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  1. Andy was not as quick as he once was, but he was way better than a decent journeyman. He was good in the air, organised the entire defence, hard in the tackle and read the game excellently. He was one of the unsung hero's I would say. And he was a decent guy too - I remember having a beer with him once !
  2. ATTENTION SEEKERS who don't have a life perhaps !!!!!
  3. I tent towards agreement with you rather than LPM, though I am sitting on the fence a bit about Stephen. It could be because of injuries, his lack of fitness early season, and last season. Yet, at his best, if he still has that, he is a truly decent player. I cannot see him being put straight into the team precisely because he is not really match fit at Premiership level. I don't think he has even played in u21 matches to help either. So unless Flynn or Foley are out, Stephen will be on the bench, and he is only likely to get some game time if either pick up an injury or go well off form. I don't think Flynn and Foley are the problem in our team currently. Whether Steven could add something or not, it is the broken bits that need fixing right now.
  4. I don't know much about these lads... what positions do they play and have they been with our club for long?
  5. I admire your confidence that you can negotiate with the imbecile … gets jailed and pops back quicker than a bad penny . . . Maybe a Psychotherapist could get him on his own forum with his own aliases - but even then he would only get to irritate himself! - so we are stuffed unti;l he is permanently banned...
  6. I do ignore him in general, but as I said he pops back up trying to catch all those who are unsuspecting and we get reams of crap - move on to the next page from your reply to me above and you will see 5 straight posts from the ONE twat with another alias... it spoils the forum just filling up threads with nothing of value... That is why so many decent buddies are not posting these days...
  7. Think Steven is not match fit. Not sure how McAllister is yet. Set pieces are an area the Fakes have been very poor at...
  8. It's not just the crap - but the deliberate attention seeking - deliberately trying to be contrary - making up many aliases just because they are sad sad spoilers... Ignore and he pops up again and again . . . and chases more decent folk away !
  9. They are 1 point worse than us and have not managed a win in this league - they ARE as bad as their league position. We have not scored many goals and that is why our league position is as it is - we are as bad results wise as our league position shows - right? 2 nervous teams, shy on confidence - the 1st 3 goals will be enough for us to secure a victory and keep them without one ! Then they will sack the manager !
  10. Hilarious that you assert that I have missed the classes and yet it is you who "honestly does not know what it means".... HA HA HA HA .. Keep searching - the truth is out there !
  11. You laugh at others people faith yet trust in something that WILL be proven wrong - you are so certain that God is not real - one day you will find out how wrong you were - but I do not wish this for you... it is your life...
  12. I don't think May is a superstar striker and not what we need, but that does not mean that he cannot score ANY goals and sods law and league position wise, it would be rotten if it was against us...
  13. You ask him when you stand before him on the Day of Judgement - AND don't forget to tell Him that you don't believe in Him.... AND don't admit to Him that you were wrong...
  14. Cannot believe you have not figured it out yet . . . unbelievable !
  15. There is no poorer opposition to date - we need to keep them down as much as attempt to rise up !
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