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  1. Comparison with other diseases is irrelevant. TB, whooping cough, measles, HIV kill thousands worldwide. However, they are preventable through vaccination etc. We are facing a virus here which will not kill me, but could easily kill my daughter due to her medical history and dozens of other relatives just through exposure to it. The actual numbers that may die are spurious as they are based on computer models and limited accurate data. The rise in deaths across Europe attributed to this virus have to be taken seriously. However it is a nonsense for our government to delay a major lockdown yet consider lengthy and protracted school closures later which with other possible actions could knock outs and the global economy back decades. It is incredible that l will walk into a school tomorrow and mix with over 1500 youngsters having already seen three people sent home to self isolate on Friday. Why are we still open? Only because no one was tested and as a result we don't know. Football can wait until we have a better idea of what is happening
  2. It is evident from talk this afternoon that a protracted stoppage will see the demise of a number of Scottish clubs as a result of this crisis. I will not be asking for any Money back for my season ticket. The club will be relying on every penny earned so far to ensure it survives and can compete as and when football begins again
  3. Postponed of league indefinitely further reinforces the importance of this result especially if finishing the season is in doubt. Also great opportunity for us to recover from injuries
  4. A point from rugby park would be very useful
  5. Not a great game of football but a magnificent effort from whole team throughout. Hearts created virtually nothing all night and makeshift defence dealt with it. Obika was a handful and took goal well. Hint of use of arm? Will take a bit of luck if so. The three injuries are worrying. Goodwin suggested two could be long term so could affect run in as we have limited options. A lot of football left this season but we are good enough, just to avoid bottom two places. Can see Ross county ending up with hearts or Hamilton in bottom two. More of the attitude displayed tonight will see us stay up
  6. I might get a two week holiday because of attempts to contain corona virus. Then saints will have time to win the league on football manager and l can dream of beating hearts, drawing at Kilmarnock and against rangers, followed by dramatic winner in Dingwall. All before the spring break.[emoji2]
  7. Way things have gone this last week every game will be key till the end of this season now
  8. I do believe and agree there is very little separating the bottom seven clubs at the moment. However, we have scored the fewest goals in the league but more importantly st Johnstone and Hamilton have been able to create a system over the years to keep them consistently in the top tier. Similarly Livingston have again defied what many would consider to be serious odds against doing so well. It's not just been down to managers they have had this relative success, they have set ups that deliver above and beyond what they should. Moving forward we need to address and consider why these teams in recent years have been able to do this while we struggle
  9. Next couple of games could have huge impact on our morale and fortitude as split gets closer. Two big performances and an eye for goal required
  10. We give the ball away cheaply too often, we lack quality up front. Pedestrian play allows opposition to get back in numbers. Too many errors when in good positions, bizarre substitutions and more concerned with not losing. Apart from that a good point won. Unfortunately hearts and Hamilton are doing what we fail to do so often and dig out crucial victories. This season is going to a close call attempting to avoid bottom two places. On the plus side possibly have chance to overtake Ross county next week and possibly some distance from bottom two but the number of goals we score tells its own story
  11. Pressure is on now with hearts beginning to get their act together
  12. Whether they come to defend or are up for more open game will have huge bearing on result. Hopefully they don't feel need to just defend deeply
  13. Weather conditions did not help but the early Aberdeen goal set the scene for a dire game. Four, maybe five 'shots' in total throughout game from both teams? We had some pretty, short passages of good possession and passing but really never looked like doing enough in final third to break them down. We just lack the quality and guile to break down teams who sit back. We have a chance in more open games unfortunately this wasn't one of them and Aberdeen did what they do best sitting on a one goal lead
  14. Chabbi had a run out in reserves yesterday so hopefully nearing full fitness but explains tonight's absence from bench
  15. I am sure it will be a decent crowd for such an attractive tie. However, no one seems to have picked up on the fact it is a holiday weekend for schools so many families, including my own, are away or doing other things. Bit gutted to be missing game, but this might be a factor
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