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  1. Fraser, i am a structural engineer and do "homers" for extensions if you need any input into getting a building warrant.

    I have worked with Andy McGrath in the past, mobile no. 07899 875681, email [email protected]

    He stays in at the Old John Neilson school.

    Brian (from B&W Army 8 asides)

  2. I'm getting an extension built onto my house and I'm now at the stage of looking for builders to give me quotes. I would like to give the business to a local Paisley builder (preferably a saints fan). Can anyone recommend any company's? Cheers
  3. Truly heartbreaking news. Always had a lot of time for Tam. A gentleman and one of the biggest Saints fans out there. Thoughts go to his family and friends. ????
  4. Lads, as most of you know our supporters club run from The Bankhouse on Gilmour St. Ronnie from The Bankhouse also sponsors a local Paisley amateur team, Stanley Athletic. They are playing in the p&d cup final this coming Saturday at Keanie Park, Johnstone. They are only up and coming and can do with as much support as possible. They are playing a team from Renfrew who are favourites. Let's get down and support them. Only downside is they play in blue and white, but they love the saints. £2 to get in. Let's get behind the Paisley team.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if we play Shrewsbury with Brian Caldwell there now.
  6. We are holding our own Player of the year event this year on Saturday 23rd April (after Dumbarton away). This will be held in The Bankhouse on Gilmour Street. David Farrell has confirmed that he will be in attendance along with as many of the players as possible. Tickets are priced at £5 and are available from behind the bar in The Bankhouse or you can grab me on Saturday for a ticket if you see me. Tickets will get you a buffet and promo drinks all night! We are also having a raffle to help raise funds for next seasons journey back to the Premiership! Everyone is welcome (kids till 8pm). Cheers
  7. For Morton, Yes mate. More tickets available from behind the bar for that one. Annan tickets still available also.
  8. Are you surprised? Post after post. ????
  9. A lot of fans planning on going to The New Barack Tavern pub before the game. It's a short walk to the ground.
  10. There's a few saints fans going to the new barrack tavern. Near to the ground
  11. It's ok. Sheff Wed just confirmed on twitter that there is a cash gate.
  12. Does anyone know if there will be a pay at the gate turnstile on Saturday?
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