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  1. Nah , slow as a week in the jail , I've seen milk turn quicker !
  2. Was it the Topper that had Colonel Blink , the short-sighted gink and Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller ?
  3. BJ gives the EPL the go ahead to restart on June 1
  4. Think the Scottish Govt have said that won't be happening in Scotland !
  5. Anything but aimless , just watched it again and Wallace looks up and sees Obika and lifts it over the two cart horse defenders.
  6. JG was a bit selective. With Aber , anyone was fair game ! Picking Luggy up by the ears , the over the baller on McGrain , and challenging Souness to bring himself on as a sub were the tip of the iceberg !
  7. billyg

    Paisley Pubs

    The Campbeltown and Islay ? I did hear it was reopening !
  8. Jim "Jumbo" Muir , and Ian Wallace !
  9. Saw a stat this morning saying more than half of declared coronavirus cases worldwide have now fully recovered ! Takes longer to get fully over a cold or flu !
  10. "The sharp downwards trend of new COVID-19 cases has continued in China, where there were 327 new cases and 44 deaths on Thursday"
  11. No. The one I saw is taken from the other side of the pitch at the corner flag , the whole incident , involving several players, can be seen. Looks like one cop trying to prevent the goalscorer from joining the fans , and the other guy hits the cop.
  12. There's a video going about , taken from a decent angle , so you can have a good look. The player definitely turns and scoops the cop. Be interesting to see the outcome !
  13. I was talking to a guy last night , he told me that there were 6 season tickets in his household , but with the crazy kick-off time and the cold , only 3 of the folk will be attending, the 3 other people will phone in a pizza and watch on TV. I wonder how many others are looking at it this way ? With the poor sales so far , looks like it will be a disappointingly low attendance !
  14. billyg

    Latest Scores

    Agreed , but it's a totally different ball game now , and we did lose at home to Ayr shortly after the Liverpool game , losing two joke goals in the process.
  15. Obviously the player , as reported , wanted to go. JG will not hold on to unhappy players !
  16. billyg

    Paisley Pubs

    Had a look in this morning , still a shambles , and only half painted
  17. KIRK BROADFOOT'S proposed return to Kilmarnock won't be taking place, a report says. We told yesterday how Killie had made a sensational swoop to resign the 35-year-old from St Mirren. However Kilmarnock Standard report that the ex-Killie player won't be returning to Rugby Park.
  18. Goody will have seen him for Falkirk v Alloa. He's young and still improving and has been playing regularly so will be good to go.
  19. This isn't good for Braehead either ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51173668
  20. Not too fazed tbh . We're solid enough defensively and still have options , bearing in mind Kirky can also play RB. If this gives us the chance to bring in another two attacking players then so be it ! A McGinnless club come the summer ?
  21. Boyce signs for Hearts. Proven goal scorer at this level , something every club in the bottom 6 wishes they had. Hearts will be fine imo.
  22. Cooke told to find a new club too ?
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