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  1. Bad tackle from that c**t Davidson , famous for it !
  2. Cammy's been poor , and once you're on a card you can't go to ground in a tackle.
  3. It's a strange situation for us. The wage cap in Leagues 1 and 2 in England appears to have done us a big favour. Cheltenham Town were desperate to sign him but "couldn't afford " him , he had extended trials at 2 Championship clubs but didn't get a deal. I'm hoping that if he doesn't get offered a PCA by a Championship club , then he may sign the deal with us that's on the table. Quaner's in the same boat as he's effectively in the shop window while playing for us , but if he can't get a deal in the Championship we might be able to get him for longer !
  4. The two players concerned both played v Dunfermline in the section. One of them, Euan Deveney , played for Falkirk v Rangers I think.
  5. It was a pen , there were two fouls on Erwin . He does well to hold onto the ball , and invite the contact !
  6. I'm sure all the players would have preferred to dodge a Plastic pitch , but a long trip up north under the current restrictions would have been worse.
  7. McInnes in the press this morning , with qoutes , saying he is gutted to have missed out on Brophy , and that we have done really well to get him. They have recalled Bruce Anderson because they're short of front men !
  8. I can assure you he is a totally different type of player from Jon and KD !
  9. I remember watching a few games when Huddersfield were going for promotion to the EPL. In games that they were chasing they often brought him on and he would create goals for the strikers. He was a hero of the support at that time !
  10. I've seen him a few times , and was pretty impressed. I wouldn't class him as a striker , certainly Huddersfield used him wide right on several occasions. He will definitely bring a new dimension as he's quick and direct .
  11. He played for Huddersfield when they won promotion to the Premier League a few years back, but my recollection is that he's more of a wide player , a very tall one at that. He's not going to be in amongst it winning headers every week, if we do get him . That said , he did impress me as an impact sub at that level and he played around 30 times in the Premier League too , so he's not a lower league dumpling !
  12. Longest in the shower .............. ?
  13. billyg


    He's away to Boreham Wood on loan , we won't see him back !
  14. A few pens in here , but some of the other finishes are sublime , as was his goal last season v Rangers ! No matter what anyone thinks , we don't possess a finisher like him . Best Of Eamonn Brophy | Kilmarnock 2019 | Rising Star - YouTube
  15. Yes , one who wasn't first choice after the arrival of Danny Mullen !
  16. Great footballer , in a great City side. Another who graced Love St during his early career !
  17. He turned down a new contract I believe. Both him and O'Donnell were in discussions last season to extend their deals. O'Donnell walked and Brophy turned down an extension to 2023 !
  18. If the Brophy story is true , and we've offered the best financial package....................................................................... ?
  19. billyg


    Heard he's been told he wont be offered a contract extension , and that he can look for another club !
  20. It was Bailley's before it was the Fiesta. For some reason no-one ever called it the Fiesta.
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