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  1. Took a tweet from coleraine before the club decided to let anyone know what was going on with the friendly game. Maybe Oran can give us a tweet then we can know what’s going on with the manager situation now A as far as I’m aware I’m still st Mirren manager should do the trick. Absolute shambles!!
  2. This the same person that puts out false accusations against his own fans and can’t even put out another one to apologise for making a mistake. Now worried about OK making up lies or wanting to hide the truth.
  3. Papers now reporting a severance deal has been agreed and part of that is that OK can’t talk about working under Gordon Scott if true why would you do that if nothing to hide.
  4. I believe Gordon has already been a scouring rightmove for the right property.
  5. Ehh lol so what the board aren’t allowed to say Oran asked to commute daily but we didn’t think that was right so we made a compromise to continue what was already happening with twice a week commutes which we then questioned Oran’s commitment to the club
  6. Seem to be doing well with feeding the sun reporters information though obviously they are more important
  7. Rafa Benitez becomes available just as st Mirren appears to be looking for a new manager clearly had this line up all along Benitez had played a blinder here. Some of the utter guff on here that he lined up the coleraine job for all this time Oran must be the best actor on the planet because the OK we’ve seen would never behave that way also they just had a approach for another manager knocked back why would they do that if OK was already lined up for it and it wasn’t Oran that questioned his own commitment and been told to stay away from the training ground wonder if that’s to prevent the players for getting told the truth.
  8. Of course they would some moan no matter what and love things like this.
  9. Wouldn’t have bothered me either as long as we got a good performance on the Saturday and 3 points. As I’ve said before he could commute to the moon everyday or only appear for match days as long as he is achieving what he’s meant to on the park. I also don’t believe the other stuff like he’s manufactured his way out of the club to get back to coleraine and his old teachers job trying to do over the club don’t believe he’s that type of guy What I do believe is he wanted to commute more to be with his two young kids and wife more. If the extra commuting started to affect our performance on the pitch then that’s when it should get questioned and his job would be on the line.
  10. Then that’s when he should get questioned on it. I don’t care how he gets to or from his job as st Mirren manager or where he stays I only care what he achieves on the pitch and so far he done great. And I can see why Oran would take huge offence to his commitment being questioned by Gordon after all the travelling he’s done and time spent away from his two kids.
  11. I’ve never said a bad word about Scott before today. If OK wants to travel back and forward everyday of the week then that’s his choice it shouldn’t matter one bit all that should matter is the results on the park and making the club successful. 3 other managers have longer commutes than OK yet no problem there or demands come out from chairmen they must move there families closer.
  12. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4402113/oran-kearney-conclude-st-mirren-exit-gordon-scott/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1561325767 If this is the truth which ou think prob is because it’s done by st Mirren supporter Graeme mcpherson then I’m on OK side on this if he wants to commute more then that’s his choice it should only come into question if it affected the players and the team performing on the pitch which it hasn’t. Gordon Scott can go take a flying f**k to himself. Hope goody takes the job but what decent manager wants to work under this shambles
  13. What the f**k is he talking about being backed isn’t even the issue it’s sacking a manager who saved their faces from the Stubbs f**k up for what all we know at the moment is over a little commute. I hope it’s not over just the commute because if it is Gordon Scott has got a hell of a backlash coming his way and if his next appointment isn’t a success then our club is in for a rough time until we get him his money back.
  14. He did what was expected of him keep st Mirren in the premiership. I couldn’t care less if he had to commute from the moon and only turned up on match days as long the club is doing well on the pitch that’s all that should matter.
  15. looks like yet more made up bullshit. Why would anyone believe they are due a pay off for wanting to quit their job.
  16. I was only pointing out it’s not a long commute think most are aware no one teleports themselves onto an airplane wasn’t adding up every minute it took for every part of a journey and he was only pointing out he doesn’t even live in coleraine as you mentioned the travel from there to Glasgow since you wanted to be so precise on travelling times. think we all agree anyway if it’s down to the commuting alone then it’s a load of bollocks from the chairman guess we just need to wait for the actually story to come out hopefully at the latest tomorrow
  17. Takes about an hour to the airport if that’s where he actually stays in NI is coleraine
  18. I’ve seen him in tkmaxx silverburn before you might be better heading there
  19. It is you need to click on profile picture to play it
  20. Yep and a flight that takes around 30mins is suppose to be a huge problem. I’m pretty sure we have had plenty of players that it would take longer for them to drive to the training ground or stadium everyday than it would take Oran to get to the airport and fly over.
  21. No doubt knowing our luck it will be announced by Hamilton tomorrow he’s signed a 3 year deal with them.
  22. They all commute. Families aren’t based in the cities where they manage the clubs makes no difference if Gerrard has the money to go splash buying a house rather than renting or whatever. How do you know it’s from his side it was the Scottish media who let it out first not the northern Irish could easily be GS or anyone else who was involved in the meeting letting slip to someone.
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