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  1. I'm done with this thread. Leave the 4 dumigos to it chaps. Q the bye-bye gifs, dont let the door hit you on the arse stuff etc etc. Knock your self out kids I won't be back in this thread to see it so fill yer boots, free cheap shot available. See you on the other side.
  2. Show me where I said that ffs, you really are back to making up stuff willy nilly again. They have been moved from her normal unit to different duties connected with the ongoing situation. Anecdotally you have heard more crime in your area and likewise less in mine let's just leave it there. If someone said black you would say white, it's tedious.
  3. Clearly you know fuk all my wife is a police officer
  4. Just back from Morrisons, bizarre experience. 7.40, huge queue at least 100 folk spaced accordingly round the store into the carpark. Walking by the two security guards controlling it asked what time they opened to be told it was 7 but emergency services only until 8. Great, wife gets her warrant card out and in we get no queuing. Once in there are THREE other folk in the whole store while we get what in effect was a private shopping experience. With the numbers outside that is a total nonsense. Yes have emergency services preference time but if no one is using it ffs let the public in. As usual no toilet roll, tins, pasta, cleaning stuff or rice but ok otherwise. Clearly the supermarkets are having supply chain issues on those items as too few folk to clear them out. Wee shops have plenty thankfully. Oh and no gloves for staff, no trolley disinfecting and staff everywhere in the isles meaning 6ft space is impossible. Either do this thing properly or dont bother !
  5. So wheres the evidence of a rise in crime and domestic abuse in Scotland to counteract that drop in England . Anyone who knows me will no exactly where I'm getting my information from and it's a definite drop in crime so much so that officers are being diverted onto other duties. It stands to reason empty streets, no shops open, no pubs and clubs = less crime. I'd like to see evidence to the contrary
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/mar/26/coronavirus-crisis-leads-to-precipitous-drop-in-recorded
  7. What upsurge in crime and domestic violence ?
  8. Brighthouse and Carluccios restaurant chain look like the first reasonably high profile business casualties of the virus. Let's hope it's not the first of many.
  9. 181 deaths today suggests it's ramping up !!!
  10. Your fine pal aren't you !
  11. I have the faraway walloper on ignore thankfully but saw Oaksoft quoting him and I have to say I thought I had seen it all on BWA but this has no be a new low in a very deep pit. Faraway wanting a BET on how many folk die. Get a fukin grip of yourself man, that is an utter disgrace !!!
  12. I was setting up laptops for home workers today but had to travel to collect them. I saw guys mono blocking another garden being turfed by a four man squad, an estate agent putting up a sale sign, a hand car wash open and a window cleaner, all in a journey under 30 mins. Plenty folk around the streets of Ayr and still a decent amount of shops open. Unless fully enforced this isn't going to have the desired effect.
  13. Just because a court delivers a not guilty verdict doesn't mean the person didn't do it ! Yes he is 100% innocent in the eyes of the law and legally that's all that counts but as I said only AS and the accusers really know the truth. You must realise history is littered with people who committed crimes being found NG.
  14. Whether he is innocent or guilty only he and the alleged victims know. Point I was making was more general that it is nigh on impossible to get a guilty verdict in cases like these as there is simply not enough evidence to convict. That is fact as is proven by the conviction rates reported. It's a hellish situation all round one that does seem to favour the accused rather than the victim but he was found NG so is innocent in the eyes of the law. Imagine how any of those women feel if there was any truth in the allegations but equally if they did make it all up they should hang their heads in shame. None of us will ever know for sure.
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