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  1. I see Traynor has been appointed director of communications at Greyskull
  2. And I've just realised my post ^^^^ was off topic since I didn't answer the original question. I think its really difficult picking one favourite as there are many greats that have special qualities but as a rule I like northern malts so Highland Park, Old Pulteney, Clynelish would be on my list and they're all different from each other. I like Islay and Talisker and there should be a special mention for Dalmore which is underrated. If I HAD to chose just one I think I'd plump for Highland Park as a great all-rounder.
  3. For my recent birthday (special number) I got an 18 year old Springbank, a 15 year old Glenlivet (French Oak Reserve), and a 14 year old Clynelish. Not too shabby. I also got a gift set that included 2 drams of Japanese single malt and a Tennessee single malt. Times are good.
  4. I see the CVA has been officially rejected this am. Can someone more informed than I am answer why it seems to be a given that a newco can simply 'have' the assets of the oldco. Surely in a liquidation the assets would be sold to the highest bidder in order to satisfy the creditors.
  5. It's a small town off the M/A9 between Stirling and Perth nearer to Perth - ever time I pass the sign I think it'd be a great name for a character in a book.
  6. Top five reasons why they shouldn't bother 1. She's not all that That is all
  7. Rank Badjin


    Hi all, I'm looking for a webcam to mainly use with Skype. Anybuddie have any recommendations - I don't need an all singing all dancing type but one with an integrated mic would be nice. Don't want to spend loads - maybe up to about thirty sheets. ta.
  8. One is a Geordie, the other a Cumbrian. I thought the subtitling of the Indians was an abomination, whoever was responsible for it should hang their head in shame.
  9. Rank Badjin

    Top 5

    Imperialism is wrong obviously, but... 1. Assyarian 2. Roman 3. British 4. Spanish 5. Dutch
  10. Now this is a bugbear of mine. Why is a freekick for obstruction never given in these circumstances?
  11. As was Janice Long but not the same episode.
  12. Here you go Bill, somewhere to while away the time from 4:15 to 5:00pm A forum for d o n d?
  13. I come late to this but... The Deerhunter (Vietnam) Breaker Morant (Boer) The Thin Red Line (WW2) Full Metal Jacket (Vietnam) Schindler's List (WW2) also mentions to Saving Private Ryan, Longest Day, Bridge Too Far, The Hill, Ice Cold in Alex
  14. 1. The Simpsons 2. Frasier err, there's nothing more to see here, move along.
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