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  1. I personally would have thought there should be consultation to the extent of being told what was happening in the sacking and appointment....and certainly that via your rep on the board the ability for the SMISA board to feed into the process the Club board was about to start...though not to be involved directly in the recruitment process As a note non club board members have been involved before in the process. Glad to see you are reaching out with your "community" hat on as a board mem of SMISA...really pulling in those willing to sign up to SMISA aims without having been Saints fans all there life. I hope you do appreciate that you dont even need to be a st mirren fan to join smisa.
  2. But hold on a second....you are a board member of the second largest Shareholder and have your boards representative on the Clubs board. It is the Club board that sack and appoint so i dont see how you are working under any form of collective responsibilty which is how boards are supposed to work. Can you explain the process of consultation you as a director were involved in?
  3. Bang on with the BC point. Was responsible for more good players coming to Paisley than many managers
  4. Development fee is a different thing from the Compensation Fee due if a player under 24 is offered a new contract and rejects it. So long as the Club have offered him a new contract then Club will be due something but this has to be mutually agreed by the Clubs or will goto tribuneral. IIRC. Development fee is a different thing.
  5. Yes. And a person can be refused membership. Personally would not advise it, certainly not for just doing stuff on a forum but is a board decision
  6. Indeed. If it was me though i would be calling him out to make a proper summary and then responding very very robustly and get all of this put to bed for good
  7. Indeed. Though due to the rules around CBSs SMISA would be (whether they want to or not) wise to respond suitably.....(define that how you will!!) Saying nothing is not IMHO a wise option for a member owned company with a formal escalation process that is in a Government Regulated Industry... Just sayin
  8. Just a wee point. He is still a member. Membership is annual so even though he has stopped monthly payment his membership lasts for 12 months from the date that he first joined...assuming that was less than a year ago....unless he has actually written and resigned his membership or been removed as a member by a board meeting of SMISA. The first £1 of any monthly contribution goes to buy your single share in SMISA and this has to be renewed annually
  9. Yes you are correct however your membership fee is annual and is £1 of any sum you pay to them, so you are actually probably still a member unless you have actually resigned in writing. Simply not paying your monthly fee only meams your membership will not renew in 1 years time. This was one of my concerns about the system as it muddies the waters about SMISA AGMs as all members have a vote which is not the same as all contributors to BuytheBuds, by the very nature of the way it is set up there are more members of SMISA than there are of monthly subscribers to BUYtheBuds as one membership is taken annually and one is taken monthly
  10. This is the definition that is important from SMISA RULES: (in particular 8.1.6 onwards which defines the transfer of assets outwith the society, please note i believe all assets are subject to the asset lock, not just £10 of the £12 per month) ASSET LOCK 8. Restriction on use: Pursuant to regulations made under section 1 of the Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014: All of the society's assets are subject to a restriction on their use. 8.1 The society must not use or deal with its assets except- 8.1.1 where the use or dealing is, directly or indirectly, for the purpose that is for the benefit of the community; 8.1.2 to pay a member of the society the value of his withdrawable share capital or interest on such capital; 8.1.3 to make a payment pursuant under section 36 (payments in respect of persons lacking capacity) 37 (nomination by members of entitlement to property in society on member’s death), 40 (death of a member: distribution of property not exceeding £5,000) of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014; 8.1.4 to make a payment in accordance with the Rules of the society to trustees of the property of bankrupt members or, in Scotland, members whose estate has been sequestrated; 8.1.5 where the society is to be dissolved or wound up, to pay its creditors; or 8.1.6 to transfer its assets to one or more of the following: a prescribed community benefit society whose assets have been made subject to a restriction on use and which will apply that restriction to any assets so transferred; a community interest company; a registered social landlord which has a restriction on the use of its assets which is equivalent to a restriction on use and which will apply that restriction to any assets so transferred; a charity (including a community benefit society that is a charity); or a body, established in Northern Ireland or a State other than the United Kingdom, that is equivalent to any of those persons. 8.2 Any expression used in this Rule which is defined for the purposes of regulations made under section 1 of the 2014 Act shall have the meaning given by those regulations.]
  11. I dont have it either in front of me or memorized...sorry
  12. Much though i am sure a "black and white" answer would be appropriate that is not how the world works. SMISA imho need to justify it within their mems and arts rules to their members and should anyone disagree with the boards interpretation and application of the rules there is a route that can be followed. I am unsure if a non member or former member has any rights post membership experience would say they e.g you do not.
  13. It is more or less a self defined thing in the articles of association. An easier way to look at it is due to the fact of SMISA now using an asset lock. This means that all assets...e.g cash and stock is "asset lock" and it is more precisely defined what "asset locked " asset can be spent on while remaining asset locked and what needs to be done in order to unlock Assets that are locked. I will post a link
  14. It is a CBSformerly an IPS but it has adopted new articles of association which include the "Asset Lock" rules from a CIC.....simple [emoji4]
  15. Gordon does not get paid. Was part of his original commitment in the bidding process....btw you still have not answered my earlier questions regarding GS reasons for buying.
  16. It is a CBS. Originally it was an IPS but legislation updated this type of company to CBS which is the articles SMISA now has. It has no association with OSCR
  17. Merry Christmas to you. I suspect Godwins Law may also end up being used at some point.
  18. That he borrowed £600k. Feel free to answer my question about why first seeing how you are the one challenging the current information. Also try not to use such an obvious logical fallacy... https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/no-true-scotsman What a disaster it would be if folk from outside Paisley started supporting the Club!!! Your patter is beginning to sound very "whats in it for you" familiar.
  19. Gutted. Bought a telecaster as my first guitar because of the Quo.
  20. That is how it was set up a while back, meant you could buy tickets in the dry
  21. It is the case that JD did not advertise that it was available at the Ground, and it was not available for long as once the stock i had bought to get it going was sold it was not replaced
  22. I could dig out the invoices. The idea was that with a fixed deal with JD there was no risk, but that we could if we wanted (but making no specific profit on the strips) sell them at the Club shop / Take orders at the shop and bring them in. In doing it this way it would bring in much needed footfall to the shop which never made a contribution to the Club since the move until my time and sell other merchandise along side which the Club would make a big margin on. The Shop was re-organised and stocked (the ticket office was now able to work behind the shop counter so that it could all be open) and we started, however i had funded the whole thing and after the first bash at it the Club/Staff did not continue to support it and i was unwilling to fund it personally, so matters were reversed and the shop did not really do anything until around the Cup final when IIRC SG got AP briefly back involved. There was a good opportunity to sort it all out but it was missed. It balanced risk and reward.....zero risk on the really big income of the deal....but opportunity to up sell other items Perhaps this time round it will be made to wrk
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