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  1. Couldn't answer that I would imagine if he did He would have sold it and have no qualms about it
  2. I remember him, big chap regarded as our top ref after McGinley disappeared from the scene
  3. I heard it was Cowan Park they are looking to relocate No doubt looking how successful Renfrew move has been If only the Burgh done the same
  4. Renfrew drew 3-3 Burgh 0-0 down at Bogsville
  5. If true sackings should be handled out But i seriously doubt people could be so stupid Lets hope it's Sun reporting their usual shite
  6. Well it did. Lot of work done inside and outside the place
  7. He was, he was on the bench He should have came on when they went down to 9 men but Gus wouldn't change the shape Back to the subject Paisley RAH is meant to be full no beds to be had The tempt hasn't changed yet wait until it goes down Big problems ahead
  8. Money talks The teams pulling out are the ones who splash the cash due to fan support The rest where the players pay a tenner a week to support the club will keep going
  9. Going by Shull rules Thompson T Wilson McCormick Copland Munro Clarke Ferguson Stark Weir Macavennie McGarvey
  10. Gus didn't fancy Dorman until Millen stepped in Also McLean was off until Lennon stepped in I don't think he's a great judge of player
  11. The club putting it out there they are willing for offers
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