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  1. He was good in Naked Video Seen the re runs of City Lights apart from the brilliant Dave Anderson and Jonny Watson who plays the weasel quite well Over acted and not that funny
  2. Going by his accent it's not his local club I will say he has done an outstanding job for YEARS at Livingston But i won't be heaping praise on him
  3. The problem for Foley and especially Flynn is match fitness Next week we are up against a team that's in your face Hoefully like 2013 we are saving our best form for the cup
  4. Still set up not to lose Ross County getting a result we can only dream about with a positive approach How they laughed about Yogi
  5. Correct It's as if we peaked There hasn't been any hunger or energy in our midfield or attack We are 2nd to every ball Certain players who Jim has faith in are letting him down We have now a decent squad and changes are needed as we know Livi are hungry and full of confidence and energy That was a another dreadful performance and our luck ran out to get a result from it
  6. I remember Mark Fulton getting treated poorly by Alex Miller He then sold him to Hibs for paltry fee Miller took the Hibs halfway through that season and ended up bumping Fulton to Hamilton Miller then took Neil Cooper and Brian Hamilton to Hibs At least we got a decent price for Hamilton
  7. Depends how you term bitter Tim He's a Republican who wants an united Ireland but no hatred of other people's view He is also bigger Man Utd man than Celtic's these days
  8. I prefer them being favourites anyway Hopefully we will turn up as we have been patchy since dumping Sevco out
  9. Read his book Cost 3 quid from that shop in the Paisley Centre no longer there of course Picked up a lot of books from there cheap as
  10. He had both passports Maybe Scotland were the only ones to ask him
  11. Regarded himself more Irish than Scottish born and bred in the Gorbals
  12. Lucky draw today 2 weeks running Midfield needs to be changed if starting Erwin Not many runners too many ball hoggers Thank God for the keeper 4 points dropped the last 2 games or more likely 2 luckypoints gained
  13. Especially as he does well against Motherwell Erwin is a man down Doing an Elvis here Motherwell win don't see where the goals are coming from
  14. Easily the best i seen Keepers nowhere near any of his efforts
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