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  1. note... the commentary is StJ's as my away team link keeps crashing. The shite they are talking is astounding.
  2. Having stinker all over the park. Topped off by the worst commentary of the season......
  3. I have one of Tony Fitzs tops from late 70s and a few years ago he signed it.
  4. I bought a second hand watch off of Paeslack a number of years ago, it’s a keeper..... not really 🤭
  5. I see he mentions our punishment and the ‘double standards’. A few commentators and pundits have made this point, hopefully only strengthens the case we have to go in our favour. Here’s hoping anyway, but the SPFL are a bit maverick to say the least, so watching with interest. As for celtics conduct - he and Andy Walker are right, ludicrous behaviour.
  6. Hate to ask... is anyone aware of he’s available for tomorrow?
  7. I think Saturday is a game that will show us if we have really moved on. motherwell have a decent team on bad form, this fixture is a good measure as to how far we have moved on. 2-0 saints....
  8. Dreamt that we beat the Fakes 3-0 in the final last night.... I’m putting a punt on that. 🤣 Anyone else who puts that on and wins can thank me later 👍👍
  9. Mason has a very poor game against Killie. I’ve not been overly impressed other than the cup game against you know who, where he was man marking. But having been asked to play up and down then line on Saturday past, he just didn’t look great and wasn’t tight enough to his man on several occasions, including the goal. see how he gets on over the next few weeks, could turn out to be another Dummet who didn’t start well.
  10. If true and we can negotiate getting him now, it really could bolster the squad. we can but wish, but one more ‘creative’ player in the fold too would really propel us. I also expect to see a few go in this window.
  11. The Foley situation is interesting. Was a stand out for us last season, this year, when had the chance hasn’t looked great. I’d like to see Flynn get a chance to fight for a position. happy to let junior go. In truth - if all left, I wish them well but wouldn’t be upset.
  12. I think we look soo flat without JDH. I'd look at Durmus, Onbika and McAlister before too long!
  13. I don’t expect SPFL to take the same stance, despite this and what’s happened down south. I would be pleasantly surprised if they did....
  14. WoulD be delighted to leave with a point. Anything more would be an amazing bonus. COYS
  15. Worryingly.... I’m getting used to all this ‘winning’ caper. 🤣
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