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  1. Julian Banjos

    Speculation Thread

    Rogers was loaned to us because Aberdeen were able to get Tomas Cerny in. Could it be Cerny comes down the road to us if Rogers returns? He walked away from a contract offer from Thistle last summer and went on trial for a club in Europe. Failed to win a deal and ended up back in Scotland signing for Aberdeen at the end of July. Hasn't made an appearance for them and his deal runs out in a few months. Might be looking to come back south to give him security beyond this summer. His wife's from the Central Belt and their wee boy's grandparents are in Kilmarnock. A contract with us until 2020 might suit. I'd take him as our first choice right now! Lots of experience, including in relegation dog fights.
  2. Julian Banjos

    Speculation Thread

    Aberdeen don't look like they'll be back in for Greg Stewart as they've just signed a striker on loan from Manchester United.
  3. Here's one against Sparta Rotterdam (from 4:15): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-LeFOxvTixs
  4. Winning goal v Den Haag 3:30 into this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OOj8fRfWCB0
  5. Was only in Poland for 3 months and didn't really get a chance: 9 of his 11 appearances were from the bench. He had a good season before in Holland's top league: 7 goals in 20 starts for a team (Zwolle) who narrowly avoided relegation is not bad. 1:10 into the video below is a goal he scored against Ajax. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MCFqf0BNP0I
  6. Julian Banjos

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    £40K (if true) is some bit of business for a guy who has only made a handful of appearances above League 1 level. County have a lot of strikers on their books too, so he may not even be a regular starter.
  7. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    Presuming there were no conditions in the SMISA-GLS deal covering scenarios like this? SMISA are raising £600K (through £10/month from 1300 fans) to buy out Gordon and take ownership of the club. Due to happen in 2026 but, with this sum of money coming in, SMFC could give the money to SMISA who pay off Gordon Scott. Gordon has his debt repaid earlier and SMISA get the club now!
  8. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    It's not for the few. The guys in W7 have improved the atmosphere at the stadium and consequently everyone's matchday experience. They've no doubt contributed to our success on the park too. Why not build on that as well as widen the matchday experience for our fans? Give people the opportunity to stand if they want? Incidentally, Brian Caldwell and Shrewsbury opened their safe standing section at the weekend. Accommodates 555 fans and cost the club £65K to install; they have it up the back of a stand behind the goals.
  9. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    On safe-standing, this was the Chairman 3 months ago: "We have also started down the road of introducing some form of safe standing area in W7. We have had discussions with Celtic, safe seating suppliers, and held preliminary talks with both the SPFL and our local council. This will not be something that happens next season but it is something we are looking at very seriously and will continue to investigate." Personally, all for it, and I think the McGinn money will probably accelerate the process. The matchday and fan experience is hugely important to the board. Would be interesting to see the response though if SMISA members were consulted....
  10. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    Easier said than done... Ayr Utd have just turned down £150K for the guy generating excitement in Scottish football at the moment. Should we be offering that kind of fee for someone? No doubt the money will help Stubbs, but at the same time, any club or player we deal with will want a bit of the McGinn money. We don't want to pay over the odds. I think a chunk of the money should go towards the current team but most I'd invest in the academy and stadium.
  11. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    Just caps off a great 18 months for us! Wonder what will be done with the cash... W7 as safe standing for the start of 19/20?
  12. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    Some chat on Sportsound there coming out of the Celtic boardroom via Chris McLaughlin: Celtic thought it was a done deal because of noises from the "McGinn camp" and were caught on the backfoot by Villa's interest. They then outbid Villa yesterday but it came too late as Bruce had already turned JM's head. Seems McGinn has not even been into Parkhead for talks. Apparently more first team football at AV than CFC was a big factor plus Villa offered doubled the salary!
  13. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    STV News reporting that the fee is "close to £3,000,000".
  14. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    According to Radio Scotland, McGinn didn't train with Hibs today. At Parkhead? Looks like the whole saga is in its final throes anyway....
  15. Julian Banjos

    John McGinn

    We couldn't have scripted this any better. Brilliant for St Mirren! I wonder what the fee is.... Can we assume it's £1,000,000 minimum for us?