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  1. Its great we're getting in more expertise.... But it's decent fit and healthy players we need most... Maybe our players caught it playing Killie?
  2. Bring it on - they have no defense and have scored more goals than they should have by now - so hopefully they are due a dry streak. In the meantime we are well rested, have guys back to fitness and are due to bang in a few. Saints 3 v 0 The Hammer throwers ⚽'s by Obika, Shaunessey and either Dennis or Connolly ! C O Y S
  3. I am happy to forgive you but what's your excuse? I hope its a good one !
  4. Its hard to believe we can beat Killie if they play anywhere near their best. Funny thing is we are notorious for losing points to those at the wrong end of the table and having good results against the better teams sometimes. So we need :- 1. A good start 2. A good formation 3. Good tactics 4. To get steamed right in and leave the opposition with little time on the ball 5. To score 1 or more goals 6. Have more of our players playing nearer the best of their ability 7. Killie to get 2 men sent off and we retain 11. Then we will leapfrog them in the table and we'll all be a bit less despondent - really hope we don't make it 5 defeats on the spin... 🙏
  5. Obika did score 12. But took him a while to get going and I know he came in without a pre season but since the Accies game he looks not interested. I like Obika. When he's on his game his a handful. To be fair he needs better service. Him and Jakubiack struck up a good partnership. But like Popescu we showed o desire to get these players in the door. I think a number of our players are not playing anywhere near their best with any sort of consistency. I am hoping its all about match practice and soon they will be up and running after an unusually long break. (I know we've played 8 competitive matches) Other than Alnwick who would you say had a good game every or nearly every week? (Possibly Tait until Saturday past) Guys like Durmus, McAllister, McCarthy etc really don't look like they are out of pre-season Others like McGrath, Obika, Folley have had a couple of decent games out of 8. Others wont make the grade and need to be offloaded (I won't add in the names, but moist of us know who) Have anyone other than our keeper or defenders been our best player in any game? Even if in one or two games, this is a really worrying trait.
  6. JG made it and for a man who boasted of his great defensive (captain) captures, we are NOT in command of our penalty area in the air - which is shocking. I do admit that some of the issues are midfielders and forwards (Supposedly back helping) who are not covering their man and that is very poor indeed.
  7. Question. Can anybody see Erwin or Obkia score 15 between this season? I hope I'm wrong. But I dont think so. Only bright spot has been Erahahon. He's done well is his natural position. We badly need 2 defenders in this week. Well Obika stuck 12 last season and surely he should hit at least 10, if not surpass last season's total (since matches were culled) and Erwin will be good for about 8 I think. But both of these depend on us playing a lot better once we gel better and Flynn is back. Perhaps COnnolly will be good for 4 or 5 too? Erhahon and Cammy are the future - 1st team for a few years and then sell on !
  8. Unless we boss the midfield (which is very unlikely), and we stop Burke and their CF, we are on 5 defeats in a row. But maybes we will go for it and stun those suckers... Connolly, Obika, MacPherson and Erwin with the goals - - - we all wish ! PS they will have 2 players sent off ! ⚽
  9. 9 goals conceded from crosses or corners? Can we not defend? Counter to that is we get a goal from a defensive mistake - can we not create and score from our own creativity and quality?????? Why has MacPherson been dropped? It's unbelievable. On the counter is Erwin and Connolly add something to what we had...
  10. Didn't McCarthy header it straight to Shankland? To be fair he has been poor this season so far in several games. - Had it been Bairdy, the fans would be giving him pelters... Are any other Premiership Squads as week in defensive cover as we are? I doubt it. Huge mistake - Don't know what JG issue with him was and cannot believe it was all about pre season and cup games last year. Bairdy is no world beater but the way McCarthy has been playing this season, Bairdy could have been a better option. Anyway he's gone now and we are short in too many ways at this moment. We have had a lot of changes and I am hopeful things will improve, but there are so many areas that need to be improved upon - here are just a few :- 1. Shutting down and marking opposition players - McGrath for their 2nd goal a typical example of weak cover from the midfield. (Sheron in other games is probably the most glaring example) 2. Midfield needs to work better as a unit and improve both defensively and creatively as well as being more of an attacking threat. The coaching here is crucial - these guys need to work much better for the team to be successful, and yes Flynn will bring something and hopefully Magennis will, but he was not that great last season. 3. No where near enough players playing anywhere near their best with any sort of consistency. Guys like Durmus contributed positively last season and have not seemed to be up to speed yet - why? 4. This wonderful defense laden with captains who have all (Tait next time) missed matches already and our cover is woefully inadequate. Nevertheless we are probably better than Hamilton and possibly Utd who are still on the winning mentality of last season. Not sure about Livi and RC are not better really though they manage to get results and points that were unexpected, but will they fall away like they did last season post Christmas. These are the teams we are competing against to avoid relegation !
  11. Usual St. Mirren 4 shots on target in the entire game, and with our quality goal scorers, that means we manage 1 goal. All this pish about us having a great defense... crappy Utd had 9 shots on target . . . Time to wake up and smell the coffee !
  12. Given Baird is away and Jay and Josh are away on loan at Clyde - there are spaces in the 1st team squad - thank ***. Now all we have to do is get in some better footballers than we currently have and we will improve ..... (Though I think and hope Dennis will get in among the goals as the season progresses. )
  13. Don't think he looked any less fit than any other player. They were all shite. But Goody we to blame. When most fans saw the team they knew it was awful Agree JG must take a chunk of the blame, but the players need to perform at a decent level every week - being professional footballers in the top league is a privilege. What I meant about McCarthy is he was making mistakes that we would not normally see and I thought some of that could have been cause he missed the Hamilton game, however, I had thought that he'd missed the game before the Fakes, but he did not. He missed the RC 2 weeks before. He just has a poor game like most of the team... I know many fans are happy Baird is away - but who can say with any confidence that Sheron is better at CB than him - seriously 🥶 Just hope he is still getting up to speed with fitness and Scottish football - but I am doubtful. If nothing else the break gives us a chance to work on whatever system we will employ in the next game - it surely cannot be as bad as against the Fakes I pray . . . 🙏
  14. Conor McCarthy has proved to be a good signing. He has, but was poor in our last game - looked as they he lacked match fitness !
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