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  1. Shame we can’t get a stream for this, I’m sure crusaders usually offer a streaming service as well!
  2. I’d be more than pleased with Gallagher always liked him when he was at livi
  3. At a time where the club are looking to cover 100k to stop the of taking 2 stands, I doubt safe standing or filling corners will be on the agenda. I do like the idea of filling the corners as long as it’s used to earn revenue (not from seats, from cafes, office space etc) pointless doing it for more seats when i think we’ve only sold the stadium out completely once.
  4. The outrage and self entitlement from the ugly sisters is worth 100k alone
  5. Apparently off to fleetwood with brown
  6. Went last season and booked up for next month too; looking forward to it, good trip and a class night out 🍺🥳
  7. Hibs have been letting him train there since he hasn’t been paid by the Turkish club.
  8. I like Ethan but this sort of unprofessional stuff can get in the bin, still a young boy but needs to screw the nut.
  9. Certainly, I’ll be watching from Tenerife ☀️
  10. Powers either gonna get sent off or kill someone 😂
  11. Smart man, much you due? took us for the draw 🙈
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