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  1. windae cleaner

    3-0 down at half time..... outclassed

    Listening to his latest interview he held back discussing the squad Stubbs knows our squad is nowhere acceptable for the league and some are going through the motions GLS has to back his man and get some quality in Yesterday type of performance cannot continue As Sir Alex said to Aber when he took him off There's one thing in football you're allowed to do and that's run We had players not capable of that yesterday Any team in the league would have beaten us yesterday never mind one of top teams Time for everyone at the club to get the finger out
  2. windae cleaner

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Disagree For our league attitude and application come into it as well Stubbs was questioning his players about those He mentioned Samson who made an error but went on to keep the score down Looking at the squad at the moment not many up for a fight First goal very important so far
  3. windae cleaner

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    I agree We went up to complete against the whole league not just 2-3 teams A totally shambles in the first half,shapeless,lacking fitness and basically a training exercise for the sheep The management better start earning their wages Great getting players out of the door but quality lacking the other way
  4. windae cleaner

    So Farewell Then Runrig

    The only song i liked by them
  5. windae cleaner

    The Sin Bin Holiday Thread

    Poor Stellios got the derry for 90 mins The area it is in getting developed with a few 5 star hotels around it Never saw the rest of the Island but as you said great weather for the winter months
  6. windae cleaner

    The Sin Bin Holiday Thread

    Was at the Solid Rock in Jan for a certain birthday Wonderful pity we got fecked 4-1 by the Sheep in the cup
  7. windae cleaner

    Post Your Tunes

    No bigot twins if only
  8. windae cleaner


    They have took a couple of pumpings already this season The Burgh are 3 divisions below them At the end it could have been more as Renfrew fell apart It's not they haven't got the players 3 cracking young players not even stripped for them
  9. windae cleaner


    A spanking and well deserved Renfrew management must be on a sticky wicket
  10. windae cleaner

    Rangers extra seating

    He got a hard time Heads in the sand won't accept they have a hooligan element Those pesky Croats stabbed themselves just to make them look bad
  11. windae cleaner

    Rangers extra seating

    According to the Orcs this never happened Just a media witch hunt against them
  12. windae cleaner

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Hope not The great Dane is only here for half a season
  13. windae cleaner

    Don Robertson is sunday's referee

    I don't remember him According to them We are papish yes voters
  14. windae cleaner


    Yes enough for 2 teams