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  1. Would love to see mallan back in the stripes, entertaining wee player and scored some absolute beauties the great escape season.
  2. We’ve been dung since we bet Rangers, rode our luck the past few weeks. Got a feeling Livi will smoke us on Sunday
  3. Shitfest of a game, st Johnstone better team, need to change it about for second half this clearly is not working.
  4. 2 up front and cami back in the starting 11, let’s do this 🐼
  5. What a result winning the appeal, we where guilty but the punishment was harsh, even more harsh when in reality the only reason we got the punishment is because we don’t have a big squad. When an assistant manager admits breaching protocol on a “training camp” and pictures appear of this team “training” to then have 13 players ruled out due to self isolation, it would be absolutely shameless if they rejected our appeal, the absolutely brass neck of the statement from the spfl after it shows how petty and absolutely cringeworthy this full league set up is, absolute cowboy mentality from top to bottom. The biggest sport in Scotland and us fans who bring so much passion and a lot of money to it, constantly get taken for idiots by people who are clearly clueless and only interested in themselves. The Scottish game is excellent and it’s sold short, by rockets. If it’s not old firm pandering it’s just papering over one crack after another, there’s no leadership, there’s no fresh ideas, just the same crap, even the tv deal we got which was massively gloated about by the top brass is embarassing, from bt sports coverage of actually caring about our game, proper coverage, to sky sports old firm love in with practically any decent coverage, they might have paid the more money but at the end of the day they do absolutely nothing to promote our game. I’m babbling on a bit here but f**k me, what a depressing state our game is in.
  6. That’ll do, had brophy on the score next but happy regardless 🤣
  7. What’s tonight’s lottery numbers please
  8. Don’t think it’s been happening for Ethan recently, I’d bring cami on
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