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  1. buddies1877

    Speculation Thread

    Every club with no money to buy players will be picking over the bones in the January transfer window majority of footballers contracts run out in the summer window. You have no idea what targets or even how many were lined up and targets will change throughout January for several reasons players might not even become available till late on in January.
  2. buddies1877

    January Arrivals

    Lord pityme making a James blunt of himself as usual no surprise. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] “Definition of 'unless' unless (ʌnles ) conjunction You use unless to introduce the only circumstances in which an event you are mentioning will not take place or in which a statement you are making is not true. “
  3. buddies1877

    January Arrivals

    What planet are you from?
  4. buddies1877

    Cammy Smith

    You mentioned Stubbs was right to get shot of cammy I mentioned why he wasn’t right to get shot of him. Is that easier to understand I’ve explained in the previous reply why he wouldn’t have been right to got shot of cammy due to his recruitment record for us.
  5. buddies1877

    Cammy Smith

    There is a few that have performed well in games most recently I think the McGinns have been great. Where as cammy every time he’s had the opportunity has struggled at this level imo. Maybe another year or two in the championship with one of the bigger teams will help him.
  6. buddies1877

    Cammy Smith

    Think you will find it is relevant because any manager will be wrong to replace any player with someone that isn’t as good. Just like Oran will be wrong if he brings in a replacement that ends up playing for the reserves every week
  7. buddies1877

    Cammy Smith

    Alan Stubbs would have tried to swap him for a striker from Weston super mare fc
  8. buddies1877

    Cammy Smith

    Cammy has completely failed to make the step up in quality this year pretty much the same as last year when ever we faced premiership teams. OK has got it completely spot on imo moving him on and getting a fee for a player that would struggle to get much more game time this year going by his performances this year then move on at the end of the season for free. Might be a great player in an attacking side winning most weeks in the championship but appeared to not have the fight in him for a relegation dog fight by taking the huff.
  9. buddies1877

    January Exits

    Best for cammy and the club that he moves on and we got a fee for him. He’s struggled to make any sort of impact this year against better opposition and was even the same last year when we faced higher quality teams. Don’t think he wanted to be here anymore either and would have been offski in the summer for nothing.
  10. buddies1877

    January Exits

    Well even if they are only paying some of his wages then yes it’s saving us money. But yet again your just completely guessing to who is paying what as you have no clue. Just always like to play the c**t
  11. buddies1877

    January Exits

    As soon as I see a “source” I cringe . People acting like they are an itk reporter
  12. buddies1877

    Welcome Greg Tansey

    A good start to the rebuilding. Hope he stays fit and can bang in a few free kicks for us
  13. buddies1877

    January Exits

    They carry on like they have they will have gained more points than 2 part time teams combined got last year. Above two teams like partick and Falkirk who have much bigger budgets. He’s doing a fantastic job at Alloa.