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  1. Turned off won't win f**k all playing like that at home constantly passing back the way.
  2. It's totally spoiled the game along with all the diving cheating cunts who go down as if they got shot after being tickled.
  3. Elvis is right here never seen the game or listened to it gave my son my ticket but I'm absolutely buzzing with that result.
  4. Al these people condemning the royal family .I wonder how many will refuse the public holiday if offered to them .Not a one I would suspect.
  5. f**k me I thought our defending is bad Hull city's is worse than school boys.
  6. Think most of us know it's the third option.
  7. See I just knew you would answer that's why I changed it.
  8. So anyone care to give a score prediction for this massacre.Mine is at least six zip to the Knuckle Draggers.
  9. Is it true there being asked to play God save the king there will be a riot if that's true.
  10. See Hearts keeping with tradition for Scottish teams and getting beat.
  11. Another one he's caused.wouldnt give him a game for us .
  12. Thought Scottish teams were pish Liverpool just as bad.
  13. Gomez for Liverpool is f**king hopeless.
  14. Another Scottish team getting ripped a new arse hole.
  15. Footballers are a shower of Cheating cunts it sickens me the way football is played these days .It's gone from being a man's game to a bunch of f**king fairies game.
  16. Elvis never said that it was that tit from Arbroath.
  17. Pish poor f**ksake . They will hump us as for the following week well doesn't bare thinking about.
  18. How we getting beat 3-0 FS said we are by far the better team.
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