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  1. This is just what happens when a team wins the league usually get pumped rotten anyone remember Inverness 5-0 v us after we won the league . All the Liverpool players probably still pissed.
  2. elvis

    Alex Gogic

    How many you hoping to get to bite with this post.
  3. Has OHara signed for Well. They have made a signing going to be announced on clyde shortly. Nope Scot Fox
  4. Yes but not one getting paid thousands of pounds a week.
  5. No shit he was never ever going to come to us in the first place. Lyness is a perfectly capable keeper in my opinion.
  6. That's not a shock is it.
  7. I dont have one I am happy to wait and see how the guy works out.
  8. What the f**k you on about I was only saying what they said I never said a bad word about the guy
  9. Well fans like him but now far to slow according to them.
  10. Probably where he is right now. But it certainly won't be with St Mirren.
  11. There is no way he is coming to us. He's just doing this to get a better move.
  12. We could have finished in a higher position dont hear us moaning.
  13. Jim. Stewart I have nightmares thinking about him.
  14. I told my mate a big Celtic fan what the score would be that day as soon as I found out we were playing Jim Stewart in goals.
  15. I see union Berlin are playing crowd noise at there game with schalke we should do the same for our games.
  16. I think Lyness is a very able keeper so no fears with him in goal next season.
  17. elvis

    Alex Gogic

    Just like Goodie was get him signed.
  18. So for all those people who want to play behind closed doors The German league is due to start next week so they have been training for a while and now the whole Dynamo Dresden squad are in isolation. Absolute f**king madness to play behind closed doors a player is going to die with this virus and then all hell is going to break. Loose.
  19. Still think it's a big risk it only takes one player to get it and die could you imagine the uproar if that was to happen.
  20. So does anyone know if we were one of the six clubs that voted against reconstruction as people over on P/B are suggesting surely not.
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