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  1. That’s in non professional I’m sure, if that’s the case I take it the team talks done through zoom? Just struggle to believe that, what’s the point in them going into the stand at half time then? To sit in different rooms for 15 minutes?
  2. I get that but I just find it crazy that something that is so contagious can pass in cars but can’t pass in small rooms full of say, 16+ people. It makes no sense to me. So much contradiction in rules. There’s no chance a full squad will be able to social distance in a changing room like ours, then go on to play 90 minutes on a pitch, tackles the lot, then they can’t share a car on the way home. That’s what’s confusing for me. Bit like you could go to a restaurant but can’t have a single drop of alcohol with your meal. What difference does it make?
  3. What’s the difference between car sharing and sharing a changing room with numerous players, what’s the difference in car sharing than doing corner set pieces. I just find it all very confusing, am I missing something?
  4. I’m pretty much convinced Gordon is not at the club, or if he is, no longer has a hands on approach.
  5. Morias can take a pen 😂 I’ll take a bonus point but we where very very lucky to even get that.
  6. Was it a handball? Only got audio now commentators seem certain it was
  7. I’ve got that screen now, doesn’t help when fans tweet the official twitter complaining they’ve paid a tenner, wisen up ffs😂
  8. Looks like they’ve spotted they’re giving out the game for nothing, asking me to login now. probably a blessing in disguise or am I going to miss one of the greatest comebacks since we last bet them 3-2 👀😂😂
  9. https://live.qosfc.com/live/2020-2021/queen-of-the-south_st-mirren_1068 🤫
  10. Done that quite a lot this season, probably to fill the gaps 😂
  11. What does connolly need to do to get a start 🙈 honestly baffles me
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