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  1. Have to say I’m not sure about Kearney, would probably be too much of a gamble. Mellon though would an interesting appointment.
  2. Totally agree David. I honestly don’t know who some of our fans think we can attract. Either Stubbs or McIntyre would be a safe pair of hands appointment which I reckon is what we need as we return to the top flight.
  3. At Hampden. What was he doing there? Talking to Gus perhaps, better not tell Shull he might crash his taxi with excitement.
  4. Didn’t work for Queens Park last season
  5. Shouldn’t be an issue as they aren’t allowed in the EFL.
  6. Every team in the Irish League is part time I enjoy I think, maybe Linfield are full time but that would be about it.
  7. I’m happy to avoid these players. Lower end Championship types will get us nowhere in the league we are now in.
  8. That happened during Campbell Money’s testimonial game in 1991. McAvennie played for Saints as a guest in that game.
  9. Fergie had been in charge for nearly 4 years when he left. Also it was much easier to build a settled squad in those days as footballers contracts were one step up from that of an indentured labourer which meant there was less player movement than there is these days. The advent of freedom of contract in the early 80s meant clubs could no longer hold on to registrations of players when they had turned down reduced terms and then the Bosman ruling really opened up the player market meaning it became much more fluid with players moving more frequently.
  10. Halkett I’ll give you but O’Ware is average and there will be better available out there.
  11. Can’t say I’m too worried if O’Ware joins someone else. Championship player at best, would like us to sign Halkett though. Also can’t understand the panic from some of our fans when random players sign for other clubs, maybe it is just the default setting for some folks.
  12. Livi also signed Steven Saunders from TNS today, might have been Premiership quality in the past but not anymore.
  13. Was he not the manager when Helsingborg got relegated? Every manager has skeletons lurking in the closet.
  14. Read that Swansea are interested in Graham Potter. Surely John Potter isn’t being quoted as a serious contender for our job?
  15. Staying as well away from the St Mirren dug out as possible hopefully.
  16. Before Police Scotland get to him .
  17. Who has ruled themselves out? I know Goodwin is staying at Alloa but that may have been because he knew his chances of getting the job were slim. What other realistic contenders have said no, or is it just that some of our fans doing their usual panic?
  18. Did he not win away to Hibs? So he did. Was thinking just about league games.
  19. Now needed in the New Manager thread, it’s like Diana’s funeral in there with the outpourings of grief due to Craig Sibbald (no me neither) joining Livingston.
  20. He was sacked fairly early on in the campaign so can’t be called on to take all the blame, the appointment of Owen Coyle was a big mistake.
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