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  1. One the one level you are correct - but from where we were and where we are now, a few good runs in cups can bring in the dosh and a winning mentality to take us higher in future. Where will we finish? I think it depends who we get as manager,who we sign, and how well they "gel" as a team (balance etc.) My hope is we avoid relegation or the play-offs. My stretched goal is that we finish 7th next season and get into the top 6 sometime soon after than..
  2. Sweeper07

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    The ark has been "found" at least a dozen times. I have given you an answer above - but sadly have to go away on business for a few days... I am enjoying our exchange though...
  3. Sweeper07

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    The ark has been "found" at least a dozen times. Yeah - Really - so where are they then? … yes I know all about the flood narrative in various faiths - do you have more OR is this just another blind alley you have wandered down? Is this your best comeback after your assertion of the ludicrous snowglobe myth, and all the other things that you clearly believed, but are not so confident on now? It is absolutely ok being sceptical - but it is best to research before you go out on a limb and find yourself falling to the ground - or as the Bible says, "building your life (and your beliefs) upon the sand" - it will come crashing down... having looked at where you got informed from previously - isn't it about time you looked elsewhere before you start heading down another dead end? Come on you are smarter than this surely? Don't you want to be more certain that you are right before climbing out on that branch, and know that it can support your weight? My desire is not to make fun of you - I am setting you a challenge in order that YOU benefit... Is your intention towards me a good one?
  4. Sweeper07

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    The RD should obviously be "MARCHING IN" … O When the Saints
  5. Sweeper07

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    You should take it all seriously - but don't read it from a position of ignorance or approach it with a CLOSED MIND Do some research and it is easy to find out what books are classed as historical etc. BUT even within books, the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic which is the original text has been TRANSLATED for us into English. This can never be done perfectly - meaning is lost... and so words are inserted with good intention but don't really encompass the fullness of what was meant - as an example - in English we have the word LOVE - IN the Greek (New Testament) they have several words for different kinds of love... it is therefore much clearer which love is being spoken about in the original.... BUT you are truly missing the point - Books that are say historical ,still utilise language tools like metaphors etc. as our literature does too. Isaiah 40:22 describes the earth as disc-shaped with the heavens spread out "like a tent", which makes no sense for a sphere. THE CLUE HERE IS "LIKE A" - SIMILEDaniel 4:10–11 describes how, from a sufficiently high tree, one could see the entire earth, The TREE in the Old Testament is utilised as a dream symbol (Also in Ezekiel) I am glad you pointed out this verse as it is very relevant - it represents the GROWTH and development of psychic life (ref C. G. Jung ) IF you actually read the text, v10 starts with these are the visions - good clue.... Matthew 4:8 and Luke 4:5 describe how all the kingdoms of the world can be seen from a high mountain, LUKE says the devil led Jesus to the highest point in the Temple -so the mountain is MOUNT ZION which itself is often used as a metaphor in scripture for HEAVEN - in addition we have the devil here - he operates in the "Spiritual Realms" according to scripture - and Jesus is both human and divine in scripture - so isn't it possible that wherever he was, he could "see all the kingdoms of the earth looking down from the Spiritual realm, as God? In other words, it says several times that the earth is flat. NAW IT ACTUALLY DISN'Y here is a link to help you correct your wrong perception and where that daft idea came from - https://answersingenesis.org/astronomy/earth/does-bible-teach-earth-flat/Genesis 1 describes a dome/firmament over the earth - TRANSLATION issue here - but do you really want to know or are you just trying to convince yourself? The firmament is described in Genesis 1:6–8 in the Genesis creation narrative: Then God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” The FIRMAMENT is the SKY or HEAVENS You are trying hard - but you will need to do a whole lot better or you will fail the MOST IMPORTANT TEST that LIFE offers you... I genuinely hope that you start doing some proper research, rather than spouting other foolish folks propaganda...
  6. Sweeper07

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    There are people who want to investigate an object, which appears to be the right dimensions of the Ark, which can be seen from above a mountain that is believed to be the "Mount Ararat" in the Bible -trouble is the mountain is in Iran and they cannot get permission. Scotland was specially designed with amazing drainage - we can cope with 80 days and nights of rain... The NAME - St. Mirren Football Club
  7. Sweeper07

