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  1. Actually prefer Flynn at RB if honest, not knocking Paul think he’s been one of our better players the past 2 seasons but really enjoyed seeing flynny back there. As others have said if it frees up money and we bring in a creative attacking option I’d be happy
  2. Agree with this, not seen him have a bad game.
  3. Fair but when you sit back you need to have pace to hit on the counter, something that’s just not there, I’m happy to grind out a result but when your down I honestly think there’s nothing else to lose so why not go for it, towards the end there was a bit more but it was more last 5 than anything... Part of me thinks is it worth going.. but I have the bug, when I’m not at games I feel annoyed I’ve missed it, regardless of opposition.
  4. Please don’t start another troll session on this thread it’s brain numbing 🤯
  5. Just back from that hell hole, don’t even know why I bother, fair play sit back, but if your down a goal it’s pretty much pointless playing the same tactic, we where compact but going forward have zero pace or creativity, annoying having to pay almost 40 quid when you include transport and grub and we only actually attack a wee bit towards the end, I’d rather a team went for it then that pish, giving them way more more respect than they deserve. Best player in the stripes for me was Sam Foley. couldnt see from our corner but what happened with Magennis ? Did Flanagan catch him or did he just pull up it was hard to tell?
  6. Better not let the Irish league fans see that 😂😂
  7. Obviously hearsay but was told that goody tried to offload Mullen in the summer, doesn’t fancy him at all and to be fair it kind of shows as earlier in the season (and even now) he opted to play anyone apart from Mullen, when other strikers where looking dung. Hope this doesn’t bite us in the arse boys scored some right important goals for us over the last 2 years. All the best if indeed true. would of thought Cooke would of been the one to go if any but I suppose he does offer physicality up there when mullen does enjoy a wee dive.
  8. Wouldn’t imagine so, I think we could be doing with another option on the flanks, especially with McAllister being massively underwhelming
  9. Agree on the first parts but I feel like I hear this every window, carrying an injury, needs an op, will be back to his best. Rinse and repeat. Good club ambassador and leader but think his time is up unfortunately
  10. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the word rattled springs to mind
  11. Another position that I’d say was needed, good business. Pretty sure we where linked with him last season.. Welcome to the Mirren Jamie!
  12. Think it also shows that hopkin is a diddy and his success at livi was down to his assistant (who’s still there) and not him, that’s 2 jobs he’s had since where he’s looked out his depth. good times 😂
  13. Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned already as it’s gathering a bit of steam on the land of twitta, Morton banning supporters for having an opinion- tin pot stuff but rather amusing from the outside. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51008851 The twitter posts and comments have been comedy gold too, if you haven’t read any, get the popcorn on and enjoy 😂 This appears to be the root of it - Hearing there will be an open top bus leaving from the Norseman on Friday for those who wish to attend.
  14. True, I need to stop taking the bite but that post just screamed attention 😂 The original post is closer to when it got released than now, and it’s apparently updated 😂 amazing stuff.
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