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  1. Your behind in your sugar daddies. They have new potential millionaire suitors
  2. I will speculate that there will be no signing speculation until the managerial position is settled. Having said that wasn't it situations like the one we might be about to encounter that Gus was brought in to "smooth over". He will have a transition to manage if OK goes
  3. Is it a REAL surprise to anyone - the rumours have been there for months but the way you are going on suggests it was only you that saw any of this coming. I think most fans thought it wasn't out of the realm of possibility .
  4. I've been told by several unconnected folk over the last few weeks that despite the majority of the board being behind him GLS was not so kean and the fact he was refusing to move over here was part of that problem - what part of that can't you comprehend ? Regardless of your thinking it's not a GLS dictatorship (AFAIK), my info was that GLS is pretty much the lone dissenter or certainly the major one.
  5. It's a fairly open Secret that GLS is not OK's biggest fan despite keeping us up but he is in danger of looking like some sort of Italian style basket case club owner if we lose another manager. If he goes Goodwin will be 1st choice. Gus has his role and it's not to manage. Would Goody want to work for someone who would be gaining an increasing reputation as being trigger happy.
  6. Under last nights VAR usage I doubt one singly Hladky pen save would have stood - all would have been retaken although do VAR look at keepers movement in pen shootouts ???
  7. It will all depend on how Trumps 2020 campaign for the Whitehouse is shaping up. History has shown a war is always a good tactic to help a flagging political campaign. He has to manufacture that situation so he has the option on the table.
  8. Alan, Alan, Alan if you are going to continue your trolling on here at least use properly constructed sentences that make some sort of sense ! If, as you claim, fans did "hound" you out then I say well done the fans. Probably one of the best examples of fan power I have witnessed in Scottish football.
  9. We were finished weeks earlier both those seasons
  10. For statistical purposes what's the difference between a pass and a clearance - does a punt up the park only become a pass if it connects with one of your own players ?
  11. they omitted................and being shit at the end !
  12. Papers reporting today Willock turned down Sevco to sign for Gillingham. Worrying if I were a Sevco fan !!!
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