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  1. This image has caused quite a stir in twitter-land......
  2. The point I have highlighted in your posts is something I actually agree with. They don't do enough to eradicate the issue as I think they fear the backlash from their fans if they did. I agree with you here. Genuine agreement...... lol
  3. I agree. In this day an age, any form of discrimination, bigotry etc is beggars belief. There isn't an easy answer to eradicate, as @Lord Pityme said in the prior page, I agree we should ensure we do our best to safeguard our own. That makes sense.
  4. Whilst I have no evidence on the most recent ships etc, USA have a history of 'false flags'. These are confirmed in disclosed/public documents and through basic research. As does the UK to be fair. Mind the weapons of mass destruction and all the evidence we have..... Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised by this again. There is plenty of political and financial benefits to be gained from another war, sad times.
  5. Whilst R & C are the worst offenders of Sectarianism, they aren't the only guilty ones. Just need to look at Edinburgh, Ayrshire and sections of the Lanarkshire teams, there are elements of sectarianism.... Whilst not as rife, it exists there too. Do we stop them attending? Genuine question. Sectarianism is not the only issue blighting our game. There have been other clubs who have been involved in Shady behavior, such as Ayr (smoke bombs) at our ground, Morton tearing up seats. Airdrie have had issues with Racism in the past. The list of issues could go on. My question is, how/where do we draw a line in this? How do we decide which is worst, who can attend and can't? Are we in risk of sectarianism ourselves by banning certain fans and not others based on the 'perceived' beliefs (we can't factually prove any clubs fans hold any particular belief as a whole)? Ps I would LOVE to eradicate the issue, it f**ks me off no end. However, life and these type of issues aren't as (excuse the pun) 'black and white' as that.
  6. Really sad news, true saints fan and saddened to hear this. Thoughts with her family and friends. RIP
  7. I get where you are going with this.... 2014/5's kit was a shiter, however, I think these actually (going by twitter and social media mainly) a lot of satisfaction for these kits. Therefore, I plump for it looking like a 10th Place kit, so we are gonnae be ok! Got to say, the season past's away kit was a cracker and sad to see it go. Red away kits are a favorite of mine (particularly some of the AC milan style ones).
  8. I agree with the bits highlighted above and have been asking this question too. Just seems a bit odd.
  9. Great read! Nice to read the sporting history of oor wee toon. I did spot this however and think, if they were still in existence there would be one or two saints fans from BAWA swapping allegiances.... Paisley Olympic FC; 'Paisley Olympic FC were made up exclusively of academics'
  10. I see Dive has put a few tweets out stating, in summary; Manager is looking to replace JN with a new assistant/coach The club are looking to get Popesku (sorry re spelling) back on loan as well as some of last seasons loanee's, not sure exactly who (one rumor is McAlister) He has identified other targets and potential targets Muzek and Mckenzie are in talks with the club He wants a squad of 21 to remain comeptitive and currently we have 13 My opinion would be that the only Loanee's I'd like is Pop and maybe McAlister at a push. I didn't think Lyons quite hit the heights I'd hoped, the Duck didn't do enough and think that we need to fill the strikers role as a priority.
  11. Technically, my response was to validate the point that the players 'wearing the strips' are more important than the strips themselves....... However, sorry this upset you.
  12. And here lays my main focus too. Come on saints, lets be having some signings....
  13. Here is a wee thought..... The kit seems to have a similarity to the Juve kit this season. A lot of teams such as Barca, Liverpool, man u etc have all had pink/purple change kits. Could it be that the club have tailored the kit designs in line with these tops clubs in a bid to capture the target market (a younger generation) who may be more likely to purchase, rather than those above 30 who are less likely to buy kits due to, well, age and other priorities? Maybe giving the board too much credit but this could be a clever marketing strategy........
  14. I agree, and as much as I like the kits, I also don't care too much as long as they are black and white home tops (stripes) and the team is decent. The bigger focus should be who we have wearing them
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