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  1. I honestly thought he has signed weeks ago, he played in the B team game midweek and I thought he looked decent, comfortable on the ball, but kept trying those dunne diagonals that rarely work 😩
  2. Just today! Wish I never bothered learning after this 🫨
  3. just came on to read about our new striker 😂
  4. Anybody know what’s happening with jay Henderson?
  5. Seen this been said in a few group chats, but all based on one guy on Twitter. Would hope that’s not the case!!
  6. When I thought mr wardrop couldn’t get any more cringeworthy he pulls this out the bag!😂
  7. Been saying the same for years mate, a fan zone would make a lot more money than a closed shop “members club”. St Johnstone and Inverness seem to use it to their advantage, nearest place for us is the west end if we fancy a pre or post match pint!
  8. Was too late to get a program today, for once they where sold out! Can I buy this off Curtis sport still or have I missed deadline?
  9. Noticed jay tweeting him saying last dance other day as well
  10. Mate nobody last night said we’re due to make a profit, they hope to at most bridge the gap and break even, nothing about profit was mentioned. Quite happy a lot of things got covered last night and a lot of rumours put to bed, the budgeting for 7th and expecting transfer sales gives me the fear, but if they pull it off then fair play!
  11. Actually think we might be ok for bodies this weekend mate! But if they email [email protected] we can let people know and keep them in the loop!
  12. mattman

    Mr Gilmour

    Well done to all elected 👏
  13. I was under the impression he could sign for another club but they wouldn’t be able to register until the transfer window as the former club will still hold his registration.
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