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  1. Ayrshire Saints

    Speculation Thread

  2. Ayrshire Saints

    Speculation Thread

    Charlie Adam Great attacking maverick but possibly one of the worst tacklers I have seen play midfield and it's a non nonsense ball winning tackler we are crying out for.
  3. Ayrshire Saints

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Exactly. Had we dealt with this like a top flight professional football club should given all the powers at there disposal, anyone spitting or coin throwing would have been apprehended there and then so the law could deal with them and no public statements pleading for help would have been required. We seem to be more tinpot and amateurish by the week. We badly need a professional, properly qualified chief exec /PR officer as the way we handle these things just brings ridicule. We were told after the Morelos incident we had a "state of the art" CCTV system that would identify the culprits unless they came forward or were pointed out. As far as we know no one has been identified and then months later an exact repeat. It's embarrassing. Yes these incidents shouldn't be happening but this is Scotland, unfortunately these things do happen, our society is blighted by anti social behaviour so we must be able to combat it. We have invested in systems that clearly are not fit for purpose be they technological or human. That is unacceptable as is the behaviour and statements like today's simply bring further embarrassment. Yes the club have to be seen to stamp down hard but it's more than a little tempered by our inability to deal with it or prevent it.
  4. Ayrshire Saints

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    CCTV operators - saw nothing Police - saw nothing Stewards - saw nothing Why would supporters watching a match be any different ? - those three mechanisms are PAID to watch for this sort of behaviour and it seems all have failed. Not saying it didn't happen or condoning it but as a club we are paying good money to protect against this sort of thing yet when allegations emerge it seems all the money has been in total vain and it's an appeal to fans to police the incident. Something is far wrong as it's a recurring theme. The club keeps making allegations but never seems to be able to back them up. Given what has allegedly happened before Saturday you would expect even more vigilance yet it has totally failed yet again. The club are just as culpable in this whole sorry affair
  5. Ayrshire Saints

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Eh , have you been at either of the games against them ?
  6. Ayrshire Saints

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Those will be the same rules and regulations the club actively REWARDED the OF for breaking by giving even more of them the unchallenged opportunity to do so this season. Double standards !
  7. Ayrshire Saints

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    I was responding to the article as posted on the BBC news - it was clearly paraphrasing our full article. I assumed (clearly wrongly) that the BBC were publishing the article we had and that is now obvious to me that it was not the case. No need for any of your personal abuse, had I seen the clubs full press release I would have known the facts !!! I still never noticed any of this during the game but then again I tend not to watch the crowd but what were those paid to do so i.e. the police and stewards doing when all this was happening ? Seems pointless us paying for them to be there if they miss something as serious as this !
  8. Ayrshire Saints

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    I have no idea if these allegations are true or not however what I cannot get my head round are the logistics of the incident. A DU fan was unconscious (where - presumably in their end ?) and why ? and how on earth can anyone spit on someone in the away stand if they are in a different stand. That seems bizarre in the extreme. Having been at the game I am surprised not to have noticed any of this but as I say that doesn't mean it didn't happen it just seems a very odd incident !
  9. Ayrshire Saints

    The Vegan, Plastic & Climate Change Fecking Fanatics

    Giving it to him tight there !
  10. Ayrshire Saints

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    So in your eyes who constitutes a jobber ad who wouldn't ? It's the same guys making each appointment . If for example they appointed McPherson like some are clamouring for, (bearing in mind they have made the mistake of appointing background staff twice before) is he a jobber as to me he is the epitome of one. Madness is making the same mistakes repeatedly, yet that's the groundswell on here. As for we can't keep sacking managers as being drivel, we simply cannot afford to keep sacking guys on lengthy contracts. It will ruin us totally which is hardly drivel.
  11. Ayrshire Saints

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    And your remedy to that is ???
  12. Ayrshire Saints

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    That is worse than sacking OK. He is a dinosaur that should be nowhere near a top flight football club in a coaching capacity. He has a defined role and it's not coaching. We need to have stability, I could think of no more decisive appointment we could make. Paying off two coaches and appointing from behind them, seen that movie before and it didn't end well !
  13. Ayrshire Saints

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    Anyone who thinks the club can afford to, or should sack another entire management team is nothing short of mental. It's the root of all our problems and the only thing that might fix thing for the longer term is a period of stability. What would the upshot be, we will more likely than not be relegated anyway so why waste what little cash we would have paying off another management team when that can be used to build a squad next season. OK has as much chance of keeping us up as the next man. Top Cat clearly has no idea he just wants every manager sacked within months when it is this very policy that is holding us back.
  14. Ayrshire Saints

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    They have signed half a new team since then. Their fans obviously fancy it with over 1400 tickets sold. We need to try to summon up the confidence from somewhere to take the game to them as their main weakness is at the back. Pretty sure there will be goals just hope we can end up with one more than them. Hopeful yes, confident not particularly !
  15. Ayrshire Saints

    The championship