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  1. Fair enough... if you want to ignore the rest of the changes that have been made. If the members are happy with the set up, great.
  2. How many different iterations of access arrangements have there been now? Must be into double figures? I get that they are devoting a lot of time and effort to this cause (for which they should be applauded) but the people involved need to realise that simplicity is most productive, efficient and effective. As good as the facility may be, what a farce the whole process is. I dare say they are loosing a lot of custom for this reason. If folk have to look up the rules every other week to find out who is allowed in and when, the whole process is failing. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
  3. Thanks REA. Could someone from SMISA possibly expand on the roll in the community? I'm firmly of the belief that the community aspect is fundamental to the success of fan ownership, hence why I'm interested. Some people will happily spend 12 a month solely to ensure the fans own the club, but I suspect there is another group of people who would happily spend that 12 quid if they saw some real tangible benefit to the wider community. There's no right or wrong, but SMISA should be clever enough to appeal to all potential investors.
  4. Ok. I'm genuinely interested, have no grudge to bear either way and have not indulged in abuse. Is SMISA a Community Benefit Society? And how does it fulfil this roll?
  5. That though is the attitude that facilitates gross mismanagement of finances of community groups. Unless you know who they are and how decisions are taken you can't possibly conclude that your money is being spent wisely. There's enough history of community groups misappropriating cash to suggest you should care. Note: I am absolutely not accusing anyone involved in SMISA of mismanaging finances. Transparency/clarity is in everyone's interests.
  6. Did we ever establish categorically how many board members SMISA has?
  7. So you think the SNP's "no to nuclear" stance has nothing to do with the fact that no nuclear sites are progressing in Scotland? Scotland is set to become a net importer from the grid. Thankfully the UK Grid will see us good.
  8. And the SNP led Scottish Government....
  9. Are you suggesting that they did not deserve to have their interest free loans paid off? Or are you saying you would rather their loans were paid off using the existing income? If so, that would leave the club in a worse position. With people like you around I certainly wouldn't be loaning any money to the club and wouldn't advise anyone else to either.
  10. Without being too insensitive, how does one measure a "greatest fan"?
  11. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. A golf club that most members don't turn up to.
  13. You're at it now, having taken the time to read and post the multiple responses. I'm not concerned at all, just find your response mildly entertaining.
  14. It can't be THAT long a story? There aren't really that many options; The projector was broken; Staff could not work the projector; Could not get signal / not got contract; Screen not working; or ??? It isn't the UN Security Council that they're running in that bit of the stadium, just an over sized living room.
  15. Oh look, our Highland colleagues in Inverness are more switched on and engaged; Today: 2nd Sept:
  16. C'mon, it is pretty clear that Div is simply making a prediction in that regard. He isn't stating anything as fait accompli.
  17. And still those who run SMFC say nothing. No apology, no criticism of JD, no explanation, no promise to pursue, no explanation of mitigation. Nothing. It is quite frankly unbelievable how bad SMFC's PR and fan engagement is. Supporters are simply an inconvenience it would appear.
  18. Fair enough on the timings, my point was more that for don't spend a significant time in the place to justify the fee. My motive isn't about seeing it full this Saturday. My motive is about making it as engaging and sustainable and ultimately as profitable as possible every week. Booking spaces and charging entry isn't going to do that in the medium to long term. Even more baffling that the £3 is reduced from the normal rate!! Talking in a literal sense it is correct to say "you can't please everyone", but you can certainly please a lot more people than the current setup manages.
  19. Nothing to do with "pleasing" but more to do with increasing profit and supporter engagement. The place may well be open for 3 hours but it shouldn't take a genius to point out that the vast, vast majority of footfall will be over the last hour or less.
  20. £3 to cross the threshold for 30 mins. Cheaper to park in Glasgow city centre.
  21. And still the club and those that run it remain silent. All very well promising "change" but if you can't even do the basics and communicate with the fans you may as well give up now.
  22. That is EXACTLY what I want to hear. When it comes to property, either do it right or don't do it at all. And if you can't afford to maintain it, don't build it in the first place.
  23. Given its location, West stand to be sponsored by the "Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2016".
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