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  1. Like others said.... They should have kept their gubs shut! karama, karma indeed (in the style of a well know poster).
  2. Just seen this... not great. Hope those involved are well. This seasons gonna be a bit of a stop start affair.
  3. It’s all a difficult pill to swallow - having a ST & not being able to attend games and with no return date in sight. Just all a bit up in the air. I know folk who just don’t feel the same about going back, but for now, I’ll continue to watch on tv (it just isn’t the same) and hope that when we do return to grounds, my passion re-ignites. the start of the season and the first couple of performances really filled me with optimism, but now, it’s BAU, which again, is just hard to watch... especially at home without the banter and ability to be amongst the fans
  4. I’m glad saints responded and in kind, like you, I am only going by statements I read (not heard). What I’d really like to hear/read now is more information updates on the club, for them to engage with the fans and be more informative as to how we are getting on. i hope this improves across the season and moving forth. Something just seems amiss at the club just now & im not sure what it is or why. But on to Saturday and what is a huge game for us.... anyone know if it’s going ahead?
  5. To be fair - the comments were ludicrous and out of order. I echo above - karmas a bitch and should a game be forfeited and points awarded, they may eat their words. Silly comments and no wonder they got the clubs back up, they did mine yesterday. mad for our own clubs communication - nothing new. Been dire for years @div - just a bit worse, if anything.
  6. So, even you don’t know what you want (other than the meringue) and can’t make sense of your logic? That’s fair enough. On the positive; Looking like reasonably soon you will get the meringue though....better than a jam tart, too bitter them.
  7. Shull, having read your comments lately and I cannot help but wondering what it is you want? you don’t want to share a league with bigots next season but you want to continue this season to an end? So bigotry is ok this season just not next? you state hearts have been treated badly and show empathy with them and state they shouldn’t be relegated..... hearts have a history of bigotry (all be it scaled down versus their Glasgow cousins). Do you want that it the league or not? I’m not having a go, I just can’t understand your logic?
  8. Didn’t go to plan tonight..... General thoughts; I’m not seeing enough Tom McGrath. I don’t understand why Andreu gets soo much game time. i hope to see McGinn back soon. Could do with some leadership.
  9. Unfortunately, Aberdeen’s game plan was better than ours. We couldn’t break them down and we made stupid mistakes that sold the game. Both goals came from our poor play. worrying part was lack of creativity.
  10. I’d love it (to fill in 3) but won’t happen.
  11. I played at a festival a few years ago and he was on after us. He was ‘alright’. However, the rate at which he’s grown in popularity is quite amazing. Good on him.
  12. Tough. But not impossible. However - would have preferred Ayr away or even Clyde.
  13. Looking forward to him & Foley in particular. LB & we have a semblance of a squad for the weekend 😃
  14. Just an opinion, does anyone else think that he has been brought in on a 2 year deal in the expectancy that our current no1 may be going elsewhere if rumors are to be believed? If so a good bit of forward thinking but the DoF.
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