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  1. Pretty sure it was confirmed that we weren’t in for gogic
  2. Got any 59 tops for sale? Think he’s went into hiding after all the Twitter stuff 🙈
  3. Heard a few times today that McGrath is already away, no idea who to right enough, anyone heard similar ?
  4. Word is Alnwick will be back for this game, as much as I’m a big fan of him, lyness has never let us down in any of the games he’s played in (if memory served me right😂), his jersey to lose now IMO
  5. Make your own banners 😂 I know a lot of stuff seems fishy at the moment but rumours can be crazy at times, all this stuff was running wild a few months ago when the team weren’t so great on the park, the smisa q&a 1st meeting, there was great debate on here and on Twitter, heads getting called for, team starts putting together some performances, a few wins, follow up q&a, hardly any mention of it, everyone all happy. Now back to crap on the park, the kibble stories are appearing again. I am keeping a very open mind about all the stories but I do find it strange that it all comes to a head when the performances on the park have been awful.
  6. Can people stop replying to bazs same crap posts, would save me some time getting through the thread 😂 better off ignored the guy could start an argument in an empty room.
  7. It’s bad enough getting bet but watching on red tv is 100 times worse 😂
  8. Was gutted I couldn’t go today but relieved now 🙈 nightmare of a start 28/1 to win if you like to throw away money though 🤪
  9. mattman

    New director

    Taking the same stance, fans should be able to have a choice of a few, then whoever gets the majority should then go to a yes/no vote, far more democratic imo.
  10. think the only people still up in arms about this whole thing is a handful of fans on here 😂
  11. You at the game son, even more gutted, could have had a half time hug 😂🤗
  12. That power booking was defo coming 😂
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