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  1. Would have bitten your hand off for a point from these two games. However, still pains me that we cannot produce more than one shot in an empty Ibrox. Yes the gulf in class is there for all to see, yes we avoided a hiding and that could be crucial at the end of the season, yes l get the COVID problems we have faced, but l do not accept we are more inept than Livingston or Dundee United and cannot give RAngers more of a game. We have only lost 7 games in the league, but won only three. A break now is important for so many reasons, but we are entering a crucial part of the season, one Goodwin needs to get right
  2. Adversity- what a way to galvanise a team. We rode our luck at times, but Lyness immense, Dunne great, Henderson did well, whole team stuck to the task and made life really difficult for Celtic. Great bonus point. Probably too much to ask again at Ibrox, but l salute all those lads out there tonight. Proud… very proud.
  3. It will be an embarrassment and an unforgivable decision by the league if we do actually have to field a severely weakened team tonight. Who actually is fit is subject to confirmation but it is unfair on all the other teams in the league if any game goes ahead where one is severely under strength due to a pandemic
  4. From the tweet earlier the suggestion is club are awaiting PCRResults tomorrow. That will determine availability and whether game goes ahead. Should be cancelled and an immediate winter break. I come out of self isolation tonight after catching COVID in the safest possible place you can be, according to the government- a school. This present strain is too easy to catch, it is not less easy to catch it in the stadium on Wednesday rather than Boxing Day. I had been contemplating going to a match in recent weeks, but this experience has confirmed to me that it just isn’t worth it. A second season of using a season ticket to watch from home. Maybe next season 😕😕
  5. I cannot reveal my source, but a grade or two up from the Jannie 🥷
  6. Been told by an insider Jim has four games to turn this around or he is out. Needs to get some points, presumably more likely from games after Old Firm. Bit harsh maybe. He does need to be more flexible in his approach though at least try something different- 3-4-3 or 4-1-3-2 maybe
  7. Great point given what happened up to the equaliser. Other results not good for us. Hibs and ourselves destined for bottom 6 scrap. Old Firm up next so we need to brace ourselves for January and hope we can start improving against those around us
  8. The concern is where is a shot going to come from, never mind a goal. Suggest changing things to have any chance of getting back into this.
  9. I thought there was a lot of good football to watch today. We created a good few chances and Lewis was forced to work. However, agree too many long balls. Defence needs looked at conceding too many soft goals. A lot of work needed, but we do have good players, let’s play to their strengths
  10. Missed beginning of game and first goals. Poor defending for third but the rest of what l saw was promising. Game not over yet, but do need to tighten up at back
  11. Turgid football. Not enjoyable to watch. Agree Goodwin should change the tactic as we are getting nowhere. Frankly Livingston look likelier to score
  12. Two. The first and last are over the top. If they were darker with a more subtle Paisley pattern they would work.
  13. Well that was a bit grim today. Lots of effort but no real end product. Thought we were too left sided especially as Tanser was really struggling. Some if the comments regarding the tactics are probably valid and it would have been nice to have mixed it up more. Dundee defended well and we were a bit predictable. But let’s get a grip. Celtic failed to score at home today, Man City lost to Palace. We are inconsistent and it is frustrating but look at the whole league and you will see the same. We move on. 14 points from 12 games is not to be sniffed at
  14. Three wins on the bounce no matter how it is achieved is massive. Well done Saints. Away support was also fantastic. Only caught second half and despite County domination it was entertaining and we looked very dangerous on the break. Gave the ball back to them too much, especially with long ball out of defence, but it did give us some opportunities to break. All about percentages l suppose. If we become less profligate when we do create chances we will continue to cause teams lots of problems.
  15. Hayes booking was a clear red. Wasn’t totally convinced about the second booking that led to Aberdeen going down to ten and Collum is an erratic referee, but great display from us after this opportunity. Cannot remember the last time we handled playing against 10 so well and scored the goals required to win. We were well out of it before this change of fortunes. Great to get the win. Hopefully we can kick on.
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