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  1. Great result well done goody and the players all the flappy birds can calm down a bit for now. Result shows how idiotic some of the comments from a few fans have been recently.
  2. Shite subs from goody in the end should have won that game
  3. Hamilton win surely Gerrard has to get the sack for that prick
  4. What a save from the st Johnstone keeper
  5. The jak was probably our most threatening player should have been mcallister for McGrath
  6. Really Hope this comes back to bite me in the ass but wtf is that sub about andreu.......
  7. Not many spl teams come to st Mirren park and get 11 men behind the ball as often as they did tonight certainly not teams like Aberdeen terrible conditions yet again and we just couldn’t break them down. Really disappointed to miss out on a wee trip to hampden but some of the reactions on here and social media are way over the top some saying it’s the worst performance of the season away and stop talking shite we have played much worse than that this season.
  8. James McFadden even saying how the ref is booking our players for challenges yet Motherwell have got away with worse fouls. It’s a joke Every week these wanks try there best to stop us winning.
  9. After watching the highlights back of the Motherwell game could be blessing that Hodson is out injured. Nearly cost us during the week v Hamilton aswell with a stupid foul.
  10. Big john might not have the best first touch or best finishing but he makes a big difference to us up top. Jakubiak looks decent too. Really unlucky to go in at ht losing imo with wind behind us now in the 2nd half hopefully we bag a goal or two.
  11. Playing very well so far ref again giving us nothing.
  12. Ref was just as bad as our 1st half performance. Draw about fair we dominated the 2nd half and Hamilton were much better than us in the 1st half
  13. How can he book obika then let moyo away with that absolute clown of a ref no consistency at all
  14. This ref is an absolute donkey blowing up for anything
  15. A rb now playing in midfield and a midfielder playing rb Jim’s having a car crash of a night on team selection and tactics so far
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