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  1. I think you are slightly missing the point here. Of course he won't sign anything we can offer him and everyone connected to the club including Goody know that. This is about being seen to be doing all we can yet knowing full well it won't be enough. I suspect we will have made an offer we know is well outwith our wage structure on that very basis ie that Jamie is highly unlikely to sign it no matter what. Jamie will go and the club can legitimately say we did all we can to prevent it. They owe that to the fans especially with majority ownership, that's what this is all about.
  2. Another tremendous result and it looks like the squad are getting to grips with the formation. Our record on plastic pitches has totally turned round too. Great run on them. Sent from my SM-A750FN using Tapatalk
  3. I thought he did well yesterday until subbed and that was more tactical than a reflection on his performance. His pass for the first goal was a thing of beauty.
  4. Stop all the pitch talk. Our recent record on them is excellent so as an excuse it no longer holds water. Yes they are shite and imo they shouldn't be anywhere near top flight football but mentioning it in pre match talk is nonsense given we have had excellent results on such pitches recently.
  5. Whit, his second yellow is as clear a booking as you will get. It was bordering on a straight red. Over the ball right onto McGrath's ankle, a very nasty challenge. Every pundit and both managers were unanimous about it too. No idea what you saw in either booking that suggested they were not.
  6. The rain cometh unfortunately already here on the Ayrshire coast despite sitting basking in glorious sunshine with a beer just after arriving home.
  7. Amazed by the lack of post match comment after a game like that.
  8. What decisions today were shite bar him issuing a yellow to Hayes rather than red. Got most things right.
  9. Yes they came yesterday. As long as it's down that's fine.
  10. Wonder if our row will still have the scaffolding over the seats. I emailed the club about it the day after the St Johnstone game but no response. Absolutely no need for it to be there and no idea why it was there even during shut out
  11. There won't be any such minutes as we have not applied for the over 5000 exemption before this weekends game. This appears to be our first application for an exemption.
  12. The Regulatory Functions panel of any LA will have a schedule of meetings. Any meeting required outwith that schedule will be "extraordinary". This is totally normal and the regs layed by the SG require clubs to apply for a specific exemption for each event ie we need this panel to convene way beyond their schedule probably averaging 3 weeks out of every 5. It's one of the great many hoops clubs are being forced to jump through and how the exemption is administered is totally down to Renfrewshire Council so I really can't see much alternative bar having them call an "extraordinary" meeting of their regulatory panel ahead of each home game. Their really is nothing to see here but you really need to wonder at the motives of anyone posting this in the first instance but then actually trying to blame the club for something that in the current climate is totally routine and unavoidable.
  13. Just when you think this site has reached it's conclusion in its race to the bottom of the barrel, up pops a Dicko alias. It's rancid in here these days.
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