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  1. Strips look smashing. Was hoping to buy one for my kid…. Looks like we are in for a wait 🤣
  2. 3-1. Happy with that. I’m not sure what the issue is. We scraped past Queens Park last season, these teams raise their game and we barely left second gear. good to see Erwin on the score sheet, he had a lot of critics - including me but ended season well. brophy - yet to see anything of real quality…
  3. Have google this but haven’t found the answer… will this game be able to be viewed/streamed on Sons tv? Their site is like an Earl 00s nightmare to navigate and can’t see how to buy (if you can). any help would be great…. EDIT - found the answer, link here for anyone looking to buy game; https://dumbartonfc.univtec.com/event/60e2fd07bb5ab510a4323121
  4. Used to love a Saturday venture into Provans, back in the 90s/early 2000s, used to find some cracking retro saints tops!
  5. Precisely - and the season before at this level.
  6. Fair enough. Versus last year (albeit season cut short) and seasons prior for a number of years, what’s an improvement is staying safe in the top league with no relegation threat and making 2 cup semis (at least). Matching or improving this next season is the real test....
  7. I have been critical all season of Erwin. However - his performances of late have been better overall and even bagged a goal. If he starts - I’ll be behind him and your scenario would be perfect!
  8. I’m a bit too you for the 70s, the 90s I recall (for the most part). I’m really happy with this season overall so far. It’s progress. Let’s bring our A Game to Hampden. We have a real opportunity!
  9. We can bud dream! win these and top 6 is nothing. no doubt there’s been progress this year. No relegation battle, just missed top6 and 2 semis?! Progress in my eyes
  10. Uch in fairness - @elvis is a buddie but has seen the low times. Either way I’m sure he’s as delighted as you and i in that we have made another semi. proud we came through that. Screw the league now - we are safe of relegation and into the cup semi. Bring on Europe and top 6 and the rest is a distant memory haha (we can but dream).
  11. Also - why is Molumbo not sent off? Not even been booked is a disgrace. I think we should also swap Tait and Fraser
  12. What was the issue with him and McGarvey?
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