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  1. Decent point. Poor early spell in the 2nd half, but generally plenty of effort and some good play. We have not gained much in position but it is not dreadful considering we've not been scoring goals recently !
  2. Big Joe to the rescue - can we catch a winner
  3. FFS P McGinn - I got scorers right - just need Brophy to get his 2nd
  4. A wee win could move us up to 8th and much closer to a few teams above!
  5. Has Porteous not been capped or called up into a squad or two ? Did not stop Brophy here, but neither did the keeper ! Who cares we have a lead - just hope we don't go to a 4 6 0 in the 2nd half
  6. Hibs go into every challenge with a leading arm ! How they getting away with this?
  7. Think this is a game for Dennis - hope he gets on for a decent spell and we utilise subs rather than throw them on when its too late!
  8. The former, a real possibility, but Paul McG more likely than JDH - but they don't have to worry about that with Boyle, and Nisbet in their line up.
  9. ^^^^ THIS - its awful - our best hope of a goal today looks once again likely to be from Shaughnessey... Did we not try something similar against another green/white team ? Usual JG tactics - try not to get beat - and yes a point today would be ok, but we need some wins too. (His record against Hibs in recent years is also woeful too - 1 draw and 5 defeats in the league in the last 6 games) Hope I am wrong, but unless we go for it sometimes, for significant parts of games, we are going remain low in the table. Worse still Hibs CAN score goals and we are leaking them far too easily this season. Having said that - here's hoping something clicks for us and we grab our 1st league win - ⚽ (Brophy to finally hit the net with his first Saints double - now I am day dreaming)
  10. Stop biting Baz. You're playing into his hands and filling the forum with more of his fishing hooks... 🎣
  11. Look it up on the database clown and stop posting p*sh
  12. Oh look, he's a free agent https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/canaries-ncfc-aidan-fitzpatrick-contract-terminated-partick-8294908 Can we afford him / get a deal done though?
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