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  1. Don't you start getting positive ! 🙃
  2. The perfect player for that type of game on that type of plastic pitch. Early lead then sit on it against a fairly punchless attack !
  3. Simple wee £5 accumulator today , Fakes , Arabs , Forest , Bournemouth - £184.58 , ta !
  4. If we had VAR , then that goal would stand (if he had scored) , and the winning goal would most likely have been ruled out because of the Main/Bates thingy !
  5. We blew it at Dundee v 10 , JG seems to have wised up !
  6. The game is passing Erhahon by !
  7. Here's hoping that Collum behaves himself and keeps his cards in his pocket !
  8. I was John , they let us in at the back of the main stand , and took us round the track to the covered terracing. Wouldn't be allowed in a million years now ! That was the day I lost all respect for J McLean. Game was postponed at 2:50 and there were thousands of supporters milling about outside. Toshie gave McLean pelters over the late postponement and McLean responded with "F**k off back to Paisley" , very nice !
  9. Guessing at Muirton before the terracing ?
  10. I knew you would recognise that place ! The Flying Cider Flagon.com 😂
  11. Finding gems at lower levels is becoming a rare occurrence but there are still several who slip through the net ! Back in the day we had a string of players who came straight into our first team from Junior Football. When Scouts go out to look at a player they can usually tell after a few watches if the guy has got it for a higher level or not. I remember 30 years back when I was with Kilbarchan Thistle Amateurs , we had a few decent players , some ex seniors and ex juniors but we had one player who I still can't believe didn't play at a higher level , he had everything. We had won a Scottish Amateur Cup Quarter Final replay on the Saturday at Coatbridge 7-3 aet , and the player had scored 4 goals in extra time. On the Monday night my phone was red hot , Eddie Hunter , Alex McDonald and John Lambie all phoned wanting the player out on trial , they were gobsmacked when I told them he was 28 years old. He ended up playing a game for Airdrie v Killie and scored twice but they never followed up their interest. If the Cambuslang player has got the attributes to play at a higher level , his goals will have alerted clubs and they will already be watching him !
  12. The greatest natural finisher , at a time when most pitches were horrendous !
  13. The DH Heron in one of the pictures , G-AOFY , was the one that crashed on an Air Ambulance flight from Renfrew in 1957. There's a memorial to the crew and nurse , who all died , on Newmains Rd .
  14. Taylor in the front row , 2nd right , John Dickson back left ! 👍
  15. Definitely Gilmour , his tucked up sleeves are a giveaway !
  16. Saw a Dunfy fan moaning on twitter at the weekend , he , and some others , had been giving the players abuse , and Dorrans told him to f**k off and gave him the wanker sign ! 😂
  17. McCarthy was ropy on Saturday , a series of shocker pass-backs. Good player as he is , I see a change in attitude with him , as if he's biding his time for the off !
  18. Unbeknown to me , the events had started to unfold when I was on a plane taxying for departure at Frankfurt Airport . We sat at the runway holding point for 45 minutes , which was unheard of , and everyone on board was getting a bit restless, thinking there was a problem with the plane . Then the pilot told us that German airspace had been temporarily closed, but even he didn't know why. We then departed , there was no further announcement or any mention of what was happening until we arrived at Glasgow , with everyone turning their phones on followed by a barrage of text messages !
  19. Correct , Millar played as a right winger with Shrewsbury and Tanser lost his place last season at Perth because he couldn't defend in a back four !
  20. He's started 9 games since that Dundee Utd victory , just sayin' !
  21. Strange situation. McGrath gets the whole game v Portugal , does well , and Ireland almost pull off a famous victory. Then , playing a team at home where they should be looking to repeat their decent form and get a morale booster , he doesn't get a look in . Kenny doesn't do himself any favours with his chopping and changing , and he still cant buy a win !
  22. Yes , surrounding area on the Love St side being improved as is the pathway leading down to it !
  23. Even when he plays them out of position in midfield , when he has other midfielders available ?
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