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  1. Couple more goals in this game I think
  2. Seen the pattern Fricky = W6er - Even the troll got an alias and stupid enough to like/like agree/agree with..,,, erm , himself 🤣 Wee half chance for Sevco nearly 1-1
  3. Just looking at weather for Paisley tomorrow - rain all day/night 100% chance from 6am to 6pm ffs Bring your waders
  4. Couple of half chances , but Braga should be a few up Morelos been booked, hardly a surprise
  5. Good strike for their goal Pitch looks rough Never a penalty for Sevco despite claims
  6. Couple of good chances already for Braga
  7. You are aware the Fricky’s alias is W6er ? Now , hopefully we go into this game with another win under our belt. This should be a great game & atmosphere
  8. Wasn’t aware it started , Shull’s probably watching it though [emoji2]
  9. Celtic to lose by 1 goal Sevco to draw
  10. St Mirren 4-2 Aberdeen 6,500 Semi-Final on its way [emoji2]
  11. Good idea on the match threads Jumping a week ahead ? No problem A month or two months like the troll ? Unacceptable & it’s not funny or smart Deliberately duplicating threads , bumping his own & even replying to himself oh , W6Saint is his too ffs Hoping we win this after we beat Hearts [emoji4]
  12. Only because the game hasn’t started [emoji4] Saints to win 3 in a row ....
  13. Bellend ^^^^ f**king bealing because someone already started a thread for this game You’re a sad old troll
  14. Bounce over and bump your longest running thread [emoji4] Always enjoyed your wee stories and updates
  15. Ha [emoji2] naw Cannae upload bloody videos just now B&W keeps crashing
  16. Ffs web version has crashed Will upload goals and our fans running on pitch. ( just a few ) at end
  17. I’ve got footage of all goals will try load them now - made sure less than 5mb
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