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  1. Here’s a scenario, next round of fixtures, 5 home wins on the Saturday ( certainly possible ) and we’d be 2 points clear in FOURTH place going into the last 2 fixtures before the split.
  2. Apologies if this is a bit off topic, but Can anyone settle an argument please. What was the name of the Indian restaurant upstairs from Minstros pub in New St, would have been there most of the 80’s ( opposite The Bull)
  3. Yeah good point, so that’ll probably mean the bottom six will be unbalanced as well.
  4. Apologies I think I’ve got it wrong as we’ve played Hibs at home twice, assuming we finish top 6 after the split it will be Rangers and Aberdeen at home, with Celtic, Livy and Hibs away.
  5. Assuming we finish 6th, that’ll mean 5 games remaining after the spilt, by my reckoning we’ve already played Hibs, Rangers and Aberdeen away twice, and Celtic and Livvy away once, so in theory that should give us 3 home games and 2 away. But by my calculations after 33 games we would have played 17 home and 16 Away. Does that mean that we will need to play someone away from home 3 times to balance it out to 19 home and 19 away over the season 🤷‍♂️ How the feck do they work out who we play, or do we benefit by getting 20 home and 18 away over the season. Apologies if I’ve worked that out wrong.
  6. When was the last time we actually finished above Motherwell and Killie in the same season?
  7. There was around 20 fans who travelled over on the team charter. A few of them post on here. Fkn freezing it was. Think it was September as well, god knows what it would like in December/January
  8. Should have nothing to fear playing this lot on Saturday. Get a positive result then things will be looking rosy. We’ve got 7 league games in February and SIX are at home, top six ( at least ) is a very achievable goal.
  9. Can’t get logged into St Mirren TV to buy the game, anyone else having issues?
  10. Totally agree with you, as you are indeed the king of Khunts.
  11. Good luck Stelios, loved the genuine passion he showed for our club.
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