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  1. Ammy ran a bus, also a mini bus was also there Going by the highlights MacPherson,Glover and Henderson looked decent Noticed the guy who scored twice and was unlucky to get another chopped off is Scottish
  2. Add recruitment to that as well Dykes looks a real find
  3. A great run pity he fell short of a medal
  4. 2 sterotypes in one sentence It's like stepping back to 1930s Germany at times
  5. No they won't Cooke is too lightweight that's why he's always injured McGinn has never struck me as a goal scoring midfielder which we really need now I noticed we had 9 corners today and never troubled them unlike Hamilton or Livi would have No quality in the squad apart from the keeper Worrying times
  6. Burgh win again 3-1 with a Hardie hat trick Did i ever tell you he was a proven striker Frew oot the cup with an abject performance beat 1-0
  7. Missed the Pony Flogging a dead horse more like
  8. Greatest player or personal favourites? Not great fans of those but Shuggie Murray,Tony Fitz,Campbell Money or Cammy Murray must be in with a shout Someone mentioned Gerry Baker scoring record i wonder if it was better than Dunky Walker
  9. Burgh 4 v Armadale 2 with Hardie with another couple of goals That's what happens when you sign proven forwards The Lie pumped at home by the Mighty Shitey 5-1
  10. Trolling Trolling Trolling down the river No bother Tina
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