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  1. I thought he has signed a 3 and half year deal with them He will score goals for them
  2. There was Sevco fans moaning on social media about fans appaulding Kyle getting stretchered off
  3. Gradually diminishing In what planet
  4. Where's this forward we were told about on Sat?
  5. Don't buy this We should be looking to get points out of every game More importantly try to give some back Half the team picked up injuries tonight At least stand up to them
  6. Gary Lineker was a great striker but was very poor at shooting as he never struck the ball cleanly. He tended to scuff his shots Just as well he was good at other aspects of being a great goalscorer
  7. I can't see us getting any kind of result apart from a comfortable home win But the 2 wins i have saw us get at that hellhole were totally unexpected One was in that dreadful Davie Hay season Live in hope
  8. So much talk on a guy who scored twice yesterday He is an important player for us as he's a good focial point for us He isn't a goal grabber but he has 7 goals already. What about the rest of the team who struggled to hit the goal sheet? The first half i was bored shitless our midfield playing at walking pace Things improved once Mullen and the new boy came on Mullen is our best striker at the club imo Set plays no threat at all in fact they looked more threathening with theirs Highlight was the pitch invaision as the six million dollar man music was going through my head. As he ambled on with his one shoe on and his graceful exit Glad we are trying to get another forward in as we saw there's room for big improvement
  9. Well dodgy Gave them a soft penalty where it was easier to header the ball than handle Useless Taff missed a minute later stick it in ourselves No one seemed bothered Bumping up their appearance money with Wullie Hill
  10. When we were decent on European stage Every club had a good forward who was strong in the air attacking decent crosses Where have those forwards went? Derek Johnstone against Wales 78 you are talking about
  11. One of the finest sights in fitba The flying diving heider Seemed to have died out with Joe Jordan and Andy Gray When we were decent at international fitba Most weans are feart to heider a ball until they are a teenager anyway A fuss over nothing
  12. His last 2 managers didn't fancy him Last chance or he will out to be another Greig Wylde
  13. The biggest club in the land are in court today. No mention of this in the media
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