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  1. Either the 4-1 from the great escape season, love the video after the game full stand going for it, on a weeknight too, what a challenging shift the next day was 😂 my favourite goal is from the 3-2 with big yards skinning their defence 😂
  2. Boyce acting like a wee prick as well was good to see, also shout out to the wee hearts fan who spent the full game watching our fans trying to get a reaction, don’t blame him to be fair😂
  3. And for being badly short of options too!
  4. Are you joking me, he played brilliant in CM, getting stuck in and winning a fair few balls.
  5. Doubt I’ll sleep tonight after that! Great result, class performance, Come on you f*cking saints ! since we’re all in a good mood feel free to sponsor my kiltwalk for the st mirren foundation 😜😜 https://glasgowkiltwalk2020.everydayhero.com/uk/matthew-19/wizard/share
  6. You are sooo rattled by this it’s amusing me 😂
  7. Better off ignoring him bud, for a man who’s “abondoned” football but spends 99 percent of his life on this forum spouting shite, you’re wasting your time.
  8. Hope I’m wrong but I’ve got the fear for Wednesday, they are finally starting to find form whilst we shite the bed continuously. Gonna be a shit fest of a game. We need to stop being so nice to opposition and start showing some fight.
  9. Enjoyed this, although from a saints point of view we could have had more than five minutes chat about us
  10. Agree with this 100 percent, but I reckon if folk had to use their own names, their attitudes would change dramatically 😂 just a thought.
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