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  1. Another alias I forgot to put on the roasters ignore list. Off you pop.
  2. You have the Murray part round the wrong way. Murray is an investor in Castore, fairly major shareholder. The Ahley link was a Celtic fan website troll story, their finances and company structure are pretty visible. They were / are a pretty high end sports wear label that for some reason want to move down into the football strip market.
  3. I don't have you on ignore, haven't branded you an extremist either. No idea why you are assuming I was referring to you .
  4. I assume one of the roasters I have on ignore responded, sorry for the mix up. I ignore anything the two extremists post, far better place without seeing their shite even if it does lead to the odd mix up like this. No probs.
  5. Where did jealous and envious come from, you have lost me on this one.
  6. I see the PMs twat of a father has swerved restrictions and travelled to Greece on holiday via Bulgaria. What is it with these over entitled cunts that makes them think the rules don't apply to them !!!
  7. Absolutely hence the horse trading has started.
  8. I sit in meetings with COSLA representatives monthly. They are extreme pesimists constantly berating a lack of cash. The article admits it would need a law change and it's being championed by a labour MSP. 50% will never happen. I'd be stunned with even 20% of that. It's the start of horse trading with the SG over Covid mitigation funds. Expect a lot more of those sort of headlines from COSLA and the LAs in the lead up to budget time in December
  9. There is zero enforcement from train or bus companies, been widely publicized.
  10. Fat Mike is back in Town. Sports Direct got them by the nads????
  11. Had to make an unscheduled trip into our server centre this afternoon so caught the train. First time in a few weeks and although busier than last time still extremely quiet. About 70/30 wearing masks (yes I did wear mine) but no attempt to enforce the "compulsory " wearing.
  12. A media frenzy over a "spike" in D & G amounting to a mere 5 positive cases. Somewhat conveniently in the current climate it is being treated as a cross border incident.
  13. C/tax rises cannot happen mid financial year and in Scotland are capped. They go up by virtually the maximum permissible every year so nothing new here.
  14. That's one of the 9 separate outbreaks, now on Sky news too.
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