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  1. I'd be far more concerned had we won today and were heading in to this full of confidence. As it is the knickers wetters are out in force and we will go into this as solid underdogs which is perfect. Only one team winning this and it ain't the Feranti / Meadowbank / Livingston franchise.
  2. I never saw it today but every moan I read was about aimless punts and high balls. Your is a totally different take (and not saying your wrong).
  3. How is it Goodwin that's struggling, surely it should read the team is struggling ?
  4. Honestly ignore that utter cock. Very few don't have him on ignore. His constant abuse of the club and Goodwin in particular is utterly pathetic.
  5. I know refs have been poor but blowing for ft at 46m is taking the piss !
  6. Takeaways operating as normal still here. A Tressel table over their front door as a counter and carry on carrying out. It seems a rather pointless change but I suppose it could well reduce indoor interactions. It mostly the cafes and coffee shops. Chinese, Indian, Kebab and Chippies went to delivery only a long time ago. Seems odd to even think about going into an Indian restaurant or the likes to order a take away.
  7. No announcement until next week now according to the BBC. Appeal deliberation doesn't start until tonight. Farcical !!!
  8. Big day today, season defining. Wonder when the SPFL announce they have brought a round of midweek games forward to the 30 January seeing we all have a free weekend now and there is already a fixture pile up. They are going to do that aren't they ?
  9. Seems to be but the 3 club rule isn't in play anymore so that wouldn't make a difference if Blackburn decided to offload him.
  10. On the news right now Surrey LAs having to build a temporary mortuary as the existing facilities are simply overwhelmed by Covid bodies. Absolutely shocking scenes.
  11. Akin to Tannadice it's a venue we do particularly badly at. Never confident up in Perth regardless of how poor they are.
  12. Strange folk finally snapping with Erwin today as I thought he linked play pretty well today especially when coming deeper 2nd half with the changes Jim made. Before the hour mark we could have played without a striker really. Two chances created and they fell to Fraser and Erharon. I still think Obika is the better option but today for me Erwin did ok.
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