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  1. I agree with most of the sentiments about recent performances. We have brought in two strikers but we are crying out for a midfield that can supply in the final third. We are ending up with players on the park whose attributes are too similar and as a result we are keeping possession without a cutting edge. Disappointing as felt we were heading in right direction up until the quarter final was finished
  2. Never a penalty... thanks referee a get out of jail for another below par performance. Haven’t played great last 5 games in my view. If we can emerge with 5 points from these games that would be a good return. But we need to improve. Obviously will still take a sneaky win
  3. Motherwell dominating now and looking the likelier. We seem to lack a game plan... and they’ve scored
  4. Pressure onErwin to deliver with two new strikers coming our way. Goodwin says Brophy will definitely get on
  5. Luck shines on us. Questionable goal but thanks anyway. Poor performance and with other results that late equaliser is important. We are not as good as some people think and we see this regularly. However there is no doubt mid table is achievable given the quality of other teams but we need to raise and maintain our stsndards
  6. Not coping with surface, Ethan in particular. Refereeing doing us no favours either. Most of team not got right boots on maybe, a real struggle
  7. You cannot lose 3 points only win them 😷😷 unless you’re docked them
  8. Nothing really lost today was a free shot. Unlucky with first goal, second Christmas present killed the game for us. Rangers after that sat back and soaked up pressure. We played okay but once again toothless, albeit against best defence in league. I agree other games much more important but a bit disappointed we didn’t make more of the game as before they scored we were matching them
  9. Thought we did really well at working ball left to right especially against nine men, without the quality last ball etc. Morias is so annoying does all the hard work then messes up. However got the goals required. A bit concerned in first half as County dominated us though that might be partly down to new manager bounce and lousy weather. Overall great result at difficult venue
  10. Don’t think we have done enough tonight . Plenty endeavour but Hibs are superior and much more Dangerous in attack. Still not good enough up front to convert possession into goals. Think final ball could have been better. Not terrible though, more a case of pedestrian
  11. Give them their due. Great turnaround after struggling throughout the gane
  12. Very poor second half. Not creating anything really against ten men. Back to reality. Then Erwin scores... come on 😄😄😄
  13. Fake saints very well organised and we look stumped to unlock them. Too many loose balls even with extra man. Need to rejig and shake off Wednesday hangover
  14. A night when you realise why you love a Soddy team. Just doesn’t get any sweeter. What a second half after getting the run around in the first without them really breaking through. Rode our luck at times but we are so much better than two months ago
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