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  1. We have sacked the ticket office staff, where did you hear that ? Just because someone isn't there at a particular time doesn't mean they have been sacked. Pretty poor thing to put on a public forum as fact if you don't actually know !
  2. Lol, Every game, every season falls into that bracket for you so no doubt this coming one will be no different.
  3. Numerous changes resulting in a 3v1 away win in a group game yet the usual suspects are moaning like hell. Get a grip ffs.
  4. So does the general sale go ahead tomorrow given pre registered seats still cant be renewed ?
  5. So still not a cheep from Paisley towers. I thought given the shit show they might have been working over the weekend to resolve it but seems not. When do they actually envisage the public sale starting, mid August ???
  6. Must be some amount of people with ST renewal issues, still not even an acknowledgment of my emails never mind a response or resolution.
  7. I'm not so sure. Over on PnB fans of other clubs are saying they do not have time slots. Seems some clubs are going down that route others are not which suggests it's not mandatory.
  8. Good solid start, nice to keep a clean sheet too.
  9. Absolutely this. Never take a simple pleasure like going to the football for granted ever again is my take.
  10. Anyone actually been contacted never mind had a successful resolution. That's 4 emails with zero response and tried phoning today but nada. Surely they can't let the next tranche proceed on Monday with this still not resolved or it will just descend into total chaos !
  11. 3rd email sent after [email protected] and [email protected] it's now [email protected] Fingers crossed for at least a response this time.
  12. I made my stand, section and seats clear on pre registration yet encountered this problem. No response to my email either it's pretty shoddy.
  13. Same issue here. Pre registered, go to purchase, enter email address to be told seat cannot be purchased as reserved by another customer. Shambles ! Email sent to the ticket office so let's see the response.
  14. All depends on whether Ethan wants the move. If he wants to go then a deal needs to be done.
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