agent) and some other back stories... if rumors are to be believed that is.
  15. spankin_panda

    January Arrivals

    In truth, I think you have been pretty spot on with a lot of info so I hope you are right re: signings coming in as we really need a few players (better than what we have) in key areas to get out this mess. i.e. left back, Striker and if I am not asking too much another winger for the left side