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  1. I mind their dug better, a fecking wolf
  2. Girasoli also had the chippy across from Fountain Gdns on Caledonia St
  3. Darvel have plenty of money from creative sources They took Glenvale 2003 for their development U20 team At least their ground is getting done up and floodlights fitted
  4. I don't think you're the one massaging the figures or misleading people
  5. Keep your eyes out for a cab stoating about the Southside of Glesgae with a flaming cross on top of it
  6. With the manager who signed him a good chance of him fecking off We shouldn't be paying fees anyway Plenty of good hungry young players out there looking for a gig
  7. Dreadful going down with a whimper How can you have 4 players injured who weren't before the lockdown Anderson and Lanzini walking about with hands on hips Something seriously wrong at this club
  8. He left the same time as Fergie and Doug Bell
  9. The only Stewart's Bar i remember was the old Hayweighs on King St in the West End
  10. Remember after a pre season friendly against Southampton. Ended up in this place until midnight with Sothampton fans St George Flags the lot I remember a Sellic bus dropping a few of them off after Arsenal pumped them 5-1 Sellic ended up winning the double that season
  11. Mobbed every weekend especially a Sunday night. Mind the DJ with blond perm must have been sixty at the time Someone out of Black Lace Made sure it was the Showbar you went into and not the Pub Different world in the late 80s early 90s
  12. I mind him playing for an Amateur team Partizan. He never moved and came off spotless despite him being a centre half We pumped them and ended up at his pub where he flung a few of us out. Happy days
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