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  1. Ziggy Gordon is a decent defender I wouldn't be upset if we signed him
  2. We were in the top 4 the season after as well We finished with the same points as Oldco which was 44 two points more than this season
  3. All about how hard done by when he was at Sellic Nothing about his plans at St Mirren, just he was going to look after No 1 now He certainly did that The warning signs are there in print
  4. We should be more like Sellic it seems Have all their comings and goings splashed all over social media Just have patience ffs
  5. Most likely a career outside fitba Maybe that was the real reason he left
  6. The Nulson boys getting there own back for 82
  7. Watching that in Lanzarote We usually get pumped when i watch us aboard
  8. Aye that goal hid a poor performance from us Oldco were a rotten team and were helped by poor decisions The replay we should have buried them the same way us fans were buried by bricks and stones by the orcs Zico and Logan were very guility of this by passing up very good chances before McGinley took matters into his own hands
  9. Anytime we make subs he has usually turned to McManus and Langfield
  10. Send your complaints to the Tannery and Slaughterhoose
  11. Lot of Sevco fans up in arms that Clarke has an agenda against them by not picking any of their players Ryan Jack might have a case but as someone pointed out midfield is the only area we are well off in We are really shite up front though Danny Mullen must be in with a shout
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