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  1. windae cleaner

    Welcome Mihai Popescu

    Masonic Marbles isn't a real sport
  2. windae cleaner

    St Mirren 1 Celtic 0 sept 1989

    Wasn't on the telly suprise surprise Archie hated Love St Walker scored Tommy Burns sent off and Paul Kinnaird got subbed then appeared from the tunnel watching the game Just with a towel on
  3. windae cleaner

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    The weather was dreadful that night that certainly affected the attendance My memory of the Dutch fans that they were huge must be all that cheese. They sang in perfect English as well
  4. windae cleaner

    January Exits

    A Czech keeper and Brad Lyons signing soon
  5. windae cleaner

    January Exits

    Anthony Ralston was one of the players but it has been announced he's staying put
  6. windae cleaner

    Sin Bin Football Thread

    They never turned up at their last game Will they trap today?
  7. windae cleaner

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    For about 6 weeks he was the hottest striker in the country Then injured and never recovered
  8. windae cleaner

    Telly Programmes

    Watched Madness on BBC England instead of shortbread pish on ours Watch Jools later on
  9. windae cleaner

    Sin Bin Football Thread

    But the players were decent to start with Big DIFFERENCE
  10. windae cleaner

    Sin Bin Football Thread

    Still on a high from your team winning yesterday it seems Teams are about players Ferguson would have struggled with the standard of player we have at our club We have a 5ft 4 as our only striker at the club at the moment We have a 17 year central midfielder at left back as he has played better there than anyone else this season Stubbs left a complete shambles of a squad to play in the top league The only thing you have got right Dundee will spend more cash than us a good bit more I watched the game against the Fakes and we could we were getting over ran as ball wasn't sticking up front His only option from the bench was 2 wee boys Brought one of them on and he was flung about like an auld scud mag It's okay knowing what the problems is but if you have only got glass hammers to hammer in nails Pointless
  11. windae cleaner

    Speculation Thread

    That's crux of the matter is how many we can shift out I don't think any of our rivals will snap them up Championship or lower for most of them
  12. windae cleaner

    Sin Bin Football Thread

    Nope Stubbs and Jackson fecked us royally this season They lay the foundations built on quicksand for this season Wether Kearney can keep us will be a minor miracle Hard to shift players who would struggle for a game in the Championship Attract far bettter players in a Jan window Watching our games has been all about damage limitation No strikeforce at all and hoping set plays pay off for goals Stubbs to blame for a while yet
  13. windae cleaner

    So Farewell Then ...

    Great in Ab Fab in her later years
  14. windae cleaner

    Kilmarnock v St Mirren

    Another Stubbs decision Better than we have at the moment
  15. windae cleaner


    Burgh got beat 4-3 Arthurlie were winning 7-1 last i heard