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  1. They clearly don’t trust us as paying members to make the right choice. But yet we’ve to trust them, the same board that’s had an absolute nightmare past 3/4 months. Ok.
  2. Definitely seems like a closed shop and a job for the boys sort of attitude. IMO regardless on your background if you have the right ideas for the club and the rest of the members back you then you have any right to go for it, shouldn’t be for those at the top to decide.
  3. This was a fun read 😂 so much bickering in one thread😂😂 FWIW I have no issues with either sponsors, digby brown are practically a household name in this country nowadays due to their advertisements, money revenue is hard to come by and I can’t see many business of that stature biting our hands off to get their logo on our shirt, could be worse we could be sponsored by mcgills 🤷‍♂️
  4. Loved keeping my old tickets to look back on, shame it’s all going electronic these days, a lot of games and gigs over the years, cup final tickets etc, great keepsakes to have. But I suppose that’s the way the worlds going now.
  5. Very worrying a lot of the answers given tonight, the free of charge general manager is probably the worst out them all, I’d rather the club paid money on a Brian Caldwell than someone with little or no football expertise.
  6. Australian rwb Matt millar signing today according to Robert grieve
  7. But we can throw everything we can to try and keep him, even a gentleman’s agreement, bit like McLean but with better value, I’d say between 750k/1M, his performance tonight will definitely add to his value. Probably dreaming a bit but other clubs seem to get that loyalty out players and in the end both the player and the club are rewarded.
  8. Apparently Aberdeen front runners for McGrath, hibs have offered cash plus Wright, according to hibs Twitter
  9. Now the rumours are drew Wright McGrath swap, been a wild 10 mins on Twitter 😂
  10. Nah, Dougie McNeill mentioned it on Twitter, been in a few group chats too but that’s all I’ve got 😂
  11. Cammy to the fakes is a weird one for me, I get he needs game time but I’d rather it wasn’t someone I’d consider as rivals
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