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  1. Following on from this, i'd just to like to say that I was out of order in the comments I made about Div and the mods last night and fully apologise. But the bottom line is, if there are so many idiots hell bent on winding people up then there is little point in there being a forum. The mods cant manage the content because of roving devices and multple alaises so it is now open season for the idiots. I'd say the forum has run it's course and is of little use to anyone because of bile, wind ups and other garbage. if it were mine i'd shut it down now, but that's not my call. What I would like to do now is disable my account, if the mods could advise how that is done or do it for me then 'd appreciate that Dickson & gav neednt worry, I wouldnt give you the satisfaction of some corrective therapy. you got under my skin with your pish but i should have risen above it. all that is left is for me to say bye to my friends and family on here, i'll reserve my football discussions for match day and confine them to people i like
  2. Not as bad as it seems, all have been offered reduced terms and all the spuds they can eat by c*ltic
  3. Keep religion out of football, that's the best one you'll see. We should offer a free ST for the remainder of the season to anyone who lets us cut up a season they already hold for any other Scottish team
  4. I think the 3-0 scenario only affects games surrendered (there will be no surrender-HA) as in someone doesnt show up for a tie. all other results would be null and void, so we would lose 4 points and all those that were beat would stay on the same tally as they are now
  5. ]#Are you sure? I thought they had 10 days to appoint an administrator or the court would appoint one for them There is only one creditor with any preferred status, a Mr Whyte, the rest, including HMRC will get only what is left after he has settled with himself-i'm sure he wont be hard to deal with.
  6. Half the draymin instore at kenny's music
  7. what asset, the club has few assets and none of them have any value as security, no one wouldlend as the club's income is insufficient to cover the paymrnents. Please make valid points and avoid the scaremongering
  8. it's really not that important that we learn who pulled the plug, or indeed why. It was done by someone who had both the responsibility to account for the use of the funds and the clout to make their actions stick, no prizes for guessing that it was a Mr S of holyrood. i think a change of proposal might generate a few more potential stakeholders, but these will be numbered in the dozens rather than the hndreds needed to keep the monthly fee down to current levels a more radical proposal may well be forthcoming
  9. back on topic, this one might suit even better
  10. your clearly hurting worse than i thought. You need to work on your self esteem. I suppose the difference between us is that I dont post anything on here that i need to back away from, whereas you near enough shit yerself when attention was drawn to your assertions on potential bidders for the club and performed a truly amazing backflip in the process. the brown stuff you speak of was flying around like a shitty blizzard. Now your pursuing a vendetta against me? I'll repeat, it was you who made an arse of yerself, all i did was point out that everyone witnessed your shitbaggery. It's not my fault that your CIC is gone, time to work out your issues I think
  11. 2 consecutive posts having a dig, you must be hurting badly. Such classic grudge behaviour suggests that you and the laughably odious jimdickloyal could be one and the same. And my reporting of a certain poster for certain violent language was a tongue in cheek way of pointing out that a lot of people use this forum to bandy about insults that they would never dare follow up face to face (ring any bells?) You dont have to take it so seriously, I know I certainly havent.
  12. I am pretty sure that the money that was given in grants could only be drawn down if the CIC actually secured all the other funding. All funding had to be confirmed before any could be released. The 700k was witheld so the rest of the money will also be witheld. I think that would also affect the status of the CIC since it's aims would expand to cover wedging in the consortium.
  13. I dont know what is choking me more, your smokescreen or the constant stream of bullshit you've been posting. And there's no need to be so bitter, it was you who made yourself look like a tit, I only highlighted your ignorance. To paraphrase a better poster than you, hope this skelps.
  14. What an amazing statement, you spend days, if not weeks, posting inferences and implying that the proposed bid was going to saddle the club with debt and then try to throw out a smoke screen the moment anyone calls you out on the detail. Proof positive of how many loonies have been virtually liberated from their cells by the internet.
  15. I'd like to attend the meeting, however i have no idea as the the whereabouts of this "Mirren Park" that 10000 hours speaks of.
  16. Why are so many people getting excited about a potential bidder securing debt against the club? In order to secure debt from any reputable and regulated lender the club would either have to have a turnover that makes repayment a reasonable proposition or it would have to have assets that are equal to a significant percentage of the sum loaned. Saint Mirren Football Club has neither and the securing of debt against any asset or cash stream would be near on impossible to acheive.
  17. my point is that the club has no assets of any worth that can be taken as surety, equity, collateral or any other term you want to use. The ground mught have a book value in the assets list of the club, but in reality no buyer would offer more than a few thousand if it were up for sale
  18. I was speaking in referrence to some bugger's point about McG's bid being bankrolled by lenders who want a charge on the stadium as collateral the point is, the stadium only has a value as a stadium if someone wants to buy one right where it is. if they want the land it is worth less than the demolition and clearance costs, if they want the scrap value of the structure then that is worth even less, so no sensible lenderwould proffer funds against this asset. My point bein that any other bidder would have an alternative funding plan in place
  19. But the stadium has no cash value, so any other bid, theoretical or otherwise, cannot be considering it as equity
  20. thats a bit deep considering how badly the education system failed the poor lad
  21. If the cic dont secure the funding it wont be on a technicality, it wil be because of the inflated asking price and the funding bodies taking a dim view of the cic agreeing to any old price becuase it isnt their own money at risk. It's like asking for a 200k mortgage on a house valued at 90k, the sums just dont add up. Anyway, was it not made known that the McGeoch bid involves turning the club over to some form of community ownership in a couple of years? If so, no need to panic.
  22. The bottom line is that the people who are ultimately expected to foot the bill are not being kept up to speed on events. You cant argue that this is the right position This is meant to be about collective community involvement in the decision making processes of a CIC that aims to control a football club with a potential stakeholder number in the tens of thousands. It needs to up its game in terms of communications, which seemed to be working at least in a sporadic fashion up to the point where sufficient direct debit forms were signed and returned.
  23. There's no doubt that the CiC could work. But the funders are having the same issue as a number of people. The asking price for a mere 52% shareholding is far too high. I have heard it suggested, but admittedly not supported with fact,that the consortium could recoup their entire investment (remember much of it was inherited) for an asking price of around £1.2 million and that would still provide a reward for the effort they put in. I dont begrudge them that as long as their demands are realistic and they dont stifle the future prospects I'm afraid the options are the lowering of the asking price, which could attract counter bids, or the status quo. It seems the club could well prosper under the current arrangements if we continue with the current good financial management (if indeed the board are sticking to that) and the further development of youth prospects.
  24. Working in the renewables industry, this was actually one of the proposals from the CIC that gave me some hope that it really was a serious venture and I am disappointed that it has not been carried forward. It could have been set up as a joint venture where SMFC contribute only land and an agreement to take some of the power at a reduced cost, the rest of the installation cost being covered by the JV partner who would take the lion's share of the profit. It would not take 10000 hours to be responsible for the development or any outlay and there are probably oinstallation grants and cheap loans to be taken advantage of, wee dick could have used his extensive network of business contacts (god, or Mr ed, for example) to do it on behalf of SMFC. A great idea with no will to carry it forward other than for free publicity to show what a great guy he is. As sid's mate once said "ever get the feeling you've been cheated? "
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