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  1. I doubt it was Shaw as Goody went on record on Saturday post match as saying either target would be a considerable upgrade on what we have (hard to argue that about a Hibs reserve). He did reiterate that these targets were not definite to come off, some work was required. Where is the Cooke going info from ?
  2. I can remember us winning at least twice off the top of my head both 1v0 wins McDowall and McGowne were the scorers there will have been a few other wins in the earlier 80s too I would suspect
  3. Member since Dec 2019 yet knows who posted what when Stubbs was in charge. Another of the multi alias brigade ruining this place, on to ignore you go now.
  4. Suggests management must be certain they are getting another forward in before the window closes although Goody sounded as if it wasn't certain post match on Saturday but I trust he knows what he is doing and we won't let one go without a new option in.
  5. Why Sunday - it would kill the crowd and affects hospitality income too ? Saturday 3.00pm would be just fine no need for tinkering.
  6. I watch Meadow frequently and that bit about a Sevco element is utter nonsense. I see no OF attachment to any Ayrshire junior club, it's a local community thing. I'm sure every junior club has fans who's "big team" are one of the OF but never ever see it manifest itself at games.
  7. Seriously, if he had 15 goals he would easily be the top scorer in the division ahead of the likes of Morelos, Eduard and Cosgrove. Do you seriously think any striker with that return would still be with us - get real !!!
  8. A wide player and a striker according to Goody in the 1877 tonight.
  9. Its snowing (sleety) between Kilwinnig and Dalry
  10. We have a speculation thread for mights.
  11. Desperation reeking from every pore to get some justification for the who's out thread.
  12. As was stated earlier in the thread the SFA unilaterally banned heading in U11 age groups last year this is nothing new in Scotland. Also banned up to 15yo in the US. Given the medical studies it seems seems sensible and might help stop the awful hoof ball that is prevalent in our game at lower levels. Anyone thinking long ball nonsense should actually be coached to kids is moronic. They need taught touch, awareness and control not hoof it to the big boy up top.
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