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  1. Enjoyed rices interview after it, I’m one for enjoying other team seethe but as I’ve said on other social media platforms, you can’t doubt the guys passion, never once belittled us, just the system, and when he was part of the Stubbs setup here he was the only one out the three IMO that actually cared about the club, the manager meeting he was the only one I walked away from it and thought, that guy gets it, the other two where proven rockets and that’s the reason Kearney kept him on. But a great win today for the paisley Brazilians two sweet goals and a well taken penalty, plenty to be positive about, just wish a few weeks back was the same, but onwards and upwards bring on the next round, enjoy your weekend buddies 🐼
  2. That main commentators pausing during sentences is annoying the life out me 🤣🤣
  3. Devlin has durmus in his back pocket, 2 points dropped, missing key players big time sooner they’re back the better
  4. What a hit! Left peg as well! Beautiful 😈
  5. We’ve been awful since McGrath came off, feel like we’re playing the way we had previous seasons against old firm, showing them far too much respect
  6. Good win for the good guys 🐼enjoy your Saturday buddies 🍻
  7. 100 percent I was fizzing with the poor 1st touch but since the goal you can see he’s been more confident taking on defenders
  8. Always get annoyed when Connolly doesn’t start but I get why, bring him on as impact sub to absolutely take the piss out defenders 🤣
  9. A gift for the big man there take that all day long🐼
  10. Marcus Fraser’s been superb recently as well
  11. Number 24 for them is a bombscare it’s a joy to watch 🤣
  12. That right there is what annoys me about obika, in the right places, does everything but in the end makes a James blunt of it
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