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  1. I've already got one....I'm wearing it right now!
  2. .... GET YER RAT OOT!.....I'm getting a few for her!
  3. Thanks Ian.Your good wishes and support are much appreciated by myself and the others involved in running the bus.You've been behind our venture from the start and I'm extremely grateful.Cheers buddie.
  4. Thats coming too.....as are the polo shirts and a few other things.
  5. The Captain is on board......raaaaaar!
  6. Cheers buddie....I'll give that a bash.Thanks.
  7. Can't seem to get this to work.Dunno what I'm doing wrong. I can transfer pics no probs....but the tunes wont go.Says phone doesn't support the file format.Strange seeing as the tunes are stored on Media player which is usually pretty straight forward with MP3 players etc. The phone is a Motorola KRZRk1....for the techy types. Suggestions would be good...as I'm totally bored having to Bluetooth tunes of other folk. Cheers.
  8. As opposed to the toon you stay in which is full of big men in rig boots who talk in a peculiar accent! BAAAAAAAA!

    New Forum Skin

    Once you go black...you never go back!
  10. .....and so it begins! Get the claws oot!
  11. Wish you were here:-Pink Floyd.....Pulse live album. That tune would sound f**king ace belted out at Love St with scarfs in the air
  12. Bet it'll no be lactose intollerant though!
  13. Absolutely......She'll be treated like a queen! P.S......don't tell Kirstie!
  14. 1/ She's very pretty 2/ She's really awfully pretty 3/ She's got a few bob 4/ She's married to one of oor players 5/ Did I mention she's dead pretty
  15. She's got mair front than Blackpool.....an you lot aren't keeping her to yerselves.No chance.
  16. Is he letting you indoors then?....must be freezin kippin on his lawn.

    Top 5

    1/ Hans Krankl 2/ Tony Woodcock 3/ Simon Lappin 4/ Bobby Charlton 5/ Arsene Wenger Jeez.....close-seasons a pisser....
  18. Ye were totally crampin ma style......Gloryhunter!
  19. There are no service packs for vista as yet,as far as I know....but boy does it need them.Typical Microsoft...fire out half a product,and we'll fix it as we go along.Pure shoddy.
  20. Aye...tis much better on the auld eyes.Far less glare.Nice one Div.
  21. Explain?......Brainiac!
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