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  1. [emoji3166][emoji848][emoji848][emoji848][emoji848][emoji3166]
  2. I painted the garden benches and settled for the sun lounger in the Ayrshire sun of the back garden with the radio. The boy went with his mates along the Barassie beach to Irvine with his purply coloured Saints away top on (he was outnumbered by Killie tops 3v1) and met a couple of the Irvine supporting Buds down the harbour this afternoon. He also met a couple of Motherwell fans and a Fleetwood Town strip along the way. Great to think we are getting close to being back at our spiritual home.
  3. [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38][emoji38][emoji6][emoji1]
  4. I've seen this movie a couple of times before !!!
  5. What difference does it make with no supporters allowed in ?
  6. Mind the days when the fat pipe fitter used to bang on about getting Stephen Kenny as manager [emoji1]
  7. 2-1-7 with Alnwick playing backie I suspect.
  8. Mothers with wee kids the lot, utterly bizarre behaviour
  9. Your a grade 1 cock so anything you say is ignored. Naismith is nowhere near the level of Fraser. There appears to be not a single player in Goodwins squad you rate and every team worse than us is full of players better than ours. How can we be where we are in this scenario ?
  10. Re the cameras, 30sec lingering shots of the away manager while the ball in play is nonsense. I realise it's contacted out and we have zero control over it but it's pretty poor.
  11. BTW is the Saints TV commentator Elvis ? By Christ he's a negative pessimist panic merchant !
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