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  1. Of course but that doesn’t take away that zero effort was made to keep the pitch clear of snow
  2. Embarrassing from st Johnstone snow has been forecast all week yet the make very little effort
  3. Seems like a good amount on here have a lot of built up anger since they have had feck all to moan about in recent games. Killie are 4th in the league for a good reason they have a much better squad than us we played well in spells last night prob edged the 1st half imo but killie had a lot more of the ball in the 2nd half we had a good few chances but wasn’t to be our night in yet again dreadful conditions.
  4. Not even watching the game then but want to have a go at one of our players[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Nothing surprises you on here
  5. Why are there idiots on here complaining about the performance in they conditions. It’s a great result Livy had more of the ball but did next to feck all hladky had next to nothing to do. We had more of the ball last time they came and we did feck all not managing 1 shot on target. We created the best chances of a terrible match and got the 3 points that’s all we should be asking for at this time of the season in the position we are
  6. Ryan Flynn carrying on his good form and getting the winner today. Thought he was our best player today. I thought the conditions would have benefited Livy today but we defended well hladky I think had his quietest game in a saints shirt so far don’t think he had 1 save to make in the game.
  7. I’d bring on Mcallister for dreyer looks like a player struggling for confidence.
  8. 3 great opportunities from us unfortunately didn’t take any
  9. Livy miss a sitter from a free kick that was never a free kick great tackle from popescu ref seems to be very generous to them so far
  10. Playing into livys hands at the moment panicking and launching high balls
  11. Not the starting 11 I would have went for but still hope we can get the 3 points today.
  12. I see Morgan has went from celtics bench to Sunderland’s bench he should have been a January arrival would have benefited more from a relegation fight in the premiership rather than sitting on a bench
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