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  1. I don't think we're too far away. Just need to get the right mix up top: Obika and Mullen deserve a chance after their showing in the second half I would say. Again though it's going to be a tough season. I hoped that one out of Hamilton, Livingston and Ross County would do a Dundee, but it's not looking likely. Maybe St Johnstone...
  2. Given McLoughlin's efforts on Saturday, this is reassuring. Loved big Kirkie the first time round and his song must be resurrected! I remember him bursting onto the scene as a teenager scoring 2 excellent goals from outside the box at Somerset. I think he may have played midfield that day? Even after settling into being a centre-half he was partial to the odd marauding run through the midfield. Gus talked him up as being one of the most committed players at the club. Would always stay behind after training when others were away home. No surprise he's had a good career, even managing a goal for Scotland.
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/jamie-murphy-loaned-out-rangers-18885671 Gerrard will now sit down with the former Brighton star to discuss his option, including a loan stint elsewhere. The manager said: “Murph is a unique situation because he’s missed a year of football. He’s doing everything he can to get back to the level he was at before But the fascinating thing is, is Jamie’s level before good enough to fight for a starting spot here? That’s the challenge for him. We need to help him find the best solution to get back to his peak, his A-game, as quickly as he can. It’s not going to happen overnight. I predict it could take four to six months. I’ll have a chat with Jamie and see what we think is best. But a loan will be one thing on the agenda. We’ll give him support and listen to him. If he’s not up for a loan, if he’s not up for reserve games, if he wants to do it through training on his own, we’ll listen and as a group decide. But he needs as much football as possible at a decent level to get himself back where he was. Then he can compete for a place here.”
  4. He's not become a bad player overnight. He was a standout in our excellent Championship side which ran away with the league. The United fans seem a bit puzzled as to why he's not getting a chance there. I looked it up and 9 starts in the Premier for us last season during a horrendous period. You then have to go back to February '16 for an Aberdeen top league start.
  5. He's not had much of a chance to prove it. Most of his appearances for Aberdeen were as a teenage substitute and he was unfortunate that, going into last season as our POTY, Stubbs happened. Still only 24 I, for one, would welcome him back with open arms.
  6. Tomorrow is Cammy Smith's 24th birthday. Tony Andreu, playing that position, is 31.... If we're looking long term could Cammy be one that's on the radar for January? Hasn't worked out at United to date and, as far I'm concerned, he's a top league player.
  7. According to wikipedia, Northampton paid 6 figures to Peterborough for him 12 months ago.... Looks like another quality signing!
  8. Hibs have said they'll only let Shaw out on loan if they sign another forward. I think it's likey to be paper talk anyway. Can't really see why we'd aid the development of one of Hibs' youngsters when we could have one of our own Academy boys on the bench.
  9. Solihull Moors, Wrexham, Ballymena Utd, Glenavon, The New Saints, Connah's Quay Nomads, Bohemians and Waterford all possible opponents.
  10. Any word on the position of the player we're looking to sign? Centre forward?
  11. Well-organised, professional, disciplined.... looked like they've been playing together for years. Amazing. Goodie's the man! Also, Gary Mac's shorts from 1986 worth a mention!
  12. Hopefully. It's all the rain this morning that concerns me a wee bit. The pitch will be heavy at kickoff, a downpour during the game and it could be getting sketchy.
  13. Good test for the pitch's drainage system this afternoon. Yellow rain warning in place. Hopefully we don't have one of these tropical-esque downpours in the next few hours....
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