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  1. The omission of Gordon from Oran's statement isn't a surprise but the omission of Gus is pretty telling. They must have worked very closely together, particularly with the swathe of January signings. We know how highly GS thinks of GMac. My guess is that Gus has had concerns about Kearney, perhaps for awhile, and things just came to a head last week. Who knows maybe it was suggested that a daily commute would work if it was part of Gus's remit to go and watch other teams.
  2. Oran, in conjunction with Jamie Langfield, you would assume. To be fair, I think one of Goodwin's first questions will be what is Gus's exact role? Reading between the lines I think he played his part in the end of Kearney.
  3. It would be interesting to hear how we sourced Hladky, Popescu, Muzek, etc. Brad Lyons was clearly Oran but I'd kind of assumed the manager was pointed in the direction of most of the others. Huge credit has to go to whoever trawled European football to find them! Gus?
  4. No, appointed by Jack Ross shortly after he became Alloa boss.
  5. Where is the Peter Houston link coming from? Don't think him and JG have worked together have they?
  6. Paddy Connolly is the assistant at Alloa with Lee Sharp coach. Neither were appointed by Jim though.
  7. Are you a SMISA member? If so and you feel that strongly about the way the club is being run why don't you put yourself forward for election to the board? Would look forward to seeing your manifesto.
  8. A lot of people with short memories on here this week. When the current board took over we'd just finished 6th in the Championship and they'd inherited Alex Rae as manager. 3 years on a league title and Premiership status retained....
  9. What was the situation with Goodie for the Stubbs and Kearney appointments? Interviewed on both occasions?
  10. We'll all look back fondly on the time a drillie from Norn Iron came over to keep us in the premier league then returned to his packed lunch in the staff room. I get the family thing but you have to wonder about Oran's professional sanity down the line. What will be going through his mind when he's putting away the badminton nets or berating a wean for not bringing in his PE kit when, if he'd kept his mouth shut, he could have been preparing us for a trip to Parkhead or whatever?
  11. Right, come on now, out with it. What did he do? Steal your girlfriend when you were 14? Some dodgy joinery 25 years ago?
  12. But......doesn't it show he lacked commitment to the club? OK, if given his way, of travelling daily could easily have missed training the day before an important game because of a cabin crew strike, bad weather, a suspicious piece of luggage, you name it. Wouldn't have bothered him though apparently.
  13. Absolutely. The Coleraine thing absolutely reeks. 10th of May their manager went. 6 weeks on, funnily enough, still no appointment. Meanwhile, OK is trying to play us.
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