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  1. The Rock says he remembers when Red Dot McGraw spoke like this

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    2. faraway saint
    3. Kendo


      Green dot McCaw is green with envy at all the attention given to red dot.

    4. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      Did cowboys have walkie-talkies?

  2. The Rock


    It doesn't matter what you wish
  3. This is a standard blues. Well a thread says this And a thread says that Then it twists around And attracts a twat Then SWLNG posts crap And that's the end of that
  4. The Rock says this, 'Remembering what this thread is meant to be about, do you have a funny Pele/Gary Bollin song?'
  5. 2 bits of Wrasslin' news, Stone Cold is back, but that's overshadowed by the death of Curt Hennig (Mr Perfect).
  6. The Dynamite Kid is the best all round wrestler ever and has performed on the old British scene as did Bret and Owen Hart. Kendo Nagasaki and Giant Haystacks both worked for WCW and William (Lord Steven) Regal was on TV on Saturdays at the tail end of ITV coverage. Rollerball Rocco was not the deaf chap, that's Alan Kilby. I once saw Rocco take a bad tumble out the ring at the Tower circus in Blackpool and the ambulance came right into the side of the arena.
  7. The Rock says this, 'Boxing is a waste of a good wrestling ring'.
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