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  1. Shite comparison. As you said, music fans have a main event as there's almost always one or more support acts to entertain people before the "main event". It's perfectly reasonable to be at the turnstiles 30 minutes before kick off and expect to gain entry in ample time before the ONLY event starts. This was a stadium over 40% short of capacity FFS.
  2. Music gig is a shite comparison. They would have turned up with a pre-purchased ticket for an allocated seat.
  3. No fire exits were tied shut. It's a tamper tag to highlight that the door has been opened at some point. They break with no effort, same tags you find on a fire extinguisher. Agree with the rest of the post though.
  4. Exactly how Morton played against us and we continued to play a high defensive line when we should have dropped deeper in 2nd half. If we had, Baird wouldn't have got sent off and we'd be level pegging and on ascendancy.
  5. 3-5-2 worked ok away to Livy but last week it was a struggle even though we won, surprised we stuck with it today. Better teams will teams drag our central defenders wide and the exploit the gaps. We don't have many defenders available now but we need to get back to 4 at the back asap. Bad result but we're 1 point off the leaders with back to back home games coming up. Happy with our position right now.
  6. He have a good game but what the highlights don't show is the deflection for then first goal. Was going towards far post before defender got a flick to it, still should have saved it with his feet though.
  7. I believe they're green mate. If this is blue then I am on my way to specsavers
  8. It wasn't a forward pass, it didn't take a nick, it didn't hit off the saints player. It was played back by the saints player who got to the ball first. It was onside and the ref, on this occasion made the right call. I'm well aware of the offside rule, spent 10 mins or so arguing with a stupid Jambo at the Scotland game on Monday who kept shouting at Griffiths as he thought he was offside at every goal kick Don't know where you sit but it was funny watching the rage from people in the west stand who obviously had a different angle. Everyone around me in the family stand knew it was played back by a Saints player.
  9. Should have gone to specsavers. His boots were green in the first half..........
  10. "Pooly" indeed.... Poor journalism skills doesn't mean the player was onside.
  11. I think you're being fussy with TC's wording The bottom line is he wasn't offside and TC was right in his assessment that he wasn't offside.
  12. It didn't hit off our player, it wasn't deflected. It was played back (forward from an ICT point of view) by our player. Right call by the referee. I'm sure TC does know the offside rule, you're just being a bit fussy about his wording. I
  13. Cheers, didn't see that from behind the goals. Good decision from the twat.
  14. Did he? I honestly didn't notice the flag go up for their second goal.
  15. They could have scored 4 or 5 in the first 20 mins of the 2nd half. It really could have been 6 each today. Great entertainment.
  16. That was a very average performance with a fantastic result. Thought we were very fortunate and the score line flattered us. The type of match we would have lost 4-2 this time last year. The formation has worked well but today Inveresss set up intelligently, played 3 up top for large parts and dragged out centre halves all over the place. They've had a poor start but I'm sure the will have a good chance of being involved in the playoffs. Lewis Morgan is different gravy.
  17. Yip, that's why we have our games all ticket with a barcode entry turnstile system. Makes it much easier to commit fraud.
  18. On yesterday's showing I'm glad we didn't push the boat out on McDonald. Much rather have a young up and coming striker like Gavin Reilly leading the line with a brilliant attitude.
  19. Like I said on the Craig a Thomson thread, the exact same thing happened the next day in the Spurs Chelsea game. Player injured, offender booked. Injured player receives treatment on the park and is then ask to leave before being allowed back on. No drama, no complaints from players or management. The game continues. The referee has the call, if he wants him off the park then there's f**k all anyone can do about it. JR had every right to be disappointed and annoyed at the refs decision but he went absolutely mental and acted aggressively towards the referee. Only 1 outcome there I'm afraid.
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