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  1. Feel sorry for Durmus , he was excellent today. 3 at the back doesn't work, Shaughnessy get's dragged all over the place and isn't quick enough to recover, which results in needless fouls being given away (2nd goal today). Midfield is a mess. If we can bring in a proper left back I wouldn't mind seeing Tait playing the holding midfield role, JDH / Erhahon simply doesn't work.
  2. Exactly. We put out at team in order to "protect players" for next week. St. Johnstone went to Easter rd and won to keep the momentum going. We were awful today and the mood in the camp can't be great after that performance , even those starting next week were poor.
  3. When Durmus arrived I wasn't convinced he was any good, if he didn't beat his man with his first couple of attempts his confidence dropped and he didn't want the ball. Fair play to him, he has become a very important addition to the squad. I don't like him as much on the right or in the wing back role but he's done well regardless of where he has been asked to play. I really hope we can keep him.
  4. For a guy with Shaughnessy's experience, his positioning and general decision making is absolutely dreadful.
  5. Absolutely no surprise that we didn't make top 6. We had a chance but we've won once in the last 8 games.
  6. Which is my concern, the same thing happened with Ethan, he's now hanging about just in front of the back 4.
  7. First few games he was playing much further forward and was picking out some nice through balls. He has gradually played deeper and deeper and is really not what I hoped he would be. There is no drive in the middle of the park at all and we need someone to take control and get us up the pitch.
  8. In that case, we're fecked. As soon as any pressure / closing down by the opposition is applied we go to pieces at passing or control, there is absolutely no composure. Someone in midfield has to take some kind of responsibility, JDH simply didn't want the ball today.
  9. Erwin reads the knock-ons well, manages to get himself into good positions...........and then he gets the ball. Absolutely dreadful.
  10. You thought JDH played well ? He was absolutely dreadful all night.
  11. Very comfortable today. Motm for me was Durmus , when he's up for it he's brilliant. Obika did his job today but still has no idea what to do when the ball is played on to his right hand side in very good areas. (by that I mean running on to through balls, not smashing it from 8 yards)
  12. Agreed. I keep hearing though that he was Ross County captain so he must be great ? He's a full back that can't stop balls into the box FFS. Thought we did not bad in second half despite being a man down, got up the park and scored a brilliant goal. Tonight's defeat was entirely avoidable, all down to our mistakes.
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