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  1. Very sad to hear of his passing, was one of the first guys I met during the whole 10000hours stuff and came across a copy of the video only yesterday which he gave me to gen up on all things Saints.
  2. perhaps it would be better had i said that Cash Flow is king as opposed to P and L. I hope it will be only 2 to 3 weeks...but i suspect more like 2 to 3 months
  3. and i am postulating that such a clause does not exist
  4. nope, if businesses cannot play their bills they go bust, or shareholders inject working capital; etc etc.
  5. They might have now, but i dont recall buying it when I was doing it previously and i dont think BI cover would cover for this sort of interuption
  6. you would still get paid if your work stopped selling its "product" the players will also. One issue would be if they extend the season, players will be out of contract, so not only will Club face the losses from the shutdown but it will cost them more to put the squads back on the pitch after the point in the season when they would assume less waged as less players on the books
  7. Not in my time, and even if it did i dont think it would pay out in this circumstance
  8. Cash will be king if the league is suspended. Banks wont lend to the majority of clubs and most of the clubs costs will continue while the revenue takes a nose dive. Historically Board members of the Club would contribute 6 figure sum to tide over the club when cash was tight. So if the club need cash now, then who on the board is going to sort and we now now have two Kibble members so will Kibble be contributing. This is potentially a disaster for a vast number of Scottish Football Clubs, let alone all the other Sports and Business that live hand to mouth
  9. I will try and put some more detailed thoughts together should anyone be interested, but please note that "normal rules" would mean that a shareholder e.g Kibble cannot be offered preferential treatment e.g discounts, from a company they own shares in without imprinting what is called "the rights of the minority" basically the rest of the shareholders. Now as in all matters it is more complicated that just the few sentences above, but I personally did spend a lot of time making sure that during 10000hours days the governance structure made sure this was not an issue....For example any preference was available to one member was available to all and no external party other than the CIC and Fans owned shares, e.g none of the Corporate members owned shares (or indeed needed to own shares) as a result of membership. I also did present to the full board and trustees/advisors of Kibble about 30 people iirc, and took extensive questions, would be interesting to know the process of engagement this time......
  10. .....and now I have a nice long flight to read 21 pages..... ......wonder how much i will recognise.... I admit I have had a bit of a chuckle at this...
  11. The Purchase price is set. But you are spending £50K more on the product by putting money in that you could otherwise spent on something else, or saved for a rainy day, and that the Club out of its own resources could fund. It is like buying a house for £1m that needs £50k spent on fixing a roof that is already leaking. Giving the current owner £50K to fix it before you own it thus allowing the current owner to go and buy a Jag instead The wondering in 20 years time when the roof needs fixed again where you can get £50K to fix it
  12. Because when I buy a company I don't first build them a new office and then buy it. I buy it and then build the new office
  13. *takes deep breath... Thing is on a CBS you can vote to disapply a more complex asset lock, to all except giving the money to the members..... ...in a CIC...however you cannot.... ...I am sure I have one of those CICing (sic) around somewhere....oh wait a minute. ..steps back
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