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  1. Didn’t that same person from the club say last season we where not selling Magennis, then like 2 days later Magennis was sold ?
  2. The way it’s been worded “up for grabs for 200k” makes it seem that way, also grieve is pretty much spot on with st mirren related stuff. I’d hope the club aren’t that daft, IMO I think he’ll go further than McGrath in his career.
  3. McCarthy 200k are they aff their nut? If that’s what we’re valuing our key players then we’d be better off just chucking it the noo!
  4. If I don’t get picked I’ll have missed 2 home games but managed 2 away games including a game in a diff country😂 strange times
  5. 1,039 fans allowed to attend, what an utter shambles 😂
  6. Not really being thrown under a bus, it’s just goody prefers 3 and the back with 2 wing backs, mcallister is not a wing back, so he does not fit into the system, good choice from the bench though
  7. For the fact dunnes not played competitive football in almost two years, watching the game you’d never of thought so
  8. Good win, boring match (probs jealousy that I’m not there😂) dunne and power looked class, my pal was saying everyone’s leaving at the same time, so don’t get the 6.15 entrance times for some fans. Hampden here we come 🐼
  9. Well done to those who got picked in ballot, seen a few folk on Facebook raging they spent a certain amount of money and not getting picked as if it’s an exclusive club, ridiculous thinking. But what irks me is that these lucky fans now get a chance to go into the partick ballot, so potentially I could be 3/4 games in without seeing a game whilst others have been lucky enough to get to them all, that doesn’t sit well with me. To those who did get picked, hope it’s a cracking night on Tuesday with an even better result
  10. Boy has talent, 2 years left on deal, seems to enjoy being at the club, we should be standing firm here until the right offer comes in. Not a small fee with potential sell ons like we done with Mallan, far too much of a gamble that.
  11. Hibs bound now 🙈😂 Wouldn’t touch him or his agent with a barge pole
  12. I’m away Saturday was originally told we where playing linfield on the Saturday so booked it, not too fussed if it’s happening or not, just good to get away 😎 but seeing the buddies would top it off
  13. Just the way him and/or his agent has went about things, a highly doubt he’ll be making a good bit more considering the well documented money troubles they’ve been going through since Covid. They finished below us in the league too, so hardly ambitious either for a young lad his age. Just stinks IMO, so feck him. Nothing being a sensible person about it, I’m a supporter of the club and I’m passionate, so if someone wants to drag us along for 6 months waiting for a better offer from down south to then sign for a club further up north who finished below us last season, then aye feck him.
  14. Hard to wish anything else but the worst for him. Wouldn’t mind if he went to another league, but that’s a total rat stunt IMO.
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