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  1. Sweeper07

    Opposition January Signings

    Aye scoring for crap teams... I would have been more worried if Dee had signed Scott Allan on loan.... Really don't think he will shine in the Premiership and I do hope he does not...
  2. Sweeper07

    January Exits

    Details to follow .
  3. Sweeper07

    January Exits

    Answer to this coming soon . . .
  4. Sweeper07

    Opposition January Signings

    Its a good deal for them both. He fits well there and is not getting a chance where he is. Wonder if he will go in the window - hope not.
  5. Sweeper07

    Speculation Thread

    I think and hope that we are in good enough shape for the Alloa game! Still got 18 - 22nd before the Tic game; though anything other than a drubbing is a bonus there and especially at this point after all the squad cuts. The Hibs game though, we do need more strength and depth before than one for sure. (It is only a few days before the window shuts anyway)
  6. Sweeper07

    Speculation Thread

    Judge them when the window has closed and the results have come in... that is when it counts. I think Dee are in a far worse position than us
  7. Sweeper07

    Speculation Thread

    It is Gus's job and the others have their input too. It seems that not so many people were willing to be tied up in advance of the Window opening and we are still only at the mid point. The important issue is getting the best we can in, at whatever point we can manage it. We do not know for sure yet but I strongly suspect Hladky is better than Lyness ; Popesu is better than Jones ; Lyons will prove better than Smith and Tansey will prove better than McShane/Willock & Edwards combined. The big loss is Hammill and you are correct in that signing a goal scorer is a most vital need - our management team know this for sure. These guys are the most difficult and in the most demand. There is still time and a winger and FB would be most advantageous also. We have to wait, watch and see - God give us patience, but please hurry up
  8. Sweeper07

    Alias Use on The Forum

    I am Spartacus . . . No I am Spartacus . . .
  9. Sweeper07

    Speculation Thread

    He is and I suspect it is not that easy. It never is in January and even ones who look like they are great don't always follow through and sign.. Have a you a list of realistic targets he has missed?
  10. Sweeper07

    Opposition January Signings

    Dee have signed Andrew Nelson from Sunderland - Hope JR is doing us a favour ! https://www.sunderlandecho.com/sport/football/sunderland-afc/sunderland-striker-poised-to-join-scottish-premiership-side-dundee-1-9543360
  11. Sweeper07

    Speculation Thread

    I get all of that, however, it doesn't stop me from wanting to hear more from the club. Happy with the business to date, just eager for more info. We are all in the same boat . . . the good ship "Have Patience" January is always a tough gig - but the management team are doing a great job - they will do everything they can within their power to do us proud...
  12. Sweeper07

    January Arrivals

    IF he is fit, and does not leave to take up another offer, why not? Oran might play 3 CB's with wingbacks - he might play 2 and drop Baird. He might not want to risk Ferdinand - he has options, tactics and the team to pick - I was only trying to show that we had a decent 11 players to line up on Saturday as it stands. Also expecting others to be signed by close of play tomorrow too...
  13. Sweeper07

    Speculation Thread

    Sorry but it is not in the best interests to keep the fans updated while things are in an ongoing process - they will update us when players are signed and sealed though... They may not tell us why some things did not work out - Sonny's post above gives you a good flavour of possible senarios
  14. Sweeper07

    January Arrivals

    Surely Ferdinand is contracted until we hear different? The main issue is the uncertainty of "if he finds something nearer home" - the other issue is whether he is fit or not...
  15. Sweeper07

    January Arrivals

    As it stands at the moment - Hladky McGinn Popescu Baird Erhahon Hodson McGinn Tansy Lyons Cooke Jackson But watch for additions today / tomorrow