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  1. FFS Ian....have you no loyalty at all...?? 😂😂😂
  2. We were certainly sleeping the first 30 minutes..........
  3. Brandon Mason....Hello .....?..... Are you here ?????
  4. You want to bin the guy already.....Absolute pish of a post.....again.
  5. Hopefully that being a reality would prompt the real power men in Ibrox and Parkhead Scottish Football to initiate a ban on plastic pitches in the Top Flight. 😬
  6. Never mind Jim, only Alnwick to get and I'm done.......some laugh eh ???
  7. There are lot of Folk here in the Highlands feel the same....
  8. Me too, born in the Tenements in Glenfield Road. Also broke a few windows played at the old Station. Used to help out at the Pony Trekking at the side of Polsons Dam, owned by my mate Robert Watt's Dad. Bobby Watt Senior was a Sergeant, old school Copper originally from Greenock, tough as they come. Had some great times in and around Glenfield Road.... P.S. was there the day the Station was demolished.....Boooooooo
  9. Junior Walker........and the AllStars......for our more mature music Buffs.
  10. A view from inside looking out.....😂
  11. Durmus needs to show a bit more heart, powder puff stuff.
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