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  1. Do I? Look back at all the posts idiot.
  2. And what cheery and interesting posts have you ever contributed to the forum? You are almost single handedly killing this forum. You are a bore and a fool. You continually claim anyone who dares out you as the fool. You are a scourge on this site and chase anyone who is actually interesting away from it.
  3. Ma whit? It would be great if he took his own advice.
  4. Not sure given the bigot bias that's rife up here. It would stop them from giving the obligatory penalty when required.
  5. To have those wishes all fulfilled he'd have had to done more than sat on Santa's knee.😱
  6. I know Dundee took a hammering v RC but it can't be overlooked that they drew with Hearts and beat Aberdeen in the two games previous. I don't think this game is the foregone conclusion some are suggesting. I believe this will be hard fought and hope we play with an intensity shown in previous games. They have strikers that have proven goal scoring records. I hope for a win but it wouldn't surprise me if that wasn't the outcome.
  7. If you read his tweet in full, he actually said it was a bad idea for this to happen. JN may seem offensive to Sevco fans but he does care about the fish in the Clyde.
  8. Who stole a day from October? If we play as well as we did for a good part of the game v the H Newcos, we should be able to see off this mob.
  9. I think anyone who has written, or spoken in a derogatory way about any team's supporters have a bloody cheek to denounce remarks made in a stupid tweet. No matter how you play it, the "H" word, (not Hamm......), isn't bigoted. The term was and is commonly used to describe the then rangers, now newco fans. Yes. JN will probably fall on his sword but lets not kid ourselves. This has been manufactured by a self obsessed, overbearing, bunch of fan(nies) whose bigotry is renowned. As for the powers that be. IF they are keen to investigate one Saint Mirren fan's comments then, for Christ's sake, be open and even and investigate the real bigotry that oozes out of the two @rsecheeks fan pages, not to mention the sh!te we have been subjected to on the terraces when they come a calling.
  10. I think you'll find you've had that dubious accolade well before I was even on the site.
  11. And what hairs have I split? The ones that actually show I DIDN'T say what you suggested. Deflection is what you're attempting. Now go get your schoolbag and do your homework. You must be up to four letter words in your English lessons by now. (Maybe I'm giving you too much credit though).
  12. Neither would I. I don't know about Morton but there are a few teams I would support if they were representing our country in Europe. IF they stayed in the competitions long enough.
  13. Don't you understand English? I'm not even going to attempt to educate you. You're too far gone.
  14. I don't know if the hatred that haunts the bigots runs as deep in those parts. That's why I refrain from being absolute. Unlike some
  15. This ONE PARTICULAR player. How many non white players were NOT picked out? Hmmm. Let me think. I knew you weren't thinking for yourself. It would have been beyond your capabilities. FARE is a fantastic organisation but, in this instance, it is making assumptions. Assumptions that suit an admirable agenda but assumptions nonetheless. I still believe it is far more likely that those kids didn't decide it was clever to be selectively racist. Far more likely they just didn't like what Kamara did. Or what they perceived he did.
  16. I thought you were done. Don't you even understand yourself? ETA. I'm at least glad you've now admitted the reason Kamara was boo'd was because of what happened at Ipox. Not necessarily racism then?
  17. That doesn't appear to be the case. According to some. FWIW. I think it more they were a bunch of foolish kids booing ONE player who, in there eyes, had got one of their idols into trouble with the authorities. That's happened throughout the time I've watched football. The difference between me and some others one other is, I'm not suggesting I know what was in the kids collective heads.
  18. Yep. Run away and hide without justifying why only one non white player was singled out among many others. Selective racism?
  19. I didn't bother. I heard you tried them and I saw the result
  20. Don't ask questions that might question the genius.
  21. The oracle has spoken. If someone doesn't agree with you they must be wrong? OF COURSE IT WAS ONLY KAMARA! It was Kamara who claimed abuse and got the opposition player into bother. Whether it was actually true or not is immaterial to those who support their own player. They perhaps didn't believe it to be so. Only a fool would think they must know what's in the minds of children. Or perhaps your insight is due to the fact your intellect is on a par, (or worse),, with them. As for condoning racism. Get real. I was putting it forward that it may NOT have been that that motivated a bunch of kids to boo an opposition player. I've heard booing many times at our own ground. So don't preach to me about things you're merely guessing at Sherlock.
  22. Since when is booing racist? Are you seriously suggesting when/if we boo a player we're being racist? You are making assumption which some may think is bias.
  23. I haven't looked into the figures but how do they break down as far as the separate nations are concerned? Is it mainly England who have relaxed their rules far more than the other countries? If so, there really is no need for Scotland, Wales or NI to change tact.
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