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  1. Either a good point OR he is speculating that McA might get more assists if he plays more often next season. Who is the Irish lad we are talking too and is he a winger or is that someone else? Anyone know?
  2. Heard a rumour but no more than that .... DC Well It would be no surprise we and others ought to be interested !
  3. I HAVE A DREAM..... Well more like a feeling.... The Buddies to win by 1 to nil - were going to the final ! C O Y S
  4. Were through - Killie then Ton and who cares who we get after that !!!
  5. For all the highs of this season, we still don't have a great bench tonight. Erwin, Lyness or some boys... Durmus stop hitting the woodwork !
  6. The Ton doing their best to meet us in the round after next !
  7. No he is just fishing for folk to react ! But your arguments above are sound !
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