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  1. No but it has to start somewhere and it was Sunday .
  2. Who the f**k told woman in Scotland they could play football .
  3. That's the problem we don't have a commercial team as far as I'm aware it's Campbell Kennedy and he's not trained in commercial aspects for how to make money.
  4. No chance in hell this will be the second of our winless run that started on Sunday.
  5. Do you need vaccine passport for this game
  6. Was that Ref from dingwall what a walloper.
  7. What's Joe shaughnesy got to do with this.
  8. You just know we are going to throw this away .
  9. We can't lose 3 goals second half surely.
  10. Thank f**k it's halftime can we get any worse every time the Israelies came forward they were ripping the shit out of our so called defenders
  11. Just told the wife that lump of wood would miss and he obliged it's hilarious.
  12. Can not cross can not defend embarrassing is the only word for it.
  13. f**k me do we have any defenders on the park f**king awful.
  14. 🤣🤣🤣f**king never learn defenders non existent.
  15. Watching Porto v Liverpool and the ref is the best I've seen Porto players faining injuries all over park and he's f**ked them off all over park great to see a ref not falling for players f**king cheating.
  16. Think the problem we have is the next two games after Aberdeen is Livingston and County both away and we are always generus is giving teams 3 points when they can't buy a win so 3 defeats in a row I'm afraid
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