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  1. Seems she has similar experience prior as well as speaking well about the club. Good luck to her.
  2. Apparently a tweet from our former manager. Someone’s happy at the result yesterday. IMO we need to move on, play to finish top of the bottom pile and attempt a cup run.
  3. Know what, fair enough to St J, they have done what we couldn’t - done the job. im not gonna be bitter, just scunnered and disappointed it’s not us. We need to atleast see the season out positively. Maybe make a stab at the cup.
  4. Help! Question for a friend 😬 my friend has IPTV and the only Scottish team channel that isn’t on his/her iptv is Hamilton tv. Will this ‘friend’ be able to view the today’s game on saints Tv via IPTv?
  5. Yea I’ve heard this all week. Seems they expect us to fall today and for the Fakes to leapfrog us. Leyte hope we can prove them all wrong.
  6. Watched JG’s pre match interview. I wonder if at the end of the season he could be touted for ‘a bigger’ job. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up at the dons.... maybe worth a punt.
  7. I’ll certainly have an eye on the St J game as well as our own!
  8. Will Kristian Dennis be available? The team we played against Celtic would be the ideal team for this game. Lots of pace. If KD is not fit, then Quaner up front would be my option. It’s in our hands COYS
  9. I agree... and to be honest, I wrote him off. Still not convinced - however - plaudits for his performance Today!
  10. He’s actually won a lot of balls today and looked ok. But still doesn’t look like scoring which is a pity!
  11. I’ve seen nothing from Erwin to suggest he’s gonnae start scoring, I’m afraid. His touch is awful & seems a yard off pace on every game.
  12. Usually optimistic but we’ve lost or shooting boots. 0-0.
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