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  1. Would presume the BBC will take Aberdeen v Killie. Hopefully, for their 2nd pick, they'll go Ayr v St Johnstone or the BSC Glasgow game ahead of ours. Doubtful they'd go for 2 all-Premiership ties.....
  2. The 3-0 at home v Motherwell in 2006 under Gus was one of the great cup performances of recent times. Corcoran and Charlie Adam outstanding. Hopefully, a repeat of that.... Also, assuming it's not picked for TV, will be good to have a 3pm Saturday kick-off!
  3. Also nice to see a player who tucks in his shirt.
  4. Very similar standard to Linlithgow Rose. They put up a decent fight at home to Falkirk in the 3rd round but eventually lost to 4-1.
  5. I see their game today is postponed. Here's their results since the Invururie Locos cup tie: 7/12 = 1-2 loss v Penicuik (H) 14/12 = 3-2 win v Dundonald (A) 21/12 = 1-1 v Boness (A) 4/1 = 3-1 win v Blackburn (H) They're 6th in their league.
  6. Broxburn have sold all their tickets now. A wee boost to our coffers....
  7. Signed by Norwich last January transfer window. They tied him to a longer deal just 6 weeks ago and he's been training with their first team (an English Premiership side). Looks like an outstanding signing!
  8. Goodwin's known Baird for years. I assume that Jim's opinion is that Jack is not good enough to be in the team we aspire to be i.e. one competing for a top 6 place. Great guy, 100% effort at all times but I would have to agree if that is the assessment. We need to aim for the standard of the likes of Davis, Popescu and McLoughlin. Baird is under contract for another 18 months but I reckon he's probably played his last game for us. Will most likely move on in the summer.
  9. Cody Cooke quoted in the PDE. He doesn't seem to think any more strikers will be arriving in January. He admits it was a weight off his mind to hear St Mirren gaffer Jim Goodwin wasn’t targeting new signings up front after he has battled his way back into contention. He said: “It’s a bit of a relief that the gaffer has spoken about being happy with the strikers he’s got at the club. From our point of view, I know there was a lot of question marks towards the start of the year about how many goals the boys were scoring. But now we’ve got real good competition for places. Jon Obika’s got the shirt at the moment and he knows there’s people really pushing him hard to keep his place, including myself.We’ve got Danny Mullen as well, who didn’t get on against Killie. We’ve got a really strong forward line and it would surprise me if he was to add to that number. The only way I could see things changing is if somebody moved out, but that’s not the case. The manager hasn’t mentioned that to me or any of the others and I can see why because we’ve got good competition.”
  10. I expect, like January '19, we'll be getting a few unknowns.... Anyone heard of Corbu, Popescu, Hladky, Muzek, Nazons or Dreyer this time last year?!
  11. Broxburn now selling the final 210 tickets for the away end. Looks like they'll fill that stand.
  12. Regarding the lack of a goalscorer, let's not get carried away because going back 30 years in the top league our best returns are: Higdon, Thompson = 13 Torfason = 12 Sutton = 11 Gillies, Dorman = 10 Obika is on 5 and we're just past the halfway mark. He could well be in amongst those above at the end of the season. Mullen and Morias both have 2 from sporadic appearances and Cooke is now fit again. We had the imcredible fortune to get 3 great years out of Thommo. If anyone else had scored that number of goals for us we'd have lost them pretty quick to another team (see M.Higdon!). To find that elusive goalscorer is very difficult. The Saintees thought they'd solved their problems by splurging on Stevie May and it looks like they've ended up with a guy whose career is disintegrating. Would be great to get an Isma in for 20 games but we're not that badly off up front, in my opinion.
  13. Some stats to show the improvement under Goodie. Going into the winter break: 18/19 = 12 points from 21 games (-24 GD) 19/20 = 19 points from 21 games (-12 GD) We eventually went into the split on 21 points.
  14. Indeed. Over the festive period last year Jackson was the main man with Cooke, Smith, Jamieson and Breadner all getting game time.
  15. I was hugely impressed with that yesterday. After Wednesday I feared we might end up struggling through the festive period with our makeshift defence. In fact, we played them off the park and the defence did its job. Suddenly as well, 2 guys who were looking like squad players (Morais and MacPherson) have staked their claims as first picks. I just hope we can get 3 points against Livi and open up a wee gap to 12th.
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