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  1. It might not all be down to JG , because if we don't make Cammy an offer of a new deal , we lose any development fee !
  2. Big few weeks ahead , with the club in turmoil both on and off the park.
  3. The statement tonight from Smisa regarding Alec White mentions he will join Messrs Needham , Scott and Wardrop , as Smisa's reps on the BOD. I think we can take it from that , that if JN gets his knuckles rapped for his comments, then Smisa , the major shareholder , will stand by him , which , IMO , is the way it should be !
  4. Over 500 career appearances , he must have found his level at Burnley , Fulham and Preston ?
  5. Another player who we didn't use properly. Had a great career down south !
  6. TBF Miller had every right to drop Thomson , he lost that deflected McStay goal v Celtic in the Cup semi , but he really should have saved it , and then a few days later , at home to Celtic , he had a shocker . He never played for us again after that !
  7. I had plenty of time for Bertie , particularly in later life , but as a player he really was a dirty wee b****r. He broke two opponents legs (Provan , Fraser) with over the ball tackles , the Fraser one in particular provided a harrowing set of pictures , with Fraser biting into one of his team-mates shin pads because of the pain. I think he was the first "foreigner" to be sent off in the Bernabeu too , he was a nasty piece of work. When it came to management he tried to go toe to toe with Fergie in the angry and controversial stakes in a Saints v Thistle rivalry , but in the end , Fergie won hands down. As I said earlier , he became a talisman for Celtic in his later life and can be commended for that , but some of us have long memories !
  8. Tulloch's is in Neilston Rd nowadays , but that looks further down , nearer the Tea Gardens!
  9. billyg


    Russia is attending , their private govt aircraft are parked at Edinburgh !
  10. That beautiful Caledonia End terracing in the background , just at the top of the slope. Exactly where I was when Peter Kane rifled home an early half-volleyed winner past Hearts' Jim Cruickshank , I could greet 😪 !
  11. He started all the games in our unbeaten run , not saying he's a superstar , but he brings pace , strength and balance to the right side , he should have started today , as should Kiltie , with Main and McAllister on the bench !
  12. He's been banging on about getting pace in the team since early season , yet Millar and Dunne remained on the bench for 90 mins. Curtis Main can be effective at times , but he was a waste of a jersey today .With what we had available we could and should have reverted to the formation that won 3 in a row !
  13. They want it more than we do , it would seem !
  14. I hoped/expected the club to become more partisan when/if it became fan owned. The media etc aren't going to stand up for us , the way they do for the scum , so I'm all for us giving it back , yes even if it is a director. For me , there has been a complete overreaction in some places to this and if JN were to be punished , that would be bigger joke , given the drivel we've had to contend with from club employees over the years eg McNamara's public criticism of Goodwin , Hearts players/officials accusing our players (to this day) of lying down to Celtic etc
  15. Yes , but , like me , he has been a half-wit on the terraces for the last 50 years , and has witnessed up close what both the OF and their support are all about. He is a supporter , a member of Smisa like me . I would call them worse , in fact , I have on numerous occasions. It's like a biblical moment , which one shall be crucified for their lifetime of misdemeanors , Rangers or John Needham ?
  16. Current Buns ? Hardly a hanging offence ? "Sevco" ? Similar to calling Airdrie "Clydebank" in that they both changed their name from one to the other . Joking about a bridge collapsing with them on it , after the police had asked the "fans" not to march from Ibrox to Glasgow anyway ?
  17. What storm ? A few guys on here , and a few RFC sympathisers on the radio , and some insecure lowlife on twitter ?
  18. I'd be going one up again , with Kiltie slotting in to the McGrath role of supporting Brophy !
  19. Yes , that picture proves the retake decision was correct. GK's already in front of the line and there's encroachment , well before Brophy makes contact !
  20. There has been a genuine outpouring of grief for Walter , and he certainly had a great career , both in club and international football. That said , I sat on the SAFA disciplinary committee for several years in the 90s and 2000s and got to know several ex senior officials who were still reffing in the junior and amateur leagues. I have to say , they were not as kind with their views on Walter and one (nameless) in particular ,who handled a lot of high profile games in the 80s, said he was the most arrogant character in Scottish football !
  21. Poor defensively , Erhahon and Power both started to dwell on the ball and were getting caught in possession , and yet again , horrendous defending of a ball into the box. If there has been one recurring weakness this season , it's defending cross balls .
  22. Don't you start getting positive ! 🙃
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