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  1. McCallums can be a bit “lively” at times, I never walk past on their side of the street.😬 Revolution in Church Street, 30 seconds from Gellions which is across from Town Hall. Bottom of Academy Street, three pubs within 50 yards. McGregors, good food and live music, usually traditional. The Foundry….as above, pot luck with music, differs by week, last time I was in it was really good. Blackfriars….good food, nice enough pub. A few choices for you, hope it’s on the back of three points.
  2. County always sell on the day at the wee kiosk outside the Main Stand. £10 quid for us auld farts…..
  3. Maybe so Shull, I was there too, I think 3,000 would be more accurate. You would not even have noticed 1,000 fans in the old version of Rugby Park 😉
  4. Just because you saw me in the photo outside the Wimpy the last time we were up there…….😉 Not sure how many of them exist, it’s the only one I know of.
  5. What !!!!! No Hot Dog ?? “An hour from now, you’ll wish you had one” Get the Hot Dog during the B Movie and then watch the “Big Picture” in peace 😂
  6. I worked on the Trentos van in Gallowhill when I was 13 .. at first with a local guy and then with Dominic Girasoli, one of the Sons,Trento was the old mans first name ,he was always in the Cafe in Renfrew, good old guy. Later I worked with my Brother on an Izzis Van up on the Neilston run for a couple of years.😱 Good times and great memories.🍦
  7. Never mind the Fantastic Four in Flares…..What about the Hillman Imp in the background 😬🚙
  8. One more of the 1959 Cup Winning Team has passed away. RIP Tommy.
  9. So, what did you think of that match Rio……?????
  10. That is horrifying, amazing anybody survived.
  11. Having read that link I am convinced it is total bollocks, those wages are shit in my opinion for SPL.
  12. Some serious pishing of breeks on here already, I'm not too fussed, players come and go. Let's have a look where we are when the window is shut.......
  13. After reading this Thread I would say the Sin Bin is needing some new blood…
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