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  1. Your time is appropriated. I just feel that the hurdles of getting this going aren't that difficult to overcome and should a kid be hit on the back of the head as he walks up the stairs to take his seat, possibly cracking his skull on the sharp concrete steps we'll look back and say that that was totally avoidable. I would definitely say that installing this is a "reasonably practical" measure.
  2. He did well for us but he's no Gavin Reilly...
  3. Other clubs manage it. It consists of 2 x lightweight aluminium poles temporarily placed into 2 purposely installed sockets in the ground. Much like goalposts. Altenatively, it could be a pulley system on an aluminium stand with wheels. It's very straightforward and used at sports facilities all over the country so I don't buy into the H&S reasons given. What about the health and safety considerations for the kids getting whacked with a ball?
  4. In what way? It's straightforward surely?
  5. Would still like to see temporary nets behind the South Stand goals as one of the spend options. Other clubs have these for shooting practice, we really should especially as it's the "Family Stand.
  6. That's more like it. No more league cup pre season friendly matches. Good game of football so far. Big Sammy, what you doing for the first goal? Got to much on the initial shot and should have put it over the bar. Rode the storm and were right back in it. Probably the better team now but Falkirk very dangerous going forward.
  7. No' me. I didnae ken about it until you posted it on a public forum.
  8. He's so glamorous It was a local newsagents/off license. Nobody said the kids were there for the book signing. I couldn't tell you much about his prior rants but wasn't aware he antagonised and insults Catholics? I was aware of his hatred of Islam though. Turns out his mother is an Irish Catholic. Anyway, my last post here on this. The guy is scum but so are the Celtic fans who went looking for him.
  9. Like I said, if you've followed the entire story you will know this wasn't his fault. He received over 100 death threats from Celtic fans when they learned he would be doing a book signing in a Sunderland shop the same day they were in town. After days of threats he retaliated slagging them for their support of Palestine. He did the book signing which was nowhere near the stadium. Someone gave him a Rangers top on the day which he stuck on for a laugh/wind up. A group of boozed/drugged up Celtic neds walked to this small shop which was over 30 minutes in the opposite direction from the stadium to try and attack him. They chucked flares inside and smashed the windows not giving a f**k who was inside the shop. There was a mixture inside including women and kids. One Celtic lad who was swinging his belt around his neck at people and smashing the windows of the shop then suffered a serious head injury from the retaliation from locals (not Tommy). Ooohhh, he wore a Rangers top when Celtic are in town. He should get violently beaten up for this. The guys is scum, I don't share any of his views but to say this was his fault is nonsense.
  10. Tommy Robinson is an arse hole of the highest degree but if you've followed the entire story he's not to blame here.
  11. davidg

    Andy Ryan

    Do you think he's of the same quality as Mallan? Maybe needs a kick up the arse?
  12. "Next week will have a different feel around it. These games still have a little bit of a pre-season feel to it, whereas next week the crowd that will be in here, the atmosphere and intensity will properly be at competitive football." Jack ross.
  13. We would? I wouldn't. I like the format, don't like the timing.
  14. Talking about as slow as week in jail, Cammy Smith isn't the quickest for the role he plays. Enough negatives though, bring on the Falkirk.
  15. So when do we bring the players back for pre season and arrange friendlies in order to treat this competition with the respect it deserves? Unfortunately, playing it this early results in a lot of clubs and fans not taking it too seriously.
  16. Belter, well done (dunno how to do thumbs up smiley from my phone).
  17. I like the league cup format but playing it so early has ruined it for me. It really is a pre-season exercise which is a shame. Historically our football season kicks off the first or second Saturday in August, now we're trying to play competitive games in the middle of July. How early are we expected to bring guys back for pre-season training? Squads are nowhere near assembled by mid July. We're now playing our first "competitive" match around the same time we used to play our first pre season friendly. Waste of a national trophy. Pre-season now over, looking forward to the real stuff now.
  18. Did Smith get the first? I know it was announced as him straight after but looked like it may have been an O.G.? I was the full length of the park away right enough.
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