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  1. Far too many new signings for individual new songs you’d think so why not squeeze them all into one! Do you Remember? When Stubbsy got sacked in September, After filling the squad with pretenders Four months later and they’re all awaaaaay.... oh oh oh We’ve got Tansey and Hladky oh oh oh Jordan Holmes and Bradley oh oh oh They were Muzek to our ears!!!! Oh oh oh Dreyer and Popescu oh oh oh McAllister and Corbu oh oh oh Nazon saved us all from tears!!
  2. I can’t get my head around that appointment at all. Why would you trust a guy who has no 1st Team Management experience to keep your team in this league? Someone want to ask Gilmour what the thinking behind Tommy Craig was? Might give us an insight into Accies thinking here! Either going to be a total disaster or a complete meltdown for them, take your pick! Either way I’m a lot more confident that we will get the play-offs at least.
  3. Thats fair enough. Just got to pray these guys do the business! Was always going to be tough signing players outright in January but Tansey is a good addition and I have high (and blind) hopes that Hladky will be good as well. still 2 or 3 players required before the window shuts I’d say. Give me a left back and a couple of strikers and I’ll be happy
  4. Am I wrong or did the gaffer not say a while ago that he didn’t want to go down the loan player route? Yet 5 of the 6 signings are loan deals. I’m not complaining as I think the clear out this month is just what we have needed and he has maybe been let down by some players who would have been on permanent deals. Looks like it might be a lesson learned for OK to keep it zipped until he knows for certain what’s happening with signings e.g Stubbs and his marquee patter. No-one wants to see their manager contradicting himself!
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