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  1. I thought it was a very good meeting and being the first I made it to, I was impressed with RA and others talking. Some funny moments too, the best being when RA was saying OF going out of Europe was bad news as we lose money and someone said "that's a price worth paying"
  2. I'd always be nervous about buying a house at Castle Gait because it is still within realms of possibility that you'd have a railway re-appear at some point- indeed I think some houses might be compulsory purchased if it happened. From memory the houses there, the bridge at Fulbar Road, a bit of Malcolms Land and a bridge over the A737 are the only serious breaks in the railway and they are determined to keep it possible for re-opening- it was noted in Scottish Transport Review stuff.
  3. We probably couldn't afford them, but Sandaza seems to pick up injuries, Cadamarteri has never really managed to hold down a first team place and Myrie Williams doesn't seem to be good enough- so no surprise they are being punted. Cadamarteri is probably the best of the trio, if Sandaza cannot say fit.
  4. . Innes has signed for Inverness.
  5. And a bus in the town is PA51 LEY. PA15 LEY will be coming up soon.
  6. I hate the winter- sitting here sniffeling and coughing :(

  7. The lights are the major problem and I know some folk on here have been saying typical NIMBYs etc but in all honesty I'd be pissed off by the lights too if I lived near there. I went down last week, there was a Saints game on and the lights were awful like you say with glare. You can see the glare as you drive by on the main road there is just masses of glare and they do light up and reflect windows and I can't imagine it is pleasant. Like you say that should be fixed easily, to ensure the lights are only giving light to the pitch and not half the area. Can't say I find any other thing such as noise or traffic a problem, and indeed up until a couple of years ago people used those every day and esp at weekends.
  8. Nonsense is the only word to describe this decision- to cancel it so far in is baffling. It was really at the latter stages so it is a bit bizarre. The airport is very poorly served by transport- few bus services and no rail connection. Providing this link was useful in so far that it allowed a connection into the centre of Glasgow, but also additional capacity in trains between Gilmour Street and Central. Mind you that additional capacity wouldn't be needed if they hadn't closed the connection to the Paisley Canal line- but then extending that is actually on the back burner- wouldn't actually take that much- but the householders around Castle Gait might not agree when it is make way time! On Glasgow Airport- oh look, we'll scrap the railway line and replace it with a fancy 747 bus that goes through Glasgow Harbour, the SECC and Transport Museum.... Superb because people and buses are already flooding down that road full and the 757 bus that did that was withdrawn.... Piss up in brewery. I wish we were more like France and just built things and worried about it later!
  9. I play on the PS3 too- PSN Flyingscotno1.
  10. Amazon is cheaper than itunes and better IMHO.
  11. Rent it and advertise it as a Bebo house wreck party! £10,000 would seem cheap after that!
  12. Amazing how Billy has won the fans round after a indifferent start. He might not be a prolific scorer, but his ability and work rate cannot be questioned, even in the poorer games.
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