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  1. Apparently Kent to Rangers is happening and Hastie is being sent out on loan. I reckon he could end up here due to his connection with Goodwin
  2. If you look at the players he has at his disposal just now, the 4-4-2 diamond was a logical choice of shape to go with and it was the clear the team was set up to go and have a go and be open and attacking. The problem you have with that shape but is you are asking your full backs to do a power of work by getting up and down for 90 minutes and clearly McGinn and Erahon aren’t at the required levels of fitness to perform the role they were asked. Also by sending them galavanting up the wing at every opportunity you are leaving your two centre halves and defensive midfielder very exposed. Match that up with the fact that Paul McGinn gave the ball away every time he got it and the fact that Erahon is never a left back and we were always going to be under pressure with them pushing up the park. One of the goals, the ball is loose in midfield and Paul McGinn thinks Flynn is going to get it so he starts to move forward, something he would have been told to do. However, Flynn was never getting the ball and before you know it they are in at our centre halves. Can put that down to getting used to a new shape and new instructions but still a poor error of judgement in an all round poor day for him. Another goal Gary Mack was doing the right thing showing the boy wide when Erahon came in and dived into a tackle, leaving Gary Mack one-on-one with a pacy attacker and unfortunately we know the outcome when that happens. The left back issue needs to be solved soon for the teams sake and Erahon’s own confidence as he will keep making errors if he is played there. I haven’t seen these two goals back but that was my take on them watching it live. Thought Magennis was pretty poor throughout in terms of quality produced. No doubt he was trying and put a shift in but expect much better output from him. Flynn probably the best performer in midfield for me. Keeper looked like he went down in installments for Cooke’s goal but I’ll give the big man credit. No doubt he is a handful for defenders but he needs to be winning more headers and winning us more free kicks if we are going to be going direct to him. He started doing it second half but first half was dire. We know where we are, we are 6 or 7 players short of having the squad we will have the pleasure of watching all season. I’m a good couple of weeks away from even starting to worry so I’m struggling to understand all the pished boxers in here.
  3. A team of free agent French players were over in Scotland last week. They were staying over at the University of Stirling being coached by Rob Jones with the intention of playing bounce games in front of scouts from other Scottish clubs. They played Clyde and Alloa as far as I'm aware so I'd imagine Goody became aware of them from that They beat Alloa 3-1 with Mickael Gaougao getting 2 so himself and the pick of the bunch were more than worth a look in a game like last nights. Don't see why people are so upset at taking a look at these guys? I wouldn't expect the quality signings we are after to be coming in on trial first of all so I'm confident these players have been identified and work is going on in the background. Pre-Season is the time to do exactly what we are doing and look at out of contract trialists who are trying to win themselves a deal and I'm glad we are keeping an open mind and casting the net a bit wider when doing this. By all accounts these boys weren't good enough so we move on.
  4. Far too many new signings for individual new songs you’d think so why not squeeze them all into one! Do you Remember? When Stubbsy got sacked in September, After filling the squad with pretenders Four months later and they’re all awaaaaay.... oh oh oh We’ve got Tansey and Hladky oh oh oh Jordan Holmes and Bradley oh oh oh They were Muzek to our ears!!!! Oh oh oh Dreyer and Popescu oh oh oh McAllister and Corbu oh oh oh Nazon saved us all from tears!!
  5. I can’t get my head around that appointment at all. Why would you trust a guy who has no 1st Team Management experience to keep your team in this league? Someone want to ask Gilmour what the thinking behind Tommy Craig was? Might give us an insight into Accies thinking here! Either going to be a total disaster or a complete meltdown for them, take your pick! Either way I’m a lot more confident that we will get the play-offs at least.
  6. Thats fair enough. Just got to pray these guys do the business! Was always going to be tough signing players outright in January but Tansey is a good addition and I have high (and blind) hopes that Hladky will be good as well. still 2 or 3 players required before the window shuts I’d say. Give me a left back and a couple of strikers and I’ll be happy
  7. Am I wrong or did the gaffer not say a while ago that he didn’t want to go down the loan player route? Yet 5 of the 6 signings are loan deals. I’m not complaining as I think the clear out this month is just what we have needed and he has maybe been let down by some players who would have been on permanent deals. Looks like it might be a lesson learned for OK to keep it zipped until he knows for certain what’s happening with signings e.g Stubbs and his marquee patter. No-one wants to see their manager contradicting himself!
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