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  1. We do need to go for a win. I think both teams will do, and it will begin tight but both teams will be willing to venture forward hoping to get winning goal(s). Given generally we don't lose too many goals but are not prolific either, chances are a 1 nil win to either team. They are poorer defensively but often grab a goal and occasionally a couple. However, given that both teams will play for the win, I'll go for a 2 v 1 win to us... I think the pressure on them is greater and think/hope we will go in front and keep the lead. They will fight right to the end though ! C O Y S after lots of pain and suffering - GIVE THE FANS SOMETHING TO CHEER ABOUT !
  2. The Fakes only 2 behind and they have RC in 2 weeks time - We have Hamilton - a win is what we should aim for and achieve ! C O Y S
  3. 3 nil it could have been worse - so long as we take three from Accies in two weeks time !
  4. They should get the points deducted for all those birds on the park putting our players off
  5. Tait leaving Defoe to have a free pop from 7 yards - shocking Dylan Reid on for Erhahon - big moment for the lad
  6. Killie pull a goal back on RC 3 v 2 now
  7. Best quote from the commentator - "Obika's chance was the pick of the bunch from us". The other one says, "small bunch with one on it" Sadly thought this would go that way - at least Livi are getting beat and if Hibs come back and take something that would be fine!
  8. You are spot on but we will go into the summer knowing who is leaving and have a chance to bring in more players. Overall JG and the Team have done pretty well in the transfer market and as we move up the attraction is better for better players to come in hopefully.
  9. Well you should know if you've been injured it can take a while to get fit and then match fit. And most strikers fire better all round when the confidence is high.... Lee is no world beater, but he may well yet show us all he is a decent striker - I do hope so !
  10. It would be great if Hamilton win midweek - the other 2 will be in the bottom 2 slots... and there will be little between them . . .
  11. Or Lee is picking up his fitness and sharpness . . . I for one hope so !
  12. Great results for us today - Gained 3 points on 3 teams above us AND RC of course ; Gained 2 on Utd, Killie AND lost none to Motherwell who beat Hibs Fakes Hamilton midweek along with Livi and Sevco a draw or win from Hamilton and a win for Sevco and it caps off a brilliant set of results for us We were better in the first half but not so great in the second - yet we take all 3 points - THAT'S what MATTERS !! C O Y S
  13. Defender got on the wrong side of Quaner - it has consequences and if it wins us 3 points that will do for me
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