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  1. Small town Its the biggest town in the country
  2. His pre match consistent of Roast beef with the trimmings and Apple pie and custard. Scored goals everywhere he went even Italy
  3. I have played with plenty of players who were in the senior game. Some I couldn't believe played that level as they were poorest player on the pitch. Again the other side plenty who should have played a higher level but for some reason never played any higher than junior. Still seeing it to this day as who you know and right kind of boy are pushed forward than ability
  4. Allan is a good player but is made of chocolate. Would miss chunks of the season
  5. If you play well young man. Start learning the words to Sunshine on Leith
  6. The crux of the matter. McPherson shouldn't have went to rival team full stop. This is a dog eat dog league if he had to go. Then to another league, flecking madness
  7. It's not They aren't making any money as no spectators are allowed in They thought the council would allow it but they never
  8. Passed away. A local lad from Johnstone Castle who played for Oldco and Scotland. Met him once as he opened the CHAPEL fete when he was the captain of Oldco. Came across a decent chap off the pitch
  9. Saw him once didn't go there with high hopes. But he was a funny guy without any bad language or risky material. He brought the house down. RIP
  10. Events yesterday in and around Wembley before a ball was kicked is why I don't want them to win. To add abusing their own players after the game. The team and manager come across as decent people especially the likes of Rashford pity about a loud section of their support
  11. We were in trouble when Marshall was deemed as our playmaker. We played too deep and gave their midfield too much space. Our shape and tactics were all wrong. But our manager has one way of playing and doesn't change. If plan A isn't working then its they aren't doing it well enough. Clarke made a few errors last night and was too loyal to some players who weren't doing it for him. Got to be ruthless in the management game
  12. Spain 82 for me. Best ever squad and the sight of Miller and Hanson taking each other out
  13. What a shambles. Waiting for Scotland Euros to be over to announce their manager
  14. No imo McTominay was easily the pick of Utd team. Cavani had a decent game the rest were dreadful. The Goalie just doesn't want to be there the lack of effort in the shootout showed that. Just hit it on target it was in he just fell down to his right in the majority of kicks
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