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  1. You'll get crucified for that.... Glad to here about Tansey, there is a good player in there.
  2. Well done Schultz......... Younger persons may want to Google “Hogans Heroes” 😂
  3. F*****g Sun prints shit from weeks ago with their usual no other stuff to print agenda, every other lazy b****d in the media jumps on it, that STV twat really makes me want to slap him by the way, then loads of people believe it without a shred of evidence yet.
  4. I think if both players were offered similar money or even a tad less from English based teams then they are going to go with the "Home" teams offer... minimal travelling, no living away from home, less upheaval etc. No brainer for them really.
  5. Aye........I’m gonna have another Talisker to ponder whether it’s 99 or 100.... Anyway Sir, keep up the good Work, always a good read.
  6. Oh my Lord...... older forumsters might get it.
  7. BBC has Accies with 50% possession tonight........Really ??????
  8. If Miller has dislocated that shoulder .......Ouch. Dislocated both of mine a few times.....awful injury.
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