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  1. Cheers, Drew - did the new router make any difference?
  2. Can't do that, Div, I don't have long enough wire and it's a pc so not easily moved beside the router! There's nothing different that I can think of that would now cause a signal problem - the signa strength icon in the tray was always "Good" or "Very Good" before, now it varies from "Low" to "Good." I'll dig out the manual and try a different channel. I may be back for more help!
  3. My broadband has been up and down over the past few days like the proverbial. I phoned Virgin, my service provider, and they're telling me there's nothing wrong up to and including the modem (and there hasn't been for the past 24 days) so the problem must be with the router. When I first took broadband from them, they didn't provide free routers so it's my own, a Netgear W111T, and a few years old now. I'm not brilliant on these things but (to my way of thinking, with my limited knowledge), it's a digital piece of hardware, so surely it either works or it doesn't work? Before I phone back, I'd appreciate it if anyone savvy with these things could give me any advice before I go about replacing the router i.e. is the up and down thing possible and the router gubbed or is the router fine and the problem with the service. I certainly don't intend to pay for a new one, I'll use the threat to leave to get a new one if I do need to replace it, and if that doesn't work with Virgin then I'll leave - there are plenty of providers out there who'll give me a free router. I might be back asking for suggestions! Thanks in anticipation. ps - this the second time I've tried to start this thread, I lost the first attempt because the service went down. Again.
  4. Are you expecting Bluto to answer from memory, Rick? I should point out that even he's not (quite) olde enough to remember. ETA was going to fix the typo but realised it actually works quite well in context
  5. Got to disagree with you there, bud. I'll be very surprised if you don't have a family member or friend who supports one or other of the OF. I’m sure you can hate these institutions without hating the individual?
  6. I was thinking about upgrading my DVD system anyway so I'll have a look around and see what's out there - any recommendations, FS?
  7. You can copy directly to a DVD recorder or a VCR, but I've only got a DVD player and I got rid of my VCR when I got the box.
  8. Thanks anyway, FS, looks like I need to buy that DVD recorder then.
  9. I know I can copy V+ recordings to VCR or DVD but does anyone know if you can copy to a laptop and how it's done? I'm not great with these things so advice for hardware needed would be appreciated too.
  10. Cheers, billy, saw that myself yesterday. Was wondering if it's the same people as the Glasgow one and whether they're the same people who used to run it. Just hope they re-open the Toscanella too!
  11. Off topic (on two counts) but related - I heard a rumour that the Piccolo Mondo in Renfrew was re-opening, anyone got any details?
  12. Racist, racist, sectarian & racist. Bernard Manning is dead but his smell lives on....
  13. Every-one I know rips the pish out of me for being a Bud - but I rip the pish right back cos' they're just glory hunting [email protected] who weren't there in the early 80's/90's (depending on the bigot team they support. I love it when they say "but who do you really support" - they really are that feckin thick tha they can't see past their own narrow minded bigotness (if that's a word, before TomMcTwat jumps in) (and if it isn't it should be).
  14. You're a scary man, Sid - I'm old and I only know 4 of them
  15. I remember reading the nuns in the bath joke in the "Ygorra" magazine thirty years ago - this one was in it too. Did you hear about the man who had his house made backwards? So he could watch television
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