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  1. Jack Ross and his team have given us all league memories that only Sir Alex and Tom Hendrie have equalled or surpassed in relation to attacking, attractive football and for that there should only be thanks. Jack has refused or not been offered two significantly higher paid posts in England and stayed or had no option but to stay but in either case, he has delivered with aplomb a league win by 12 points despite winning very few of our last 5 games . In other words, we totally romped it. We have returned to the top division quicker than we ever have done despite almost dropping out the second tier no less than 1 year ago. We have signed up our league winning captain for two years and I have no doubt that when Jack leaves he will do so whilst advising the young squad members to remain at a club for a period that develops their careers and if successful, they will get a move. Anyone who believes in their ability and could at a minimum quadruple their salary and most probably have a lottery win equivalent bonus to get to the Promised Land would have their sanity and ambition questioned if they repeatedly turn down theoretical offers. In addition, how do you explain to your partner that you are very ambitious but don’t want to take a position with such rewards if offered. It may be Ipswich or it may not be but Jack will be moving as he is hot property in a market that churns at least 30% of managers per annum. I believe and hope it is Ipswich for the reasons many have stated, I wish him well and thank him for the strength and belief shown from a very rocky start. In the potentially very short career that football management can be, Jack has earned his shot at glory and I hope it works out for him and his family. We are best to plan to move on and find a new manager as early as possible rather than bury our heads in the sand and be scrambling about in August when the inevitable happens. Its Jacks decision if offered a post but we are at three and counting now on potential offers so it’s only a matter of time. Good luck and thanks to Jack and his team. Whatever happens next season we will all remember this one for generations
  2. Thanks , was down at the ground earlier but nobody there . On train to Falkirk now but happy to meet anybody who could pick them up . Beer and free ticket on offer
  3. Apologies for a new thread but match day thread is not busy . I have been abroad and forgot to pick up my four tickets for today . Club closed and looking like won't get them . Still going and would appreciate if anyone in the 1877 club could ask Campbell if they can be collected . There is a free ticket and a pint in it for any assistance . Still going and can arrange to meet . Any help greatly appreciated COYS , great day ahead and a big thanks to Alex Smith , 3 Carlsberg weekends on a row [emoji1][emoji1]
  4. Maybe a wee song the boys from W7 can introduce tomorrow night and at the Falkirk game. As most footie songs are adaptations from other teams , you don't need to guess the origin of this one. Eighty seven Went all the way to Hampden, Took over thirty thousand To see saints lift up The Scottish cup , 87 Nice tribute to Alex Smith and the team and would be really funny to belt it out at Tannadice tomorrow night just to remind them we've ruined their party on a few occasions COYS
  5. Penalty or no penalty will continue to be debated but the thing i dont understand is why they took a free kick from the the restart . I could be wrong but should play not just have continued and the booking for simulation should have taken place once play had stopped . I dont recall a rule change whereby simulation stops play and a free kick awarded to the other team . Should the ref not just have waved play on and if the ball went out then it was a goal kick. Happy to be corrected if i am wrong .
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