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  1. thomsons dropped it

    January Arrivals

    According to Twitter and my Brother who has just passed Greenhill Road, the ground is packed with Photographers..... Welcome Back Lewis....????
  2. thomsons dropped it

    Latest Scores

    Alloa 2 Soapdodgers 1 Gary Harkins sent off at Firhill
  3. thomsons dropped it

    Indians in Space

    Just recently got Netflix and kind of binge watched series 1. See there is also a new Picard “after the Next Generation” being done, they have almost finished writing the first Series.
  4. thomsons dropped it

    Indians in Space

    Exciting times right enough........ Star Trek Discovery Season 2 next Friday on Netflix
  5. thomsons dropped it

    January Arrivals

    It was a wind up on my part Tony, I knew fine well it wisnae you
  6. thomsons dropped it

    January Arrivals

    Jeezo Elvis, that’s some shit Alias...........
  7. thomsons dropped it

    January Arrivals

    Good signing, more to follow!!!
  8. thomsons dropped it

    Speculation Thread

    Could be a decent signing, been absolutely ages since we had someone who could cross the ball and shoot from distance..........
  9. thomsons dropped it

    Speculation Thread

    I fail to see how some folk can't see that Cammy is not the same player in this League. His touch is poor, falls on his arse far more than he should and most definitely looks less sharp than last year. That's my opinion on what I've seen. Like many Buddies I thought he was Player of the Year last year. That was then ,this is now. We cannot afford to be sentimental ^^^^^^ given where we are right now, as others have said, if Oran needs to punt Cammy then so be it. Let's get some new blood in and give this a real go until the end of the season. COYS.
  10. thomsons dropped it

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Tommy Bryceland......
  11. thomsons dropped it

    Speculation Thread

    They are bottom of the league below us and have been shit for months, pretty easy bet that they would make a few signings, with players their parent clubs don’t want it looks like.Hardly earth shattering stuff.
  12. thomsons dropped it

    January Exits

    More Adam Hammill to @SUFCOfficial is now just subject to receiving the international clearance for him to complete the move (18 month deal) as he’s just completed a short-term deal in Scotland with St Mirren. #uti #Iron 2 replies .21 retweets36 likes Reply 2 Retweet 21 Liked 36
  13. thomsons dropped it

    Telly Programmes

    That Gary guy was a complete waste of a licence fee for an hour, Only an Excuse was honking beyond belief. Shortbread shite at it’s absolute worst.
  14. thomsons dropped it

    January Exits

    That little snippet will upset a few of our more negative posters ........
  15. thomsons dropped it

    Merry Xmas

    Hope Everyone has had a Great Christmas, had a cracking day up here in Inverness. Over to you St. Mirren..... Let's keep the good feelings going.