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  1. Three wins on the bounce no matter how it is achieved is massive. Well done Saints. Away support was also fantastic. Only caught second half and despite County domination it was entertaining and we looked very dangerous on the break. Gave the ball back to them too much, especially with long ball out of defence, but it did give us some opportunities to break. All about percentages l suppose. If we become less profligate when we do create chances we will continue to cause teams lots of problems.
  2. Hayes booking was a clear red. Wasn’t totally convinced about the second booking that led to Aberdeen going down to ten and Collum is an erratic referee, but great display from us after this opportunity. Cannot remember the last time we handled playing against 10 so well and scored the goals required to win. We were well out of it before this change of fortunes. Great to get the win. Hopefully we can kick on.
  3. Turgid stuff. Little entertainment, little decent football. United the better team. Glad l am watching from home. Hoping quality improves before l finally decide that it is safe enough to be in the stadium. COVID-19 running amock amongst my staff and pupils and massive positive numbers of cases amongst families. Don’t wish to catch or expose others to what is happening at work. Fact this post has prattled on about Covid says a lot about the quality of the game. Hopefully better in second half.
  4. I think some of the comments today are pertinent, particularly where similar frailties have been displayed in the first two games. Defending needs to radically improve no question. On the plus side Alnwick recovered well in second half after a poor first and wee did limit them to 6 which may be important later in the season. Playing Celtic at Parkhead is often painful for teams like ourselves and can be frustrating tactically in our approach, but with 10 men it could have been worse. Cannot see us challenging for top six place this season so focus must be on getting our act together to avoid relegation dogfight.
  5. Bottom line is this is the market we are in. Up to player and manager to make them more prolific up front. Plus they need decent service. Look at Scotland last night against Luxembourg. Quality service, below average finishing. Hopeful with Kiltie coming in that we look attractive to players again as a destination
  6. Heard Erhahon will be moving down South. Super confident in own ability despite Barnsley experience. Too big for us. Hope not true as felt he has developed well this season. Would agree about most of the others if we can replace them with more consistent performers and more clinical strikers. Erwin has contributed much more recently to overall play but is employed to score goals as is Obika. We are over reliant on goals from midfield presently
  7. Cracking equaliser. Really good game. Just lost another though. Rely too heavily on midfield for goals. Give killie their due they are playing to survive and all the goals in the game have been well worked
  8. Over the piece, both today and over the season, we have to accept we have not been quite good enough. The problem is up front, a combination of poor delivery and poor striking. Look at our total goals scored. I think we need to see this season as building towards possibly being top six. Too negative at times, too inconsistent at times, but in terms of where we finish the season still plenty to work for and maybe with more positivity, more goals and more attacking play
  9. Not going to make it as things stand. If that happens it will be the draws in March at home, not this game that means we miss out
  10. Insipid display after 10 minutes with sloppy passing and little industry making it very comfortable for Celtic all night. They had one good move which ended up in back of net before the penalty and then we just lost the plot. Disappointing night all round. McGrath getting injured summed it up. Let’s move on
  11. Good effort, especially after red card. Hope springs eternal to win three games in a row at this level
  12. Game a bit flat after last two glorious outings. We are dominating a bit more and looking good going forward. Biggest problem is diabolical commentary. Compared to most of the other feeds in this league, ours is awful
  13. Setting aside the insipid performance by Celtic throughout as you can only play the team in front of you, it was a joy to watch a St Mirren team set tactically to have a go and put pressure on the Old Firm on their own turf. Fantastic follow-up to Wednesday and full credit to team and Goodwin for attitude, commitment and two great goals
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