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  1. Can't anyone tell me why the Sevco fans are up in arms about the new temp hospital in Glasgow About naming it Louisa Jordan a nurse who died in the first world war Anyone shed light?
  2. I forgot we had lost so many games and had a few pumpings
  3. Maybe it is just a flu 71 year old heir to the throne and the man running the country Got the virus and fully recovered in 3 days
  4. Don't forget Darren Jackson as well
  5. We do as Westminister tells us. Anyway what about the Germans doing half a million tests a WEEK That's how you get better results about dealing with it Instead of dealing with the rich and famous
  6. What a difference between McGarvey and MacGowan Both big Sellic men but McGarvey really did value his Cup win with us Disapointed in Gowser comments in his recent Si Ferry interview
  7. "Ah yer big laddies now" In other words you're on your own yer bunch of weegie b*st*rds
  8. Imeant highlights not just a spot on the news that showed the so called goal from a pish angle
  9. The replay wasn't on the telly Dundee Utd had a media page where most of our games against them in the 80s is on it
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