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  1. Ayrshire Saints

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    From what I can gather from Killie fans at my work they are used to being able to turn up in Paisley and buy a ticket from the booths pre match despite advanced sales and Killie seem concerned that many will travel expecting this. That was OK when we had the West stand overspill section but it seems with just the traditional away stand they have sold them all in advance. Even a few hundred would be welcome extra revenue but we can't go moving our own supporters at this short notice. Short sighted given Killie have regularly brought more than the one stand holds but that's the problem now with ST's sold at the end previously used as overspill. As was said before where do we draw the line when it comes to allocating two stands to away supports - it appears it's the OF only. If nothing else it ensures Ricky can enjoy an even bigger pre match crowd wank than he normally does and that's saying something !!!
  2. Ayrshire Saints

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    They are looking for more tickets apparently - do we have an option at such notice to do so (I don't think we do). Seems it will be one rule for the two cheeks and another for all the rest as is the norm with the subservient 40 clubs in Scotland.
  3. Ayrshire Saints

    Matchday Experiences You Would Like

    What scope is there to provide any sort of enhanced match day experience beyond the (very expensive) hospitality suite ? The private members club is well established and as such cannot be made a non members club without upsetting the existing founder members. We have well and truly burnt our boats in this lucrative department by the looks of it. I'm more than happy to spend my money in a venue in town and simply turn up for the game starting as it stands. It's nowhere near enough to justify the nonsense 1877 fees but I'm sure there are plenty of people spending ten or twenty quid that the club could have tapped into. Poor foresight as is the norm with most admin surrounding our club.
  4. Ayrshire Saints

    First Team Squad

    Do you honestly believe we will be forking out six figure transfer fees for players in January. Not a chance even if we could persuade a player to sign for a team embroiled in a relegation struggle. Get real, it will be loans and freebie cast offs as usual.
  5. Ayrshire Saints

    First Team Squad

    Hibs have paid a six figure fee for Kamberi !
  6. Ayrshire Saints

    St Johnstone V St Mirren 27.10.18

    That's a great facility - why didn't we think of something like that...............doh !!!!!!!
  7. Ayrshire Saints

    First Team Squad

    That is 100% down to fitness alone and can / should be worked upon by the player and the club. If any player is not professional enough to get fit enough to last 90 mins then they should not be playing at that level. Stamina and fitness are not naturally occurring they require hard work and dedication from the player plus an adequate regime put in place by the club. Totally no excuse for not being able to last 90 mins in the modern game.
  8. Our average crowd is going to be massively skewed after the next two home games. Will bear no resemblance to where it will end up so pointless making comparisons at this stage.
  9. Ayrshire Saints

    The Fecking Naany State

    And rightly so - every bit as dangerous and draining to the NHS.
  10. Ayrshire Saints

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    They have not won away in the League since February - we really should be getting in about them like Livvy did
  11. Ayrshire Saints

    Revenue Earning Investment by St Mirren

    Invest 500k in players, get a winning team on the park and the bums on seats increase along with the match day turnover and merchandise. We are a football team and what fans of any team want to see is a winning team on the park. 500k into some non football scheme, a plastic pitch or spend it on getting a team on the park more folk would pay to see. Simple business really.
  12. Ayrshire Saints

    Synthetic Pitch at St Mirren Park

    Indeed but that's a different thing from merely installing a plastic pitch. Could do that and retain a grass playing surface if you had the land and / or money.
  13. Ayrshire Saints

    Synthetic Pitch at St Mirren Park

    Exactly at 400K to instal that's a hell of a lot of concerts that never happen !!!
  14. Ayrshire Saints

    Synthetic Pitch at St Mirren Park

    We have a great playing surface so no need for plastic - what's the business case as that's what it would boil down to ?
  15. Ayrshire Saints

    Speculation Thread

    Who are we selling for a fee ???