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  1. Whoops. I used my current one.for the 10,000hrs I'll check again.
  2. I did check. I can get around to printing the form, would have been easier if I didn't have to.
  3. Do the basics and respond to people that have shown an interest.
  4. Meanwhile they can't email anyone that's pledged a DD form. Strange.. But I suppose there isn't an anecdote about helping someone really far away.
  5. Still haven't got around to doing it thru the site. Wish they'd been emailed.
  6. Hmm. Underwhelmed would be my reaction to that rumour.
  7. So when will there be an announcement?
  8. Hopefully fans get nowhere near the footballing board.
  9. What's Franco Miranda up to these days?
  10. Meanwhile a group with the clubs interest at heart were stalled over investing as a share price couldn't be determined. Shades of grey.
  11. Is that like a co-op society?
  12. Given both R*myers and C*ltic have launched ladies sides fairly recently, it's inevitable that they will feed on the bigots support base and scoop up talent. Glasgow City have blazed a trail, but the OF will sooner or later use their resources to catch up. A good point in development for St Mirren to help them stay ahead and hopefully a tie up benefits Saints too. Dunno if that means sone sort of co-operation or something bigger, but it could be a good move.
  13. There's plans for a parknride somewhere near St James station, dunno where, but the Council and SPT have plans for a parknride.
  14. There's plans for a parknride somewhere near St James station, dunno where, but the Council and SPT have plans for a parknride.
  15. theres enough nursery care provision in one form or another, its facilities for preschoolers and mums that are looking to fill time. Most playschools are morning only, so having something at SMP, using the bar of the other suites could work if the cic/club got in soft play equipment, if you've seen the prices for monkey business at braehead you'll see what I mean. Most other softplays are in converted industrial sheds like at linwood or down in Greenock. mibbe for slightly older kids, but I reckon a point is to get them in young, get their parents liking it there and the spinoff comes on matchdays and by converting some the the weegie settlers that are in Paisley into having some affiliation with St Mirren.
  16. Softplay for toddlers/under5's there isn't one in Paisley and all playgroups etc are usually set up mornings only.
  17. Expensive option to ride the pine. He'll want to play, get his coupon in the papers rather than train and count his dosh.
  18. Hmm. Wonder if Hughes reckons he'll be a starting regular there. M'well actually have a decent midfield already.
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