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  1. Never mind a death estimate, how long before the SG buckle if as seems to be the case now the WM clowns announce a new national lockdown on Monday ? Given that would leave us out on a limb compared to the other home nations there would be massive pressure to follow suit especially with polls amazingly seeming to show 65%+ support for it (according to BBC breakfast this morning before anyone questions it).
  2. He has a point, Rangers will be unlikely to have to postpone a game due to squad size even with an outbreak. Apart from this time our full squad isolating as we have no game this week, the previous postponements were not solely down to C19. It was a combo of C19, injuries and suspensions that resulted in us being unable to field a team and ultimately that's down to our smaller squad. Perhaps there should be a minimum squad size during this pandemic even if that means having to flesh it out with youngsters due to financial constraints. Money disparity will always be an issue if we are in a league with the two cheeks unfortunately.
  3. Now he has the hump(back) and is feeling blue !
  4. Since the lower league started down south there have been 2 or 3 games each round cancelled by C19.
  5. I'd give my left arm to ho watch Saints play in Kazakhstan in a sanctioned UEFA competition.
  6. I'm saying with Celtic their whole system is in house no external involvement so difficult to dispute any result either way.
  7. Celtic's testing machine will never return a positive as has been highlighted by their players testing positive while on international duty but not domestically.
  8. It appears the Public Health Scotland commissioned report findings are published today and early word is there was no "significant statistical evidence" that the policy lead to increased deaths or was the driver for outbreaks. Make of that what you will however it seems to be the same outcome as the inquiry in Wales came to as well.
  9. The millions is kids living with addicted parents estimated to be between 1.2 and 1.8m in the UK last figs I saw. I would think the vast majority experiencing the issue fall into that category. The gambling category is exploding and unfortunately that is often unknown to authorities. People associated problem gambling with a father blowing the pay packet at the bookies but now it's just as likely to be a mother gambling on her mobile device via online bingo and casino sites.
  10. I find the UKG line on this baffling given the relatively small amount of money it would cost and the backlash against their current stance. Whilst Rashford should be applauded for bringing the issue into the public domain I can't help but think it's his involvement that is entrenching the Tory position, not wanting to be seen to have been outed by a young footballer. I hope not and they do rethink it but the more they pull up the drawbridge the less likely that becomes. At least devolved administrations and the private / third sectors are pledging support although that will suit the UKG down to the ground.
  11. You'd be surprised especially just now. Your average 3 bed Council or ex Council house is generally Band C or D. I haven't followed this strand of the thread too closely but I take it this is about the free (out of) school meals issue. If so it's not really your average family on benefits this affects, yes some genuinely will have money issues leading to child holiday hunger due to problems within the welfare system but it's more the kids living in problem households and surviving on benefits mostly addiction be that drink, drugs or gambling or a combination there of. Those kids live through hell through no fault of their own and there are millions of them in the UK unfortunately. A little (and its tiny) help to feed those kids an actual meal rather than handing the cash to the addicted parents is surely not too much to ask of any govt ?
  12. Scottish Wzter set the Water and Sewerage charges and they are indeed collected ali g with C/Tax. They are Scotland wide so a person in Renfrewshire pays the same as a person in Orkney or Edinburgh based on the C/Tax band of their house. The band D charges this year are about £450 the 25pm will be band A so not that representative.
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