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  1. Is ronan suppose to be better than cammy macpherson.
  2. Durmus wasted as a wing back obika too isolated up top alone formation didn’t suit us at all want to see us get back to 433 or 442. Substitutions seemed very strange to me also Kyle as right wing back connelly on very late thought get cammy was also very unfortunate to be taken off. Still in a great position to get into the too six let’s hope we get 6 points from the next 3 games.
  3. Think jim has to take a good amount of blame here setting up too defensively.
  4. Erwin played well? he was absolutely rotten yet again pathetic performance no one played well today. tactics were all wrong no one at all on the left even tait had a poor game since he was out there on his own all game. Playing Erwin left wing really is crazy I’d even struggle to give him a place on the bench never mind play him there.
  5. Was looking forward to this game till I seen the line up. Will be disappointed if obika is away was exited about seeing him and brophy up top at somepoint.
  6. No doubt foley will be in the defence today. Would rather see macpherson starting and playing 4 at the back
  7. I think it’s classless on all sides the player also. Injury after injury the club has helped him through yet so desperate to get away. then the timing to leave goody with next to no time to get a replacement in.
  8. We are a shambles at this with our youngsters always sold on the cheap and never tie them down earlier on longer deals.
  9. Just repeat kenny mcclean all over again and get an Alan Gow into replace him sounds great. Hibs and Aberdeen shouldn’t be able to afford what we would want for him injury prone or not Kyle is more than capable of reaching the levels like kenny and John.
  10. Of course that what I meant we created by far the better chances in the first half Erwin should have scored and tait should have scored. Dundee Utd scored a half chance with a great finish by shankland we also missed a few of them. Most of the game 1st half was spent in the dundee United half. 2nd half we started really poor until the red card.
  11. We’re the better team in the 1st half for me very unfortunate to go in losing and started the 2nd poor never a red card for me not even a foul imo. Hopefully we appeal it tait has been by far our best player so far this season and don’t have a left back to cover him.
  12. Players must do better too. Was a pretty terrible performance all round tait and Alnwick apart imo.
  13. Terrible performance for what has been a great start to the season alnwick and tait only pass mark from me most were very poor including the tactics. Still happy with the start to the season overall as a whole though. Hopefully just an off day.
  14. Found it need to access through this link for PPV https://ppv.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/login
  15. Anyone else having trouble finding the option to pay for the game on st Johnstone tv?
  16. Great result well done goody and the players all the flappy birds can calm down a bit for now. Result shows how idiotic some of the comments from a few fans have been recently.
  17. Shite subs from goody in the end should have won that game
  18. Hamilton win surely Gerrard has to get the sack for that prick
  19. The jak was probably our most threatening player should have been mcallister for McGrath
  20. Really Hope this comes back to bite me in the ass but wtf is that sub about andreu.......
  21. Not many spl teams come to st Mirren park and get 11 men behind the ball as often as they did tonight certainly not teams like Aberdeen terrible conditions yet again and we just couldn’t break them down. Really disappointed to miss out on a wee trip to hampden but some of the reactions on here and social media are way over the top some saying it’s the worst performance of the season away and stop talking shite we have played much worse than that this season.
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