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  1. Looking forward to him & Foley in particular. LB & we have a semblance of a squad for the weekend 😃
  2. Just an opinion, does anyone else think that he has been brought in on a 2 year deal in the expectancy that our current no1 may be going elsewhere if rumors are to be believed? If so a good bit of forward thinking but the DoF.
  3. Got you now..... I am pleasantly reveling in the good news and not catching on as quick!
  4. Has this happened? i.e. Has someone claimed this was the case?
  5. This is true. Regardless, I am very happy at this news. Now get Pop signed up, a winger and a striker and we have a nucleus .....
  6. Thanks for everything Oran and all the best. JG has my total backing and support for the season ahead. Patience required from fans. C'mon the saints.
  7. I agree, that quote at the end of their statement was classy for a club that has just lost their leader. Wish them the best. Delighted to have goody back, natural leader and all heart, will take him a bit to get things right as we are short if a squad etc just now but will give the guy time, he deserves it.
  8. Hull and Dundee Utd reported to be interested in Shankland, the form hes been in recently, with decent delivery, I would have liked him with us again. Wont happen, however, him and a Danny Mullen behind him would be a nice Sutton/Keane-esq kinda set up. But in truth, I think we should sign a manager first. ps I see Div tweeted that new players (and previous ones too) are expected to sign in the coming days, whilst I am skeptical at times of the role, I guess it shows a director of football at least maintains some sort of consistency in running the club without a manager. kudos if it pays off and I will give GLS credit for it if so.
  9. We are looking very amateur with this whole fiasco. I cannot wait until this is cleared up. The infighting among fans, uncertainty between club and fans and the general bad feeling is not what we need now, or ever actually. Come on saints, clear this up.....
  10. That was my question. Anyway why have a billionaire ploughing cash into us, with realistic ambitions when we have the messiah, GS.
  11. Gus McP to take over. Have to question if this was the plan all along. Massive back step if so. Sad times.
  12. His decision making and ability/willingness to unite the club and fans are at very least, questionable. He's not the man for the job in my opinion. But at present, there is not a realistic replacement or willing candidate (to my knowledge). Therefore, lets home his next couple of decisions are good ones...... Because we really need to get it right this time.
  13. Tougher start to close season, given we have half a squad, potentially no manager......
  14. In short, I really don't have faith in GS and his ability to lead the club. That is me putting it nicely. I have listed the reasons for this, publicly on Twitter. Was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt (bad fortunes), however, the fact we find ourselves in these potions more than once (several bad decisions, costly ones at that), raise real questions. You think Particks billionaire suitors can be swayed towards Paisley.......?
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