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  1. Better in the 2nd half, but why that first half performance - wrong formation and not at it until we are behind and heading into half time
  2. The last penalty shout was debatable and split many of our fans, but this was was definitely not
  3. yes me . . . but I am an optimist... extra time coming ...
  4. ok but it was an easy header to clear it - but that is it ! Their goalie could be drinking a cuppa
  5. Was it a dive - commentator says yes - tube he was away
  6. 73 minutes and we have not had a shot on target YET
  7. unbelievable McAllister on for his speed in a minute !
  8. Not sure we need both Fraser and Tait either the way Livi play. One to watch Mullin and us to have a more attacking formation. Mason and one of the above off. Flynn (or Foley) and Obika on (of Erwin for those who love him). And get the ball to feet and move into spaces and stop letting them have time on the ball....
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