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  1. Mrs SFS

    Sunny Foxbar Saint

    Derek - loved and remembered every day x
  2. Mrs SFS

    Sunny Foxbar Saint

    Thanks everyone, it's lovely to know that you are all still thinking of Derek x
  3. Mrs SFS

    Sunny Foxbar Saint

    Thanks to all of you. Great song Neil, one of his favourites. It was lovely to see you all on Friday, means a lot to me.
  4. Mrs SFS

    I'm Listening To....

    Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown. Brilliant!
  5. My sunny Saint is still Here !

  6. Mrs SFS

    Sunny Foxbar Saint

    I've worked with Frank for 5 years now and he told me that he was one of the guys who started up the junior supporters many years ago. He still goes to the occasional game, and I'm sure he'll be at the final. I'm sorry to say that I didn't see him at Derek's funeral.
  7. Mrs SFS

    Sunny Foxbar Saint

    This is Maureen here. I would just like to thank everyone on the Black and White Army forum for all their thoughts and tributes to Derek. Derek's family and myself were overwhelmed by all the people who attended the funeral and our nephew has printed all the posts for Derek's mum to look at. We would all like to thank St Mirren FC and Billy Mehmet in particular for his brilliant gesture. Derek would be really chuffed. I hope to continue using Derek's avatar although I won't be as funny and witty as him!
  8. Mrs SFS

    Sunny Foxbar Saint

    Thank You for all your kind thoughts at this time , Love you all . xxx Maureen xx
  9. Mrs SFS

    Franks Unofficial Burd Of The Day

    Billie Piper's naked sister?
  10. Mrs SFS

    Franks Unofficial Burd Of The Day

    Chest lovely.
  11. Mrs SFS

    St Mirren Memorabilia On Ebay

    Still trying to punt the same old stuff?
  12. Mrs SFS

    Top 5 Python Sketches

    Fur fox ache. Lenny fucking Henry is funny compared to those three.