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  1. Saints under some pretty heavy pressure. And Utd have scored...
  2. strmh24.com/?channel=ch4 Streaming well onto my phone.
  3. Game still on according to Saints facebook. Pitch inspection was at 12.15
  4. Which part of "don't f*ck this up" aren't you getting, Saints?? Wtf does Danny say to the team at half-time?!?
  5. Heart says Saints to win, head says United. Bet-slip says United to win, which means they won't. History, however, is on their side which means we won't win. Score draw.
  6. Is this Collum's way of saying sorry for calling off the first match??
  7. Fair do's, point taken. If I was near my own PC I'd give you a step-by-step guide, but the one I'm on doesn't have Firefox installed.... Sorry bud!!
  8. If you're using Firefox, you can configure it to connect through a UK proxy server - managed to listen to the League Cup game that way....
  9. Stuck at work relying on the BBC and Twitter... COYS - let's get this season started!!!!
  10. I like Danny - he talks a good game, delivered our first cup in my lifetime and appears to have taken our club to heart but unfortunately he appears to have been found out in the league... Time for a change if we want to avoid the dreaded 11th place imo
  11. 1. Celtic 2. Motherwell 3. St Johnstone 4. Aberdeen 5. Dundee Utd 6. ICT ---------------- 7. Ross County 8. St Mirren 9. Hibs 10. Kilmarnock -------------- 11. Thistle -------------- 12. Hearts
  12. Not pleased with the score so far, and a look at the bench shows an alarming lack of depth - there's no-one there that looks like they could turn a game around... Gie's some signings Danny!!! Looking on the bright side, as it stands Partick are losing to Arbroath, Hearts are drawing with QotS, ICT are losing to Raith and Aberdeen are losing to Shelbourne - we might not get relegated after all!!
  13. And did you know this move was happening? You've been awfy quiet about it if you did...
  14. I think the OP might be getting at Rangers arranging PCA's with players, playing them as trialists before the signing embargo finishes, and then signing them. A rather handy little loop-hole, for them....
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