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  1. Ayrshire Saints

    Speculation Thread

    Дейн не може да удари дъното на крава с банджо
  2. Ayrshire Saints

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Bella Bella from Sorrento, I take it all back we are magnificent (well this week anyway). Roared like a bull at the winner in a wee bar during a thunderstorm. Mullen the magnificent. Ciao.
  3. Ayrshire Saints

    4 told they can leave

    The only answer to this can be the cost of Stubbs and his backroom staff, it's baffling as the guys brought in will hardly be on top dollar.
  4. Ayrshire Saints

    Liam Smith can leave.....

    Probably best deep in her own box.....
  5. Ayrshire Saints

    John McGinn

    It might well do, more chance of reaching the later stages where the money to be earned might well see them trying to hold onto John, certainly won't help.
  6. Ayrshire Saints

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Exactly, we all do as what we have simply won't be good enough. It's the point I was making. I'm not having a wholesale go at Stubbs or his signings, some show promise. It's the forward situation specifically that concerns me but we all know it's the hardest gem to find.
  7. Ayrshire Saints

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    As usual half truths, yes he was on loan at that level but he was a Carlisle Utd player and before that Wigan Athletic. So Aberdeen signed a Carlisle player whereas our similar stature striker came from the mighty Truro !!
  8. Ayrshire Saints

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Ok then please do comment, would you be happy with Mullen and Cooke as our striking options. I wouldn't and I would add that including Stewart the options are still nowhere good enough but unless a replacement is imminent letting one go would be pretty negligent. I would be surprised if those 3 managed more than 10 goals a season between them at this level. Putting huge pressure on our midfield for goals.
  9. Ayrshire Saints

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Mullen and Cooke, seriously ??? Your deluded if you think that will do.
  10. Ayrshire Saints

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Exactly you emphasized it perfectly in your response. It would leave a squad with two strikers one of which has barely played a full pro game in his life (Smith us never a striker). Simply nowhere near prepared with less than 48hrs to go.
  11. Ayrshire Saints

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    No one is suggesting he was the saviour but as it stands he was virtually all we had - we need a couple of strikers sharpish
  12. Ayrshire Saints

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    If true that is total lunacy - leaves Mullen and Smith (who isn't a striker) plus the guy Stubbs signed from the English non league who he has placed BEHIND Stewart in the pecking order up to now. Clearly Stubbs doesn't really fancy him but there is a player there imo and should have been put out on loan at worst.
  13. Ayrshire Saints

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Where in the article you link to does it say Dundee have taken all of the tickets for the away end ??? It says they have been given the balance of those available to them. Sounds to me like they were initially given 500 and they have been given another few hundred and whatever else is left we will sell on the day as we may be keeping some of that stand for our overspill just in case . As has been said elsewhere Dundee will bring nowhere near 1800 to Paisley - unheard of it will be in the 700-1200 bracket.
  14. Ayrshire Saints

    Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    Unless Hearts are willing to sell him and we have the cash to buy him this won't happen. He won't be going on loan to a rival team in the same league where he would not be guaranteed a start - totally defeats the point of the loan. If he is for sale then fine but everything from hearts suggests he isn't hence the talk of Ayr on loan where he would be guaranteed game time when fit.
  15. Ayrshire Saints

    Flag Day 2018 - Back the Buds

    Nope I go on holiday for two weeks on Saturday morning