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  1. Then a simple scroll past should be sufficient ☺️
  2. The amount of time moaning about it though could be cut down drastically if you used the simple ignore function 🤷‍♂️ If it really gets on yer tits that much, it’s that easy. Moaning constantly about it makes you just as bad 🤣
  3. I don’t see why people get so riled up about others posting crap though, it’s easy enough to put people on ignore. Job done.
  4. 5-0 now both Shankland and Findlay getting their first Scotland goals !!
  5. Was thinking that myself, hardly any bounce on the ball and the players sliding about like mad. Would be Scotland’s luck for it to be called off when we’re up 3-0 🤣
  6. 3-0 half time against San Marino McGinn hattrick although I think the first was Christie’s, but not complaining! least the brave folk who forked our 30 quid for this have been some what entertained. Weather looks brutal! lee mair wrote an excellent post on twitter that Is very hard to disagree with
  7. I fairly enjoyed yesterday, great wee place and a cracking wee boozer beside the ground. Bit fragile today but it was worth it !
  8. Does anyone else apart from Div moderate? From what I’ve seen on here he seems to get fed info and bins/bans people without not actually getting the full story. Think we could be doing with mods who regularly use the forum. Would probably help the forum as well as Div, I don’t mind the banter on here, some of it can be too much at times but least it keeps the forum busy. what I will say is people who give it out need to be prepared to take it back, too many snowflakes these days.
  9. Definitely going! An away day in another country even though it’s the reserves there’s no chance I’m missing it! were all going on a European tour 🤣🎈🎈
  10. If you think it’s bad on here, should see some of the halfwits on Facebook with the Judas patter 🤣 as if they would knock back an opportunity to make a lot more money. Some folk live in fantasy land. Anyways hope we pump the next team he manages 😜
  11. Wanted him to do well; but won’t lose sleep. Will no doubt end up at Hibs.
  12. Tough one for me Cos Im in my late 20s, not much quality to pick from. I’d probably have to go Andy Dorman. Absolute gem of a signing who in my opinion carried the team a lot of the time.
  13. Hate Chelsea but seeing them bring through youth (not by choice) has been a breath of fresh air, plus Abraham and mount are helping me big time on my fantasy football 😂
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