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  1. Surely if the board have no faith left in Stubbs they should just sack him now? A new manager is still going to be left with the same shit squad regardless
  2. Can you get pars tv on kodi? Would like to watch it on a big screen
  3. Me, along with at least 2 mates and my brother are getting season tickets this year for the first time in about 7 8 years. Been picking and choosing my games and went to much more this season. This is the first time I've wanted to go every week in a long time and I couldn't wait til the next game towards the end of this season. Watching a team who actually give a f**k makes you care so much more.
  4. St mirren fans are really really stupid
  5. Aye it does...had a few characters in that team and now a team full of absolute peckers
  6. Fair play to Hutton though for managing to make a presumably decent wage from being absolutely honking at something for so long
  7. Gus is the reason I didn't renew my season ticket and haven't done since. I remember I used to actually hate going to watch the team. The football was hard to watch and it would ruin my weekend. If yogi has ruled himself out then it really is quite sad. Anyone else mentioned isn't worth a f**k in my opinion
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