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  1. Middlesboro 0-1 Leeds United Leeds average about 65% possession, every game bar none , play good possess football, but just can’t see them getting automatic promotion just yet. Perhaps next few weeks will be a bit clearer, but definitely hope they get promoted
  2. Penalty to The Rangers MISSED [emoji16] Braga 0-0 Sevco (2-3) agg
  3. Typical BBC : it’s been doing the rounds for a few days Pod.
  4. Prediction was 1-3 Delighted with 1-2 Getting good at this prediction larky [emoji2]
  5. Saints to win 1-3 ETA : Left Penrith 4pm was snowing
  6. Thought i was cracking up ‘pull away from two teams ABOVE us’ might be an idea to catch them first [emoji2]
  7. Absolutely, none of the current crop would get in our team back then with perhaps exception of Lladky ? So many excellent players of which we haven’t seen the like since
  8. Liverpool 3-2 West Ham I remember when we played them in 77 , what a team they were then
  9. Oh hang on , VAR no goal 3-2 still
  10. 4-2 game over [emoji4]
  11. Yip, as per previous post Turn it round 3-2 [emoji4]
  12. I cannae see images on this forum ( just a wee box where the image should be ) Did you post Kit ? [emoji2]
  13. West Ham seem to fancy there chances, but like you, I’ve seen Liverpool enough to know they can turn this round ETA: I think I’m in the hotel they use for Darts tournaments ? North Lakes .... sounds familiar 2-2 Salah
  14. The Doc & Marty would love that [emoji2]
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