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  1. Any chance some of the Cuban players can go straight into the Dee team for the weekend?
  2. The Ducks goal for Haiti - Oh what we would do for 1, 2 or 3 of these against the Fakes and Dee !!!!!
  3. How far can Scotland fall? Kazakhstan, what a joke - the usual way we begin tournaments, giving up our chance for qualification, then we get some better results but it is too little too late... Not enough breadth of quality from enough teams who nurture Scottish players !
  4. £3 that's 3 times as dear as the Scotland game ! Think that this is madness - a Scottish Cup that can be won by a team from another country - it has become a wee Anglo Scottish Cup with other nations invited!
  5. There is no guarantee that their bog will be dry by next week either; so we can wait and see. We are professionals and playing 2 big games in 4 days is no big deal if we don't pick up injuries or suspensions - we have had a bit of a rest up till then too. What is really means is that the 1st game is hugely important - it will determine mentally how we go into the Dee game. A win or a draw and we are above Dee. We take 4 or 6 points in these 2 and we are Marching on for sure.
  6. Yeah - its up, down, up down, and you do the hokey cokey and you turn around ! Whoever came up with playing football in a balloon anyway?
  7. I am not trying to be a smart arse either, but we have Israel playing in Europe too, and they are in the Middle East! Anyway - International football when Scotland are so poor sucks. if you are a Scotland fan. Although Scotland are a relatively small nation, the entire game from grass roots up needs to drastically improve. For me that means we need a huge shift in the control, financing and bias towards 2 teams in order that every team can have a real chance to be more successful. Greater competition internally without those 2 being able to take the best players from other teams to keep their advantage over them. But hey ho - that is another topic. In other countries playing for your country is a real honour, Scotland seem to have lost this, but it is understandable at the level they have fallen too. i.e. there was a time that Scotland could fairly regularly beat England - never mind Wales etc. Will those days return?
  8. You logic is more than reasonable - but the above is not easy anyway - can they make it much harder and us still having 2 home fixtures? Anyway, we could beat everyone of these teams on our day - the issues is how on our day we will be! The toughest one is Well (Home or Away) but as Hibs showed at the weekend, keep Turnbull and Hastie quiet and a lot of their power is negated!
  9. The Fakes - who are on their worst run all season, were in fear of us giving them a hammering !
  10. I suspect that they will set up similar against us - try and keep it tight and catch us on the break - Oh Wright missed a one on one with the keeper - hope he is has another blank against us too. We need to get right in about them from the off - get the lead and make them come out a bit, then knock in our 2nd, 3rd and 4th goals to let them be sure that they are simply not good enough for this league . . . Come on Tansey, McAllister, The Duck and Jackson. (As well as our other players shoring up and creating the chances) Let's go Marching in !
  11. REALLY - you get to decide this ? We beat Dee next week and we are back 4 points behind Accies with a game in hand. Therefore if we win that we would only be 1 point behind them with 7 games and 21 points still to play for... But your expert assertions mean we cannot possible pass the Accies... Don't bet against us . . .
  12. See Sunderland win again to close in on 2nd place . . . Villa continue their assault upwards too
  13. If only we were better than them - Oh let's see when we play them next and we will know . . . Great result for them today in dreadful conditions, just like when we beat Livi. We can see Dee's goal difference take a hammering tomorrow - and a few sending offs in time for our next game ! C O Y S
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