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  1. My final thought on obika is that l have had a lot of sympathy for him and others up front as the quality of service has been poor at times. That could be said of some of today's efforts but he needs to be more clinical when he has it put on a plate for him as happened today. In most league games we get very few clear cut chances and a number of times this season we have been punished for not taking these. Hopefully we can do better in the run in
  2. I get the point that he is our top scorer and it doesn't matter how they go in. I also get the argument that being in the right place at the right time is the essential ingredient in any decent striker. What l don't get is obika terrible first touch at times but more importantly his inept ability to hit a ball towards the goal with pace and accuracy. Someone said to me today he is always weak on his right foot. In that case use your left. There were at least two opportunities to choose his left rather than right. As l said in my earlier post l am sure he will continue to score especially against teams who open up but l cannot understand how a professional football can be so inept so often at striking a ball towards a gaping net and be called a striker
  3. Looked forward today but it was a long watch. To be fair we always struggle against teams that defend in depth. Obika is not a striker. His three misses in the first half were woeful. Junior is hit and miss but seems more effective playing wide, also thought durmus was more effective when he switched to left side. We tried to shift them backwards and forwards and their keeper made some excellent saves second half but we waste a lot of good positions with poor crosses or trying to walk ball into net. Plus side we scored three did not concede and l feel we are a threat against teams that do not sit so deep. Two difficult games now. Finally two centre backs looked excellent obviously bearing in mind quality of opposition.
  4. Great result today but it could have been so much easier. Obika and morias made great contributions but just don't look like strikers. Makeshift back four did really well. Cammy had a mixed game, great ball winning but poor passing. We give the ball away too easily and don't compete enough at times for 50:50 balls. However the goal was fantastic and with a true goalscorer we would have been out of sight today. Well done saints for sending everyone home happy especially given Hamilton result
  5. Before the first goal calamity l thought we played quite well and restricted them also creating a few chances ourselves. Second half was a bit of a non event with them playing in second gear most of the time but still dominating. We had some good passages of play but the gulf in class was there for all to see. We don't take our chances and give the ball away cheaply. When we break there is seldom a decent out ball for our midfield to deliver so we end up double backing. These are the same failures we are week in week out and the fact we are playing a top side today just underlines that. Happy we kept the score down and the last minute goal helping all round. Kilmarnock is an important game now to gain momentum on other strugglers. We are no great shakes but good enough to avoid relegation this season
  6. Nineteen winless league matches since we beat them 4-0 in 2010. In that time we've managed two draws, scored three times, lost 47. I am not hopeful of a win but what's to lose today? Yes watch the goal difference but have a go, get in their faces and give us something to shout about. It's a funny old game, you just never know the moment. I am so glad l was there in 2010. How many of us out there regret giving that game a body swerve?
  7. Wasn't there today so respect comment based on what has been said here. Fantastic comeback, accept defence was reflection of injuries. But ultimately we have lost two points to relegation rivals at home. Disappointing.
  8. So six points gained to date then. Thankfully three away from home for first time. What l think is crucial is picking something from next two games. Two problems still face us. One we hardly score any goals even when we play well. Two our performances both within and between games is very unpredictable
  9. Funny old game isn't it? From BBC coverage we totally dominated second half. What an important result all round, especially with Livingston winning. These are the games that will shape our season. Congrats to Goodwin and the team given the makeshift set up today. You have rebuilt a little faith
  10. Suspect weather, particularly the wind could play a significant part in this afternoons matches. Here's hoping it is to our benefit and we pull a bit of luck
  11. Have to disagree. Far more influential than recently winning and distribution much improved. Rest around him found wanting. Still not magennis of old though
  12. For me foley absence led inadvertently to a far stronger performance by magennis in that area. This was the only positive. Mackenzie going off led to makeshift defence but both goals first half were down the left. We have no pace and our passing is poor. Balls in from wing are very poor and attack is anonymous as is midfield. That was a stroll for Motherwell. Next three games will have huge influence on our destiny and am not confident we will pick up much. Real test for Goodwin now. We cannot buy our way out of this. Can he identify a decent alternative without money? Are there other players in reserves and not getting a shot who should be brought in? Why did we re sign mcallister? Just as well most saints fans have a sense of humour to get us through this turgid game. This is not enjoyable.
  13. Glad we are competing but increasingly worried that we don't take chances, especially missing penalties. We have to be ruthless to stay up
  14. Great win but let's not get carried away. Just watched the game on alba. First half especially one or two passes then a long ball giving possession back, limited number of goal attempts throughout game with few troubling keeper. Second half much better with more passes before long ball, better penetration but overall we still look like a team that will struggle to score. Feel confident about getting results at home, especially given attitude of players second half but it is essential that we start winning points away. Hibs will be tough
  15. Excellent. Missed game but BBC alba will be getting warmed up now
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