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  1. I think on reflection I’d rather we achieved top 6 this season by any means, if the alternative is simply to learn our lessons and try again next year as you suggest.
  2. I can see them winning all 3 to be honest. In which case we’ll need to beat Accies and hope our GD is better...............unless we can get something at Ibrox.
  3. Historically there have been a lot of complaints on here about JG and previous managers allegedly sending teams out at Ibrox with a view to simply not getting pumped ie. showing little change in ambition even after going a goal down. I’d almost always be in the category of I’d rather we got pumped having a go, than lose 1-0 sitting back. However, given how the land lies at the moment and the very real prospect of GD potentially deciding our top 6 status, is this one occasion where this approach would by acceptable? To be clear, I’m not promoting it, just putting the question out there.
  4. Was out yesterday so only just got round to watching the whole game off Alba. Unless I missed it, I can’t believe no one mentioned the nailed on penalty on Shaughnessy in the first half. Absolute stonewaller. I definitely feel less lucky about the soft penalty we did get having seen that.
  5. Whilst your scenario would probably play out 9/10 times, I would remind you that they scored first and early in the cup game. 👍
  6. Aye, in fairness to Ronnie (who let’s face it is usually a glass half empty kinda guy on here), I think all he’s saying is that it’s unlikely we’ll get anything from those games and history/stats would suggest that’s probably a fair statement. I’m with FS in our best chance of post split points being against Livi and Aberdeen. Hibs will depend as much on what Hibs team turns up on the day as they are very inconsistent. We obviously have a chance against them. Celtic and Rangers I think we can all accept will be unlikely although of course not impossible. All that said......let’s just secure the top 6 slot first!!
  7. Doesn’t European football pretty much pay for itself these days with the prize money even if you get punted out in the early rounds?
  8. Just to clear, because I’m not sure, are you calling ME a “rabid nationalist”?
  9. That my friend, is a really, really weak response.
  10. Yes that right Antrin. She makes her “mistakes” on National prime time television news and then apologises on Twitter. Nice. ETA- and how can that be described as a mistake. I once made a mistake when I was about 5 when I told my mother I hadn’t nicked one of the meter shillings off the mantelpiece and bought sweets. Oh no, wait a minute, that wasn’t as mistake, it was just a lie that I told to suit my own agenda.
  11. More stunningly unbiased reporting from our beloved broadcaster. Absolute f**kin state of this. This is a perfect example of why I simply won’t be able to get as emotionally invested in a second referendum as I did the first.
  12. All joking aside, they’d only be 4 points behind us today if we lost and I’m not banking on that happening. Even if it did, they’d need to win their two remaining games and we’d need to lose both ours. Cannae see that happening. Ergo, no fussed who wins that game today.
  13. What? What? You mean you don’t want us to catch Hibs???
  14. Apart from the bottom 2 being home wins, I’m not really arsed about the other two.
  15. Nice one Munoz. That really made me chuckle. 🤣
  16. I also don’t think I worded my original statement very well. What I meant to say that when you leave your mum and dad’s house you don’t stop caring about what happens to them. It just happens to follow that when you care about something, you usually have an opinion on it. 👍
  17. I absolutely respect your opinion Antrin, I just don’t agree with it and attempted to explain why. We both know that there is little point in us debating this topic anyway, as I am a dyed in the wool supporter of independence and you are a dyed in the wool unionist. We have both lived away from Scotland for a very long time. I remain fiercely passionate about my home country. However, one thing drives my support for independence and it certainly isn’t some blind, shortbread tin patriotism. It’s purely and simply self determination. You on the other hand, with perhaps the occasional exception of waxing lyrical about Scotland’s natural beauty, seem to run down the place of your birth, whether that’s in a political sense, or a sporting sense. We are allowed to be different though. There’s many, many things I agree with you on in your contribution here. Politics just isn’t one of them.
  18. I strongly disagree Oaky, but that’s fine. We can disagree. I also think you’re taking my metaphor a little too literally.
  19. Correct. One a city within a country within a political union. The other an entire country within a political union. Let’s not be silly by trying to say they are the same thing. That would indeed be a bit dumb. I do live in a crown dependency and in 2014 I absolutely correctly did not have a vote. Nor indeed should I have had one. That does not mean that I didn’t care. On the contrary I did everything in my albeit limited power to campaign for Yes, alongside my family who still live in Scotland and who unanimously voted Yes. Suggesting that because I live in Jersey, I have no right to an opinion on Scottish independence is a bit like saying when ye leave yer mammy and daddy’s hoose, you’ve nae right to an opinion on what happens tae yer mammy and daddy.
  20. Last time I looked, London wasn’t a country that is part of a political union. London ie England voted convincingly for brexit.
  21. Are folk really chucking in the towel or simply forecasting what they think might happen. Personally, I’m far from throwing in the towel, but it’s fair to say the last few games have seriously depleted my confidence that we will retain our top 6 slot. I’m certainly of the opinion that if we do, it’ll be through St. Johnstone failing to do what they need to do, rather than us doing it for ourselves.
  22. So does anyone know how good this lad actually is? Are we talking really special or just potentially another Morgan/Mallan type?
  23. Can’t argue with any of that.......which is truly f**kin depressing.
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