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  1. I thought mine was sensible Tommy ??? I might well venture in if we win
  2. Think they announced at the start of this season they were stopping the free admission to non members post match. If that is not the case again maybe someone can post otherwise. It has flipped about a bit over the seasons since it opened.
  3. You do know the pound fell v the Euro mostly on the back of the DUP announcement ?
  4. But they could easily make a double bluff forcing the UK hand I.e. rejected on Saturday EU say no extension and you can be sure then that the deal would be back in parliament and approved next week to prevent no deal. Seems a no brainer for the EU to block an extension.
  5. Juncker quoted now as saying the EU will not approve any extension request so it's effectively deal or no deal on Saturday - BBC breaking news just now
  6. The validity of the Benn act will be critical as will the EU's reaction to it if invoked. I too don't think the numbers stack up but this in turn puts no deal firmly at the fore front.
  7. Whilst I agree with the last 2 posts it has to be said the opposition have played this abysmally. They are now totally backed into a corner where it's the "new" deal or no deal. How they have been out manoeuvred by these buffoons is beyond me. Corbyn in particular has fiddled while Rome has burned. Looks like the game will be up come this weekend as no doubt the bigots will fall into line, they won't bite off the hand that feeds them and if they do then they will be held up as the patsies that caused no deal.
  8. That bit I can agree with - no need to shout it from the rooftops but that wasn't your initial point I was responding to. You were questioning the motivation for people being charitable in the first place which is a totally different thing and there was not really a lack of clarity in your initial response, it was crystal clear unless what you are saying now is that some people give merely so they can trumpet that act (which is fair bit removed from how you put it initially ! )
  9. Why ? Who are you or anyone else to question another person's personal motives. You chose not to give as do I but we have no right to pilory or even doubt another's choices. If anyone is taking a moral high ground it appears to be you fuelled by some personal cod psycholgy.
  10. Does the motivation really matter. If giving makes the giver feel better in some way so what ? It's a personal choice at the end of the day. Personally I don't give but it's pretty poor form to question the motivation of those that do. My earlier post wasn't a go at the actual beggars it's those that are exploiting these people that seem to be able to go about their serious criminality including people trafficking and human slavery totally unquestioned or untouched. I doubt the girls I see on the train want to be living their life that way any more than we want to see it on our streets.
  11. Think you are confusing Armstrong who plays for Southampton with Johnny Russell ???
  12. A few spring to mind. Jim Rooney, Keith Walker and for sheer psycho nuttery Jim Dick will be hard to top
  13. There is a group of Women and girls (big age range) who appear to be "escorted" by a couple of guys occasionally on the train to Ayr. The younger girls are dressed in normal jeans and jumpers and as the train approaches Ayr they go to the toilet and change into the traditional garb. They then set about begging at strategic locations around town while the 2 males play those hideous violin type contraptions in a different location. They meet up outside Greggs at lunchtime then go back to work in the afternoon before heading for the train home back of 5 like any normal worker where they make straight for the loos to change back to their "civvies" . It's clearly organised and I suspect it's gang master driven with these poor women having been brought over here specifically to beg. How it's allowed to happen like this so blatantly on the street of the UK in this day and age is beyond me.
  14. This forum has hundreds of registered users but at the moment that equates to dozens of people, it's a mess and needs a proper gutting out. We have people starting threads then talking to themselves for most of them. They are not even savvy enough to alter their style but then again I don't think they want to even pretend they are not all the same person !!!
  15. I honestly don't think McGinn is any more attacking by nature than Flynn or Foley - they are all very similar which is a problem in itself. We really need more from the out and out attacking players, the strikers (goes without saying) plus the two Kyles and Durmus.
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