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  1. The reason I responded to this post is to defend a very valued employee of St Mirren, a position any responsible employer would take, who is extremely dismayed by the comments on this thread. As regards fan ownership we are totally in favor and have always held this as our stance, think back to the space given to 10000 hours to complete a deal, Gordon and SMISA will be given the same assistance, the only factor the guys have to bear in mind is that the consortium are, from Gordon/SMISA group only looking to recoup their investment, which incidentally saved the club, any other bid from other parties is a commercial transaction.
  2. Cannot believe I am reading some of this. 1. Chic did not say the ush was not used - fact 2. Tommy did not tell Chic the ush was not on - fact 3. Clearly due to the pitch being soft, the ush was clearly on and working - fact 4. I spoke to a player who told me the ush was turned off pre match - what player, name names - crap You now have an employee of our club disgusted by the thoughts of some of his own fans, a winner of the groundsman of the year, a trusted and experienced employee who knows his job better than all of us, the producer of the best pitch in the country, a title confirmed by the majority of players in Scotland. Just pathetic. A great effort was made by many people to try and ensure the match was played on Saturday, regrettably the worst fall of snow seen for some while defeated these efforts, nobody was at fault, just nature won. Some on this forum should take a good look at themselves. You know who you are!
  3. Interesting the news and views today on summer football. Currently it would appear there are three options, although other interesting ideas may be tabled in the future. 1. As we are currently. 2. Summer football starting around end February until November 3. Have a long winter break shut down in January & February, starting league football in July. Very interested to here thoughts and views of our support.
  4. England now being found out as the poor batting side that they are! Fed up listening to how good Cook is in England, well as he gets near the sub continent he shows his true from. Loved very ball of the downfall of the number 1 side in the world! Watch the Aussies return
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