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  1. Very unlikely he'll stay till the summer
  2. So 2, 3 or 4 out A winger or 2, a midfielder or 2 (not 2 for both of these though) and a striker in if it all works out.(likely to be young loanee) 2 weeks to make it happen... Our season could go north or south given others are getting things done and competition for the likes of Allan... (Dee freeing up wages already too). The silence is deafening.
  3. I get the shout for the penalty but if the shoe was on the other foot, most of us would be complaining I don't think their player raised his arm to block his own clearance.... his arms were out to help his jump... Ref took the easy option...
  4. We might well have improved and yes we sit in 6th place but I really hope we Sign 3 much better players in the January window... We need to kick on. Too many players not near their best today. Tough games ahead...argh
  5. I get where you are coming from... but guy totally unmarked on the edge of our box... where was our left mid?
  6. Consensus on this... 3 points for us today would push us higher up the table (5th a possibility) We are a far better team/squad than they are but the same was true against Dee. Managment and players need to deliver this one, harder games to come. Saints 2 v 1 plastic pitch utd
  7. Cannot believe our tactics AGAIN. Funders only real strength is in the air defensively. Shockingly poor result. Instead of being 4th or 5th and pulling away everyone has bunched up with us
  8. I've not been over impressed by Mc Carthy this season but the goals we lost on Wed were Tanser/Flynn beaten and our goalie giving away a penalty. Dunne too can't be up to match fitness yet. I'd bring him on when we are 3 or 4 in front....or if we have an injury in defence
  9. They are the away team so will more likely try to sit in and attempt to keep us from scoring. Especially after their last game. It'll only be tough if they succeed and if they can create and take chances. I'd have to say it would be a poor showing from us if they do - we are a lot better than them and really ought to prove it. Saints 3 v 1 Dee McAllister, Brophy and Ronan
  10. Not sure this merits a new topic but could not find somewhere to put it. The latest Scotland u21 squad announced today with no St. Mirren players in it.... that's sad.... Wondering if Erhahon would have been there barring injury? Reid not there yet? Hope we are developing a good few for the future... we have done so in the past.
  11. Let's not feel sorry for them though. They are down there because they are a poor team at this level.... just like they were the year they got relegated. Although they have prominent strikers County kept a clean sheet. County dominated the midfield and exposed their lack of pace back to middle... JG's coaching team will have seen this too... and we should capitalise on it.... Danny Mullen looked more lively when he came on than the others... he might get a start, but he wasn't deemed good enough for is at this level... I just hope we don't have to go a goal down to start playing AND that we don't sit back or ease off if we go in front. County kept on it for almost the full 90 minutes...and they were shell-shocked..... C O Y S
  12. Hoping we get in behind their weak fullback like RC did. Hope also McAllister keeps his place, plays at least as well again, scores and adds an assist or 3. I'd also put in Dennis for Main if McGrath is not fully fit...he might come on as a sub or have more time to recover. They are also slow in the midfield. We need to believe we are on another good run and put them to the sword. C O Y S
  13. We are not clinical enough yet but Brophy, Ronan and McGrath all have a decent number of goals in them. Big Shaun and others have some too... When we played RCounty we were so much better but ended up only winning by a goal. We dropped 2 points last night.... time for more belief, less mistakes and a charge away from the bottom half. We could be 5th if we beat Dee and the 2 above don't win...
  14. Some were but no team ever gets it perfect in the last 3rd. The fact that we're creating more chances surely increases our chances of making more good choices? Dee full backs were abysmal yesterday. McAllister will run a mock if he keeps his place and plays as well again. C O Y S
  15. Yes of course that is a possibility too. But they were rank rotten last night. If we get in front and grab another their mentality will be really tested.... We are playing the team 2nd bottom and theyve lost 5 to the bottom team a few days before we play them - nothing short of 3 points is good enough if we are serious contenders for top 6
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