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  1. to you wee man - this is not tiddly winks or armchair football critic of Smokie town - yeah I bet you played in a couple of games for your primary school at one time And could you actually post on topic rather than try to pop at actual St. Mirren supporters . . . We should have won better than we did, but at least we are in the last 16 - WHO do you fancy we get at home next???? 🤞
  2. Strange how JG then thinks Danny is not 1st choice - and hence the reason he has played almost half the games this season that Obika has played then.... It's clear that Obika is our 1st choice striker and that Morais is 2nd for now. Mullen and Cooke vie for 3rd or 4th and Andreu is 5th - though he is not always played as a Striker. That might change and it is great that Danny came on and played well. He does sometimes and he does get goals sometimes too - but there are games that he has not been great in either. I don't think any of our strikers will hit 18 goals this season, but McGrath might just hit nearly half that in half a season - and I would be fine with that . . .
  3. Was it not Gary Lineker who deliberately tried not to score in the warm up, so that he did not use up his goals, keeping them for the match? Warm ups are simply that, and players treat them differently as they all have different ideas and aspects that they are focusing on during them.
  4. Our top goal scorer in the Premiership and in the current squad is not rated by many fans . . . Yet he links up well, shields the ball well, is a handful for any CB and scores more goals than anyone else in our squad. I said at the start of the season he would reach double figures if he stayed fit and yes like any striker he will miss easy chances and be frustrating at times BUT HE will still hit double figures AND WE NEED HIS GOALS. He might even continue to improve as his confidence grows. Even our new lad McGrath hit the post in stead of the net - but he will also start getting in amongst the goals too ! C O Y S
  5. What JG tell a lie - how dare you . . . dog with a bone . . . get a grip of reality . . .
  6. This was a game for Lyness anyway, we should not have risked Hladky
  7. He is getting the chances - but if he does not start putting them away - Get Cooke on !!!!
  8. Lots of possession so far - huffing and puffing, but only two shots on target - the goal is between the posts and below the crossbar - we need to make this one of our songs from the crowd
  9. Irony above from the guy who said Samson was a crap goalie
  10. That's fine, others will join you on thinking like this too, but not everyone . . .
  11. JG has clearly "played down" a number of things previously - you can call it that if you like - I gave an example - He said he would hope to bring in 1 or 2 in the January window and we have 3 already and are possibly not finished.... so was he telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? There was no advantage to the player or to our club to say that we were in for him but it fell through due to an injury... so JG played it down and that means if we go for someone else e.g. they won't feel like they were 2nd choice - that is not bad management... Do you think JG always fully tells the truth?
  12. Yeah and you know that because JG said it - OH WAIT, He also said he would be adding 1 or 2 in January and he has added 3 already and is talking to 1 or 2 more . . . Shame on you for being so gullible . . . and so determined to have a poke at a fellow fan for no good reason . . . mm and what is happening with the Djork ?>
  13. There are some rumblings of this in the media - but cannot see it happening - I wonder if LPM saw that or was just doing his usual . . . ⚽
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