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  1. An old Favourite show of mine..... Virginian off to see Trampas at the Ranch.....
  2. Bodie and Doyle for me.....πŸ˜‰
  3. My Wife told me.......I'm really miffed about the Bowel Cancer not being done, maybe someone could tell us how long the poop can sit before it would be useless to test ??
  4. Absolute lunacy in my opinion, two of the biggest killers being sidelined.
  5. Just reading that Bayern player Robert Lewandowski and his Wife have donated 1 Million Euros to a fund to help fight the virus, two other Bayern players have donated 500,000 Euros each. Leroy Sane of Man.City has also made a sizeable donation. Well done.
  6. Corona Masks proving to be a little awkward....πŸ˜‰
  7. If the team don’t battle to a man like their lives depend on it come Wednesday night then they deserve F**k All . End of.
  8. Time for this thread to be put to sleep. Is the Sin Bin shut....???????
  9. If indeed they make themselves safe then our last game pre-split up at Dingwall will hopefully see County in full on Holiday Mode.......
  10. No worries Bud, had looked at their coverage for Saturdays Match..... No way am I paying to watch long after the games done. Live or nothing.
  11. Full game later I think, nothing live. Even if there was I think UEFA have a ban on CL nights.
  12. Halkett and Souttar both please...πŸ˜€
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