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  1. Really bored with there being no sport, especially football and specifically the Paisley Saints... Maybe someone will start to publish and keep us updated on which teams have players who catch this covid -19 and survive. Not sure whether the winner is the team with the most players who will have the antibodies or the teams who avoided it best... In all seriousness though, do hope we (UK and Ireland - though London is packed with folk in close proximity) have extraordinary survival stats and those who don't catch it are able to get a vaccine soon... thoughts too on those who lose loved ones, already and in future.
  2. Again you are off on a tangent - why would the season be voided? It won't be or who would play in Europe next season etc... Standings will count if the season does not restart... if it does it might be on a change of terms . . . i.e. not all matches might be played but some compromise to give everyone a reasonable chance... we wait and will see.
  3. contrary to belief on here, I am pretty popular locally . . . the folk here though are mad !
  4. Not a lot but it is an example from another sport ! 😜 My main point was that LPM had likely conjured up his conclusions from thin air though !
  5. See Glasgow City has closed it's facility and all post mortems are suspended as their pathologist now have a variant of the Corona virus and it is being called the Coroner virus . . . boom boom ! No joke really... in the supermarket people were leaving one aisle when someone else entered the one they were in - and not only when I was the one entering !
  6. Stupid thread title - the corona virus kills a small percentage of people infected not clubs - clubs don't have immune systems, cannot catch the virus and they will still go on - Aye there will be some worries about finances, but many if not every business is in the same boat . . . clubs are not a special case !
  7. ~Is that the rules or just another thing you've conjured up? In Grand Prix racing once you've complete 8 races the champion can be announced if the season is over...
  8. Ha - what utter ignorance . . . from the so called read it all know every, don't let anyone go to the place of peace that you don't believe in . . . your closed mind won't do you any good whatsoever... it's a shame cause the JW's could use an evangelist like you...
  9. So am I wrong about JW's ? And my experience is not true??? I think what you are saying is that YOU don't buy it - fine - it's your free will to choose what you believe... God never made any robots . . .
  10. League standing will count so Celtic will get 9 in a row in the same way the bottom club will be relegated! Don't know what will happen with the play off teams, but their may be time for them to go ahead given that the virus might be spent by May . . .
  11. Players will be out of contract in June . . .
  12. Wallace OR possibly Hodson with MacPherson at RB Well that is if it were to be played this weekend - but it is not going to be . . .
  13. What utter nonsense as usual... you re-interpreted what I said and because I quoted an answer to your nonsense about snowglobes from one site you totally went off on one that I believe everything that the folk on that site believe... it was a simple fact that your argument was not based on the Hebrew that the bible verses you quoted from actually mean and you clearly showed that you had no understanding of it whatsoever (though you asserted that your atheist friends were experts on the Bible - Ho Ho laughable - you simply hook line and sinker followed another atheists nonsense on that... you prove my point above - close minded and want others not to believe because your world would suddenly implode.... you argue from a completely ignorant standpoint on spiritual things that you have NO experience of - but yet you believe that you are smarter right...ha ha Jehovah's witness are a sect and are not Christians - though they may claim to be. e.g. :- They don't believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ can in any way save people from their sins - contrary to Biblical teaching They believe God created Jesus but he used to be the Archangel Michael (conjured up from thin air) etc. etc. They believe you can earn your salvation - which according to the bible is clearly wrong - Galatians 3:22: “But the scripture says "of all under sin, that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that believe.” i.e. It is the faith of Jesus not of us - - yet another thing that most folk non-Christians don't understand about Christian faith ! Ephesians 2:8,9: “For by grace you are saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.” The point about evangelism of true Christianity is this... if I or anyone found the cure (100% fix) for cancer it would be totally selfish not to let other people benefit from it. I don't stand on streets preaching at anyone, but if anyone seriously wants to engage, I give of my time, knowledge and EXPERIENCE to help them. AND it works - not always just like those who came to Jesus - some found eternal life while others hung on to temporary things of this world. I am not after anyone's money or allegiance, I am not out for anything for myself but sin is the rotting cancer that all humans suffer from (except for Christ Jesus) AND He is the only cure for it... e.g. so many people with psychological issue feel ashamed/guilty and that makes them suffer greatly - only Jesus can free them from this shame for ever... NOW THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE PROSPECT OF THEIR BEING NO MORE POINTS TO PLAY FOR _ SESSION ENDED ! 4th bottom - an improvement !
  14. Given matches are now suspended it will help us to get players back to fitness perhaps - that is if the season is not over altogether... Sorry we cannot get Baird back till the summer and no doubt even then, after twice making the mistake of not keeping him her, JG will pap him out elsewhere for a 3rd time (or cancel his contract by mutual agreement) MacKenzie usually manages the last 4 games and then gets a new contract before getting injured after the 1st couple of fixtures in the new season - he will surely be away this summer, at long last... value for money = not very much - great player at times though...
  15. One factor of note is that some players contracts will lapse if games are delayed and matches need to be played in late June or July to complete the season. One factor for JG and GM to note is get the players we are planning to sign sorted earlier if you've got some weeks to plan in stead of playing... Having a wee look at our squad it is 10 plus players away once more (at the end of the season unless some of the loanees become permanent signings for us (Thinking of Hodson and Jacubiak here)
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