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  1. What a cheating c**t that we Japanese guy is.
  2. The manager really needs to do something about that non defence for next season.
  3. Just for your benefit Celtic missed a sitter .
  4. That f**king so called defence of ours an absolute joke flood gates will open now.
  5. f**king hell how many times have we passed to a celtic player.
  6. I went down to ticket office today never even bothered stopping the que was like a Saturday afternoon. Guess most folk are having problems trying to renew on line.
  7. Same here just keeps jumping back to start then you have to wait to start over again Looks like a visit to ticket office.
  8. f**king hell this would get football stopped it's like watching the killie game again utter dross from us.
  9. So can we count on you being at the away game regardless of where it is. Or will it be your usual sitting in front of the telly.
  10. Rangers are f**king garbage. Well done Dundee enjoy your Euro jaunt.
  11. Rangers dear oh dear there goes our Europe.
  12. Dundee are going to win this.
  13. Yes we will more than likely get beat of them tomorrow.
  14. So Rangers going to be lying down to Dundee tomorrow . .
  15. A wee bit.we have shit the bed again f**king hopeless. We are going to f**k this it's what we do best.
  16. elvis


    Always f**king one.
  17. elvis


    Scot Burns saying signing for 3 years fantastic news if true.
  18. So what more than happy to be wrong.
  19. I'm on the bus home but got to say that was an excellent performance.
  20. Be no point there all brain dead.
  21. Wonder how long it will take for our bottle to crash today.
  22. Look its been the same every week for weeks on end we are losing ridiculous goals because the defence is pish after every game the managers on going on about the goals we are losing but if your happy with that fair f**ks to you but I'm not.
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