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  1. As long as we do the business against lesser clubs in this league consistently l am not bothered in which order we play teams
  2. I checked today older rules concerning penalties as l seemed to recall keepers being unable to move their feet at all until the kick was taken. Sure enough that part of the rules was only removed in 1997. In many respects keepers have been given too much leeway for the last twenty years. A penalty should penalise the team who committed the foul. I taught lee Alexander and feel for her and the team but the rules changed three weeks ago and given what was seen throughout this tournament and indeed in our playoff keepers need to recognise and train to adhere to new rules. I blame the manager anyway for the result as after they scored their first it was evident fresh legs were required. At least my pupils were able to experience the misery of Scotland missing out on qualifying during finals for the first time
  3. This thread has as with so many descended into a vitriol of abuse between the chosen few who have plenty to say about each other but little concerning football or st mirren. Tony is over the top and over ambitious but who really cares?? A quality coach that we can hold onto for a number of years, with an eye for a player without relying on lots of cash, and a consistently productive academy system will produce regular top 6 results and the real possibility of a Kilmarnock esque season. St Johnstone have shown us this over many seasons, Clarke at killie has shown how a good coach can create a genuinely competitive side, our away support has demonstrated what we can contribute to Scottish football. Will it happen? Probably not, but what's the harm in dreaming big??
  4. Unfortunately will miss this and Dunfermline game as on holiday. Season starts too early anyway these days.....
  5. Ultimately they could wear green blue red and white tutus as long as they were playing attractive and successful football
  6. At the end of the day l seldom buy a strip. Away strip l quite like and whilst l am in the camp of more stripes on a home kit, suspect this juventus style top will look much better on the pitch with numbers and names on back than it does on our model
  7. Fast forward three or four years. Kearney has secured a succession of reasonably comfortable bottom six finishes, a couple of good cup runs and the knives are out because we are playing a bland brand of football a la Danny Lennon. I hope some fans don't forget too to quickly the post Lennon pre Jack fiasco we endured
  8. Increased attendances come with a successful and entertaining team on the park. Am pleased we were able to keep attendances up this season despite how we fared for much of it but retaining those who turn up for the big and crucial matches requires a better product on the park. That's why Kilmarnock managed to boost figures
  9. Fantastic day. Atmosphere was immense and credit to arabs support for their contribution. Appalling refereeing today which could have cost us our league place. Penalties were very poor from united and we capitalised but we overall thoroughly deserved to stay up over the two legs. Roll on next season hoping we can build on this and avoid a repeat
  10. Dour game agree we shaded midfield particularly after their substitutions. It's obvious really but if we can be more creative up front we can win this. Bring on Sunday
  11. Two tickets arrived in post today. Bought Tuesday night. Brother in law bought two Monday morning. On his card? Bringing his copy of email confirmation just in case on Sunday
  12. Had no problem buying two tickets tonight but a little concerned by some comments above as l selected my own and daughters season ticket seats but the wrong way around. Read elsewhere that this could result in both tickets not being on our cards. Could be fun on Sunday then if some comments above come true
  13. Crucial equaliser potentially but realistically we need to look at raising our game for play off. Gives us a chance
  14. Hope if it comes to a playoff these comments are accurate. Did watch last nights game and can see the thinking but we would potentially be facing a team who have played a further two to four games, possibly winning all of these plus a relatively successful season. We on the other hand would have had no game for two weeks on top of a largely unsuccessful split if we were in this position. Simply we just don't score goals. Anyway we have five games to somehow avoid this scenario
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