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  1. I'm wondering who or what brought about the 'brave' team selection.
  2. The SPFL's biggest patsies. Pity Lennon fannied about on retaining a useless midfielder after the season ended. He should have been begging Craig Samson to stay.
  3. Aye and indeed right. Fantastic wee video I love the mixing of angles for the goals.
  4. Oh no. Some mad Yankee asset stripper will buy Saints over and close us down! aye right.
  5. #NotoNewco. Let's see how we can help make it work. Needs a lot of information from the club and our bidding group. Are there institutions in paisley that should be hounded into contributing that aren't already joined?
  6. Magic Monkey it seems right to me. A reduced sky deal means less income for the business which might mean a lesser selling price as consortiums share of business reduces. Anyway #notonewco and let's see what we can do to balance out any perceived losses. Get St Mirren branded tat back in the shop!
  7. Good that the selling group have been flexible.
  8. Guessing with the different options of DD amounts that it's much less than 390 individuals signed up so far and that if all 650 signed up it would exceed target amount. Halfway there or so I guess, a fair bit of work still needed in getting folk signed up. Edit to add. It does say 52% of target.
  9. As far as the 48% that we repeatedly hear about, my understanding was that taking GLS, another former Director and SMiSA aside that the individual small shareholders are a remaining approximately 28% of the SMFC shareholding. How will the CiC tackle engaging those shareholders to get them on board and indeed on the board and would it not be appropriate maybe for SMiSA to engage with them if any want to sell on etc rather than the CIC stretching itself further? My other point would be engagement with fans after the Process completes. Can the CiC add members after the sale and how broad a number of individual members would be seen as a success? Can the numbers exceed say 5000?
  10. Not for me as I've not got the spare time at the right times. Sounds interesting though and hopefully a number of folk put themselves forward.
  11. 'goes to the club' - aye. SMiSA have funds as they've been continually knocked back in their efforts to buy unissued shares in 'the club'
  12. At first, I'm sure it was nearly 4000 shares before the board stopped allowing them to buy shares.
  13. Apparantly it's shite. Agent trying to get him a club.
  14. http://www.newvision.co.ug/news/315032-st-mirren-eye-nestroy-kizito.html
  15. Poz good post. For me the only route for supporters is getting those that would complete the direct debit into SMiSA. Let's have a credible broad based supporters group that can buy shares in the club and have a decent percentage ownership of the club to protect the fans interests. The CiC was interesting, let's see if the interest in it can be rerouted into something sustainable.
  16. So.. With Danny Lennon saying he expects to finish contract talks early next week, will we be seeing two announcements over the week. One on DL's contract extension and one on the CiC?
  17. BLF I'm sure you wouldn't do such a thing bud. As for some of the rest of you..
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