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  1. Tony Connell and Hugh McLaughlin both played for Thirds in that match !
  2. There's a queue a mile long for him , but we're hopeful of getting him on a pro-contract by guaranteeing him he'll be part of the 1st team squad !
  3. billyg

    Alex Gogic

    Gogic wasn't a regular starter under Ross this season , not after Doyle-Hayes came into the team.
  4. 14k a week , which does probably rule him out. Although we were reportedly stretching the budget for Gallagher , so obviously SR sees a new centre-back as a must. Kipre is a Foyle "discovery" from when he played with Leicester 23s !
  5. Never thought about him , but he was a Robinson signing for 'Well and he also gave him the captaincy, plus I don't think JG really fancies him !
  6. You would if you came from a massive Rangers supporting family , which he does , and if you're old man is all over Twitter spouting his Rangers allegiance and also bigging up his son !
  7. Tumility officially left Raith yesterday , a few on twitter were wishing him well in the "top league" !
  8. Motherwell game will be moved to Sunday as they have a Euro Conference game on the 28th !
  9. I heard we'd asked the question. Still got two years on his contract and appears to be out of the picture !
  10. I was never a horsey man , but I remember watching the Derby in 1970 and his incredible finish on Nijinsky when he was 6th or 7th with just over a furlong to run !
  11. Baron von Reichs pudding , Spoofer McGraw , Wyatt Twerp . My gran bought it every week for me !
  12. A goal and an assist and mom for King. I know it's only National League , but he has been converted to wing-back and he was outstanding.
  13. Watching National League Play Off , King and Kellerman playing for Chesterfield v Halifax , King just scored a beauty , 2-1 Chesterfield !
  14. Already some diehards on Twitter announcing they've renewed this morning , the OF thing really isn't a big deal to most.
  15. Agreed , the 2 stand thing is a big deal on this forum , but in general the folk who have bought STs for the last few years will do so again.
  16. Heard he had his contract paid up/terminated , he's been home in Langbank for a while.
  17. I'm not admitting it yet , still got a lot to prove !
  18. Who knows ? But he's got longer on his contract than both Main and Greive , and he's a high earner , so he won't be going anywhere !
  19. I , and a few others , were enraged when he was allowed to leave , he was nowhere near the finished article, it was JR who once called him "a project" ! Some of the comments on here ranged from "he'll never kick a ball in the Scottish Premiership" to " he'll be back junior soon" ! These were the same guys who called Jack Baird "a young central defender who'll end up with a big club in England" πŸ˜‚ Here we are , still desperate for a 15-20 goal striker !
  20. Well he was claiming that not having his own players over a period of 10 games was the main reason for our dreadful form. So 11 games next season with his own side should tell us if he’s got it or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Absolutely , I didn't have much time for him either !
  22. The jury's still out until the end of the first quarter next season. By then , we will all know , one way or another.
  23. I can't watch his interviews , full of soundbites for the masses and the rest is tripe , the only other manager that I couldn't listen to was Tommy Craig.
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