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  1. I'd take him and John Sutton both part of title winning team in 2006
  2. Simon lappin been released by fakes and Sutton available for transfer I'd take both them back
  3. Clarkson just been released by motherwell so wouldn't be surprised to.see him.end up back in Paisley
  4. Mcdonald not been confirmed as leaving motherwell yet as season not finished yet sure he'll have offers in spl can't see it
  5. We seem to be after strikers who can't score goals
  6. He's Jim Duffy nephew and his scoring record is poor not for me
  7. Goodwin is exactly type of player we need changed game when came on rae surely can see this he'll be liming up against us next season he clearly loves the club and fans
  8. What a guy thomohawk is lucky to have seen him in the stripes
  9. 404 signed up.now not lomg been updated hopefully can get up.to.500 soon
  10. If we let him.go andclookimg likely we will hatevto.see him line up.against us type player we need in battle next season going be tough league
  11. Gutted can't make this one or dumbarton not chance going to last game roll.on next season
  12. Back.of todays sun saying Argentinian owners not sure if same ones are puttimg comsortuim together not sure how accurate it is though
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