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  1. Great result, enjoyed the game, amazed by Mains goal, amazed by the atrocious refereeing, roll on next season.
  2. Absolutely fantastic result. Would have bit your hand off for a draw. Sounds like we were marginally better that fakes, but radio coverage suggests and supports my view that apart from top three all teams this season have been decidedly average and very inconsistent. The league table supports this. Something to build and hopefully SR will be able to build on this.
  3. Wind did not help but that was woeful. Both teams poor it we were dire. Lots of effort, but no real tactical nous and any threat up front. Main was unbelievably bad in second half yet stayed on. Thought Erhahon had some good touches in first half but was poor second. Next two games are massive and will determine our future in this league. I am not going to comment on Robinson’s future until l see what he does over the summer whatever league we are on, but unimpressed so far.
  4. BBC say we have 9% chance of ending up in playoff. A draw today will make a big difference. Obviously a win would be a much better outcome. Our record post last three Hibs sackings is not fantastic. Hopefully Robinson takes pragmatic approach to ensuring we stay up first and foremost
  5. He is not media savvy despite extensive managerial experience. Have mixed feelings about what l am seeing on the park, have some sympathy for the sentiment he is giving journalists- but please just don’t say it publicly. Good management means you don’t blame your tools the moment you get in the door. We are bang average but Robinson is not doing himself any favours with the support- or the players- with the way he is conducting himself post match. There is absolutely no way we should be in a situation where we are concerned about Fake Saints catching us- yet we are now!!!
  6. When was the last time we won in the league? It is a league of average teams who are all inconsistent. They shared 5 goals, yes we lost, yes we can improve, but it was entertaining. That is what football is supposed to be. I do prefer us winning but l also watch the game to be entertained. A drink would have helped though..z
  7. I really enjoyed a lot of that game today. Again we could have done much better with the final ball but we were in game until the fourth goal. Defensively we are poor at the moment though. Thought Lyness could have done better with the third, but we could not clear our lines throughout and kept returning the ball to Well. more than willing to give Robinson time to get his new plans to gel and agree that it is taking too much time. However, first and foremost we must avoid the playoff position and our results see us in free fall at present whilst Fake Saints are on a run. Tinker after we secure our place for next season please, then rebuild your team So we can judge you then
  8. Disappointing all round today. Fantastic start and while we might have edged the first half, certainly in terms of half chances, real pressure and corners, our ball retention and passing was overall poor. Credit to United they changed things at half time and upped the pace. We folded. No outball, static movement, poor decision making, slack and at times awful ball distribution. We didn’t deserve anything from today, especially in second half. whether this was down to Robinson tactics, lack of form of many players, failing to adjust to new managers instructions or maybe a combination who knows. l won’t judge Robinson on the remainder of this season but l don’t like the way he suggests too often that the quality of player he has is the main problem. Managers need to be able to take some of the aggro after displays like today. as for the sending off l will be interested in highlights as didn’t look like it was deserved. As for over 6 minute of extra time- unamused. Why say 4 on the board? at the end of the day betteR team won. Motherwell game last chance to at least pressurise others for top six, but overall we haven’t done enough this seaso, especially at home.
  9. Defending needs sorting. Cracking game to which we made a huge contribution.
  10. If we can tighten up at the back and Jones can stay on his feet, we still have a chance
  11. Much better in last few minutes what a goal, great delivery
  12. This is a weakened Hearts yet we look very dodgy again at the back and while more in the game, no real clear chances. Early days of Robinson reign but we have lost something. It’s a cup game for God’s sake, we are losing anyway . Express yourselves and play some football
  13. Maybe we just look better on the telly, plus l never saw first half 🧐
  14. The better team throughout, great endeavour and some really good attacking play. Fantastic move for last minute goal and surely ends any real threat of a relegation fight. However, despite how the table looks evidence suggests we are bottom six. Do not pose sufficient goal threat that we can convert. Maybe next season. Still not been too bad. Don’t have much hope for Saturday but you never know
  15. Bottom six team. There is little between most teams, but we just do not score enough. Delivery not good enough, often enough. Main really not the answer, Brophy playing out of position. We are better with four at the back. Robinson needs to put stamp on team over next few months. Easy to criticise but came in at awkward moment and we must not forget we basically have had two decent runs of results and been difficult to beat , all season. We have some good players but still searching for a winning and consistent formula
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