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  1. I was hoping this match would upgrade to pish....... This falls into the category of “Never mind the ball, get on with the game !!”
  2. I watched it on a Mac which is a pretty good sized screen but I did cast it to a big telly and it lost quality. TV was Ok but the Mac was better and I just made the viewing position a bit closer. Fine. First day and all that but I was expecting very high Quality, we’ll see how it goes. 3 points though 😬
  3. I can assure you, despite Elvis’s apparent doom and gloom demeanour, he is as big a Saints fan as the rest of us. Take my word for it.
  4. My Ppv here in Inverness picture wise never dropped out. Fine, sound same as everyone else, not good for bits. My Brother in Glenburn had Ppv, pretty useless. Brother in Neilston with Season ticket, no problem. Brother in Newton Mearns with season ticket, first half useless. Dont understand the differences, maybe someone else can tell us why this was happening.
  5. Ha!!! Gave yourself away as an old fart with that reply......😂 Said an even older old fart who thought the same thing ......
  6. Where exactly do you pay to guarantee missing this ............. It’s the same guff on up here. A huge no for me.
  7. Not impressed by McGuire, always feel he looks poor against a half decent forward.United definitely looking better going forward these days.
  8. First game I’ve really liked since the footy came back.
  9. Cheers, Fricky. Nice to see the Terminus at the junction of Glenfield Road and Caplethill Road. Great memories of being brought up in Glenfield Road. Now I feel old......😉
  10. It was a Giulio I worked with in Glenburn around 1971. Also worked with Dominic Girasoli on the Gallowhill run just before that. Used to be a Trento Van outside my school, St. Mirins, at lunchtime and I would jump in and give a hand. Ah....memories.
  11. Tom... Or a Trentos or Izzis from Renfrew... ?? Trento was his first name, Girasoli was the surname, good Cafe on the main drag just past Porterfield Road. Izzis was owned/run by Silvio Izzi, big garage down at the Ferry. Both had great Ice Cream and I worked for them both in my early Teens.
  12. Myself and my Wife generally watch CNN for half an hour from 10 at night. Last night after seeing the scenes at Bournemouth then seeing the figures from Texas, Florida and California, we both thought that unless some folk get a grip then this virus is going to hang around a lot longer. Upwards of 5,000 cases in Texas yesterday, the other two not far behind. As for the USA, they are going to have a real hard time before Covid 19 goes away. I can’t see the USA being clear until a vaccine has been produced. Won’t be seeing my Brother in Huntsville anytime soon.
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