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  1. I do know Lapsley missed a spot kick might be more Story goes the goalie shat himself and turned his back and he flukely saved the shot with his heel Scanlon never missed
  2. Will the fixtures next Saturday be cancelled due to his funeral?
  3. The Jockey of the Year won the Grand National Well done young lady But that was a brutal watch I fear for a few horses that fell I hope i am wrong
  4. Pish result A few things displayed today We are no team's boegy side Ian Scanlon still the deadiest spot kick taker ever for us Our powderpuff forward play our undoing Too many times St Mirren nil appears
  5. I never known us as anyone's bogey team well apart from the excellent Dundee Utd team in the cup early 1980s I would think a draw is the most likely result but i hope we don't set up that way As pointed out above their defence ain't that good
  6. They did a survey recently and 65 % of English couldn't point to Belfast on a map of the UK, Saying that 50% of Belfast couldn't point to Londonderry on the same map
  7. Played with and against him Liked to show his studs time and time again Big Oldco fan which was a shock considering his surname
  8. That factory was never in Linwood Same as the Airport isn't in Glasgow
  9. Decent player tho I thought he was rotten The other Finnish boy who played centre mid he was a player
  10. Aye that's because he would have struggled to get back up
  11. What drivel Is it not true?
  12. Too negative first half giving up space in midfield Second half Christie came on and we pressed them in their half Pity like a few others he was shite on the ball Israel have certainly got into our heads as a boegy team with the respect we gave them Austria and Denmark will pump them Surely 2 up top on Wed
  13. Bribery Better off paying for your Nat King with Public money like your beloved Bo Jo
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