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  1. Posts....Shulls your Man...... Seriously , as I have said before , as long as we continue to be piss poor at basci skills we will struggle.
  2. I said as much a few games ago, as long as we fail miserably at the basics the amount of times we do, then we will be in bother. Failing to beat the first man at corners and getting throw ins wrong is unforgivable. Quite simply you are not good enough. Drop them from the team, don’t care who they are, we can’t afford shit like that. Rant over....
  3. Anybody that thinks Jim and his Team sign players on the basis of these type of Videos has as many brain cells as the sum total of Shulls Aliases.......could be a few...😉
  4. Morais looked a bit fitter and sharper to me on Saturday, thought he needed a bit more fitness the first few games I saw him. Keep up the good work Junior,goals will come.
  5. Anybody got Saints tv up yet.......no worky for umpteenth time.☹️
  6. ^^^^^^^ Berates Saints fan for no other reason than attention seeking/fishing/trying to be smart....... Poor effort 1/10
  7. Aye Tony, not like we haven’t worked with any useless Makems down the years.......😂
  8. Same outlook as me, sitting in my digs in Aberdeen hoping we play well....... Come on Scotland....prove us all wrong.
  9. Thought I would pop it in before you get deluged...😁
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