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  1. I fear that our club will be dead within three years. End of the road. Laughing stock.
  2. Div - I have read your comments with interest over many years but have only started contributing over the last two years. I think you are selling this "CIC" too hard. It's turning me off. Should the "CIC" come to fruition I for one am off. Be carefull what you wish for. Position on the BOD or not.
  3. Some of the personal abuse "animal" has been subjected to here is unfair. And quite frankly I am surprised by some of the posters participating in this abuse. I think "animal" has some serious concerns and he is entitled to ask the questions that he wants to. So he prefers not to phone Mr Atkinson - So what? By all means if you disagree with him then let him know, but the personal abuse has gone too far. This website like our team has been a little stale recently with far fewer new topics open for discussion, this discussion it would seem is at least stimulating some debate, berating contributors or bullying them will simply make them drift away, a little bit like the football at the new stadium has seen the support drift away. Give the guy a break.
  4. I for one was glad to see Gus go - his time was up. Have the Directors made any good decisions since he left? No. When the BOD put the club on the market last year they admitted that they were out of ideas, had taken the club as far as they could and that it was time for others to inject new ideas etc etc. I think Danny Lennon is a decent genuine individual, however i think the BOD made an error in his appointment, he has no experience at this level and the players he has recruited thus far have failed to make an impact - budget not spent wisely. The BOD should have appointed someone with more experience but, they are out of ideas as they themselves have admitted. I had hoped that the club would have been sold prior to the appointment of any new manager, i lost faith in our BOD some time ago. Yes, they are to be thanked for saving the club, however they would appear to be undoing all their good work in a very short period of time indeed. In a nutshell, the problem is the BOD, and we are all going to suffer as a consequence of their ineptitude.
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