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    No Bosses...

    I can exclusively reveal that the real reason Gus and Andy won't be there is because TL won the raffle prize for the last available player spot at yesterdays Hoopla in Suburbia. Fix....Fix.....
  2. 1/ Meedja darlins 2/ Its too near England 3/ Everyone and his dug will want to see us gubbed by them 4/ That wee shit Grady 5/ Brookes "Isn't he a lovely man....but would he still be as lovely if he was just a potless chain smoker" Mileson
  3. First it was Smisa....next it'll be rock-steady.The age of TL is upon us.
  4. Anyone gonnae fire up some pics or what?
  5. Kinda hoping we might get a pint or summit....that would be good.
  6. Exactly John.Its not on.They are as entitled to enjoy the day as much as the older ones.Bit unfair IMHO.
  7. Bit pish that init?.....considering the presentations will be at 4pm...and its not even a school night.
  8. "It was Miss Saint....in the cloakroom....with the lead piping!".....Do I win?
  9. The Cockles Wilson Bus shall be there to award our Player of the Year....a might even bring some people as well as the bus
  10. Very Colin and Justin of you ...oh bald one!

    Top 5

    Thats the gem! .....now all we need to do is fix yer 'air!
  12. Must give it a gander Saw them at Donnington years ago....f**kin superb they were
  13. f**k up Hobbit!.....I apologised...I thought Rock Radio was independent. So did ye buy any Frank Ifield when ye were away?....ya puff!
  14. I was not aware of that.Apologies Gweg.
  15. Wondered when you'd put in an appearance!
  16. Don't think it is Real Radio....think you'll find it IS Rock Radio...or summit like that. .....tourist .And that was a feeble attempt at digging yourself out of a hole btw. I have a Ravi Shankar LP....can I be in your gang?
  17. Q96 dusnae exist any more...ya f**king tourist! ...It's now Rock Radio...or some shite like that.And Radio Clyde is a load of wanky pop...with super naff DJs. Quite partial to Radio 7 as it goes...you get the odd comedy thing on it.

    Top 5

    1/ Gear 2/ Of the Morning 3/ Banana 4/ Cat 5/ Of the League ...and you're no
  19. I don't actually think you listen to any of that obscure stuff Greig...you're just trying to look all windswept and interesting. Bet yer really a Cliff man!
  20. The Dunfermline Song....its v funny!..."Athletic are the team we all adore..."
  21. Why does it say gender not set on your profile?...you no made up yer mind yet :P

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