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  1. When l looked at their weekend result coupled with the same pattern as last season of too many draws in games they should have won l did wonder how long Jack had before getting the boot. Harsh but probably not a huge surprise given the size of club and would not accept another season at that level
  2. Sad to not look forward to a home game and approaching it with trepidation so early in season
  3. Don't want to jump on the bandwagon at this stage but it is really quite depressing again to see how we approach games. Sure we are far better defensively but we are not competing enough week in week out and the lack of goals is very worrying. Increasingly resigned to a long relegation battle
  4. Apart from offside goal didn't test keeper once. Better pace in attack first half but wing play gets insufficient support coming into box and delivery is not consistently good enough. Defending is solid and midfield works hard. Would start Mullen and obika though. We will go down unless we sort attack
  5. Difference why Ross Stewart and shankland are scoring goals is they get decent service to them. That's a rarity for us
  6. Pedestrian most of the game, lack of movement even against ten. Hamilton are poor but we did not put them under any serious or sustained pressure. Cross quality is iffy and strikers when they do get a sniff so far look poor. On the plus side we are competitive. But goals are essential
  7. Thank god it's official was beginning to worry that Baird went before this was definitely going to happen. Did well at Kilmarnock so expect he will again do us a turn
  8. He hasn't actually signed yet though according to BBC. Hope it's not just a rumour. Sure he could do us another turn and quite surprising Kilmarnock released him
  9. So do we go down the road of effective football rather than entertaining? Food for thought. As for the strikers they need to be judged on how they perform when they get decent service on a regular basis
  10. Lots of positives about today. Once again we look well organised and understand one another. Allowed rangers very little opportunities and created the odd chance ourselves. Bit too deep at times especially second half leaving players often without an outback. Felt we struggled to change our tactics following the goal and it would have been worth more of a push for an equaliser. Having said that keeping the score to one might be important late on in the season. Next three game will tell us much more about what this team are capable of. Cannot wait
  11. Can't quite remember the last time l enjoyed a home match so much, even in the championship winning season. Did not hear a single derogatory comment against our players throughout game and enthralled by some of our attacking moves and much improved defensive and midfield displays. A week is a long time in politics and in football it would appear. Cannot wait for rest of the season noe
  12. Agree weather slight concern, particularly given forecast for heavy downpours during game. Recall Ross county game being abandoned while we were winning well. Looking forward to game nevertheless especially after recent signings and promising performance last week
  13. Looks evident the club feels he is finished as a top player and based on advice have decided it is not financially viable to pursue this. Feel really sorry for the lad
  14. Very encouraging after woeful league cup. New signings have had immediate impact
  15. Would be a good idea if we could afford it. Some simple advice might help though just as much. A. When you cross a ball the idea is to put it in the box not out the park. B. When a cross is coming in it is a really good idea to get players in the box to receive it C. It is a really good idea for strikers to poach about and anticipate a mistake or loose ball These snippets might just improve our goal ratio. They were badly lacking last season
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