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  1. If it’s the case of its punishment rather then isolation, then aye. We’re being shat on. to me that’s how it looks, if it was due to isolation, then the killie game should be off. Simple as that, if the virus spreads as easily as the media and government are saying then they are ALL at risk. To call off all Aberdeen and Celtic games for a week just sounds like the government are trying to punish certain teams.
  2. Exactly, if they where “following guidelines” wouldn’t Kilmarnock be the same as well as the Celtic player was at rugby park at the weekend ? Just screams punishment and we’re getting shat on for some other teams misdemeanours. Celtic would be demanding compo/points etc if it was due to us... we’re too nice on the park and in the boardroom. Get into them! it is funny seeing all the Celtic fan retweets from the weekend demanding Aberdeen should give up 3 points, crazy what a few days does 😂
  3. We’ve shat it here, should be going mental, I’m pretty sure we’re down tv cash due to this... if the shoe was on the other foot imagine the uproar from them??
  4. Nothing like a good meltdown on Facebook after these games 🙈
  5. Vaclav who? alnwicks been top notch first half. Get sheron aff before he’s sent off. Need more going forward they look nervy when we press them.
  6. It’s pretty simple in all this I’ll be watching the game tomorrow on rangers tv as a st mirren FAN, when the grounds open back up I will be a SUPPORTER. When I go to away games I will also be a SUPPORTER. I don’t care who’s pockets getting lined, I pay for my entertainment and that is watching my team. folk are warped with the lining the OF pockets patter honestly 😂
  7. There’s a thread covering it all in the transfer rumours section
  8. Always liked the look of him and I’d take him but majority of st mirren minded pals seem to feel the opposite, which I find weird. Thought he was a lot younger than 29
  9. Find it weird how clubs at one minute are asking players to fake wage cuts, releasing players who fail to do so, yet outbidding prem teams for players, think there is more to this...
  10. Notts county fans on twitter seem happy enough to see the back of him, not one positive comment, thats national league as well. Doesn’t fill me with much confidence.
  11. An injury free Gary will be a great asset for them, half expected him to sign for a championship side
  12. Good move for Danny, wish him all the best !
  13. Is Gordon still hands on with the club? Heard he’s not really been involved recently it’s more been kibble, even the updates we usually get don’t have his name attributed to them, just putting two and two together here but maybe that’s why gus is away, he was Gordon’s mate was he not ?
  14. Seems to be down to cost cutting.
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