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    So you can quote a few verses without understanding their context or the language or style in which they were penned. The Bible is a library of different kinds of literature - Some of it is Historic information (Some of it verified by non believers like Josephus - a Roman Historian) Some of it is poetry which utilised all kind of tricks like Hebrew Parallelism, metaphors, similies which are not to be taken literally - however, you clearly have fallen into that trap. I could inform you further - but you should be clever enough to do your own research rather than copying stuff from others who are ignorant..
  8. Sweeper07

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    Thanks for your rant - but in terms of religious belief there is a spectrum from those who believe in an all powerful creator God (deity), through to some who are not sure, (The agnostics) all the way to those who believe that there is no "creator God" (As you put it "lack of belief in a deity") The truth is you are not curious about me or my beliefs one little bit and that is fine... but in stead you are happy to spout your own beliefs … your curiosity questions are merely an attempt to put down my beliefs even before you know what they are - i.e. you have attributed your perceptions of my beliefs on to me in the form of tedious and untrue perceptions. - I would love to know where in the Bible you came across the idea of us living in a snowglobe - I think you were reading the wrong book.... Anyway we are all entitled to believe what ever we like - even if it is nonsense, like the tooth fairy or aliens or the world just being here by chance... Within the essence of God is Him being the ultimate creator, having designed and made people, plants animals and the cosmos - if you don't believe that, there is no other credible possibility that does not require even more faith than a believe in God has. i.e. How did all the chemicals get there to say create the big bang? Dawkins said perhaps aliens brought them - but how did the aliens come to exist then? Daaaaaaah don't know..... I am not curious about what you believe - but I think you should research carbon dating and how often the scale is realigned; (as are regularly believed scientific theories, which claim to have it all sussed out, then think about things like fossilised creatures we got told that were millions of years old, but then get discovered miraculously unevolved in our time (like the Coelacanths - see below) Coelacanths were thought to have become extinct in the Late Cretaceous, around 66 million years ago, but were rediscovered in 1938 off the coast of South Africa.[6][7] The coelacanth was long considered a "living fossil" because scientists thought it was the sole remaining member of a taxon otherwise known only from fossils, with no close relations alive,[5] and that it evolved into roughly its current form approximately 400 million years ago. Do you believe all there is for us is in this life? For what purpose - passing on our genes - how banal... Personally I do not believe that we can with any great accuracy, as yet measure the age of the universe - I have expertise in instrumentation, and to date no accurate device is available that can do this - so whatever claims are made - they are simply claims based on assumptions and interpretation of data - always utilised to concur with an pre conceived agenda.. sadly then some folk start to believe in stuff that at best is guesswork from clever people....
  9. I heard that he would have come to us.. but we were not pushing and he wanted to get things sorted quickly. I hope we do not do the same thing with Halkett
  10. Sweeper07

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    You have just lost ALL credibility in my opinion
  11. Like you I suspect, I think the best thing for Scottish football would be them both leaving our league and playing elsewhere.. once they got trounced more than they were winning, their support would diminish and folk might then start to support the other "successful teams" better. Let's be honest the dice are stacked against most teams because of them...
  12. Yeah based on short term success things don't look great - but IF we can have longer term success it would be very different...
  13. YOU are correct. It is a huge task. But when we were heading into league one, with only a few points on the board, not many of us would have predicted the enormous turn around in 18 months. When the right things re in place great progress was and is enjoyed. Yes we are at the moment way smaller than Leicester were in relative terms in the English Premiership - but we all know what they miraculously achieved. That may well have been a very rare thing, but improving gradually or over a number of seasons is not beyond us surely and is the goal? I think what Morton do to their fans is dreadful - they have found their level and are happy to sit their - our level is already higher than that, but needs to go higher still...
  14. So Aberdeen are the biggest club in a wide geographical area - so what - Gers & Tic are only a few miles apart & near many others like Partick, Clyde etc. The point is more successful teams get bigger crowds - we showed that during this last season in the Championship. If we progress sufficiently, the crowds would rally in Paisley... OK I am sure we will get folk talking about real fans who support through thick and thin etc.. But many people are pretty fickle and want to support successful teams... hence the percentage of Man U fans who have never been to any of their games and the reason the Old Firm have a bigger fan base too.