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  1. Taste of India is usually my first stop when I get off the bus on a Saturday night, love their hoagies
  2. http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/st-mirren/1320131-st-mirren-start-boss-search-as-board-accept-blame-for-relegation/
  3. How did Man City force us to give Marwood a contract?
  4. St Mirren caretaker manager Gary Teale is targeting a deal for Ross County striker Yoann Arquin. (Scottish Sun)
  5. Argentine brothers Ricardo and Sebastian Pini could move to bring midfielder Fabian Yantorno back to Paisley should they be successful in their takeover bid for St Mirren. (The Sun, print edition). I remeber this guy at Gretna, had a bit of class about him but was rather injury prone.
  6. Apparently last year we had a few players over from Ghana on trial as well.
  7. Ronaldinho is a free agent. Worth going for him again?
  8. Can the development side still field a couple of senior players? If so did any play last night?
  9. 22 games for Hibs - 2 goals 9 games for Alloa - 1 goal
  10. So is that all our strikers signed for this season then? Thompson Marwood Caldwell I hope we bring in 1 more with a bit of experience.
  11. a 1 year deal according to Ronnie Mackay on twitter
  12. Ah I'm thinking of his brother Shola! Feck sign them both Tommy!
  13. I thought Newcastle released him. Could be wrong though.
  14. I'll take both mate if they are still going?
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