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  1. exactly......the 10000 hrs bid requires at least £1.5M worth of debt and there doesn't appear to be enough capital / revenue to cover it...as well as there appearing to be not enough cashflow to support the club itself. The last thing we want is the pay off to the selling consortium leaving the club in a weaker position than it is. The idea was supposed to be progression for the club - we only know about one bid and it certainly is not delivering progression....just a change of regime and a helluva lot of debt that they have failed to demonstrate that they can afford.
  2. They're all lying low after they lost control of the cnutcil.
  3. Excellent the mods cannae see what the bold St Sid is posting.
  4. The name on the plaques a bit of a givaway...liquid lunch today sonny?
  5. Hopefully ones that can prove they can support the club financially moving forward.
  6. So basically you just want to make a donation to the club so the nose in the troughers can enjoy free sausage rolls courtesy of misled fans who won't get a say in what happens to their cash. You must be trying to woosh everycnut.
  7. After all the scaremongering and general bollox that has been associated with this shambles I don't think any Board member current, past or wannabe (excluding me ) has any credibility left. KMG deserves the benefit of the doubt now, especially after we saw he accusers try and get fans to back the newco. We've seen a well enough run club turn into a far fetched episode of Dynasty.
  8. I confirmed directly with Massone that he has absolutely no interest in St Mirren and has never made any approach to the club either directly or through a third party. Somebody is spinning you a lot of shite Bud.
  9. They already hand out free tickets to primary schools. Are you part of the 10000 hrs blag the fans cash online marketing team. Just give the money back as it was taken under false pretenses.
  10. Or refund some of the disabled supporters that have been ripped off this season.
  11. That statement disnae make any sense?
  12. How tchookter is that...its the half-time score ya nob.
  13. They aren't telling the people they know personally either. We all made the assumption that some fans weer in the know during the last period of silence. Then SMiSA burst that particular comfort bubble.
  14. Blotto hours can turn into days on occasion.
  15. Left Back should be the only thing on Danny and the BoD's mind.

  16. Greenlees built it for his American wife......bluto worked on the foundations.
  17. Fear not 10000 hrs have come up with a Plan D to fill the funding gap:
  18. Spring break at SMP could be excellllent.
  19. You will find the answer at the excellent Transport Museum. They have Hillman Imps on display...cannae beleive how wee Capri's were.
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