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  1. ^^^ This. I don't really believe Oran did not expect to be here and move us up the league next season.... Presided over the Great Escape mark 2. Took Stubbs bombscare of a squad and build a pretty decent one, that could have been built upon this season... No doubt there is more to these shenanigans than meets the eye... but we move on hoping for a positive season... time will tell.
  2. Looks like Scott has yielded his big axe and has Goody already lined up . . . Gus must have convinced him . . . Not too convinced by the Peter Houston rumour though... What did he do for the Soap dodgers last season and he presided over Falkirk's fall from their dizzy heights...
  3. Delighted as he clearly is a leader and a good player. Just hope he has his fittest season ahead... We wait to see who is next . . .
  4. Not sure what I am supposed to be trying too hard at.. I only gave my opinion that I did not think both Gary MacK and Popescu will be with us for another season. Though I never worded it well, that was my intent. I used the word guess precisely as it was only an opinion... See Gary has signed, we'll soon see if Popescu stays - if so I was wrong...
  5. Obviously not ones he is sharing then - perhaps the reason he is having a go at me then . . .
  6. Oh AYE and you are the sane one RIGHT !!! If I sound mentally unstable in YOUR head, that is a big clue for you. . .
  7. I suspect either Gary MacK or Popescu won't both be here for the season, possibly neither. Popescu is the more likely though...
  8. I don't have a god - you do. My God is the one you will bow the knee to ….
  9. I could name only 3 of them, but I would get slaughtered for it either way - Right? I won't put names out as I was given the info in confidence - it is neither right for the players or anyone else at this stage... I also don't know yet about any coming in for training - not surprised really with all the current chaos at our beloved club - surely someone closer in can comment if any trialists have appeared? Here is your one and only snippet - One of them kicked a ball for Aberdeen previously though...
  10. You could do with some voices in your cause the cr*p you incessantly post could easily be improved . . .
  11. Great you don't think we had a look at trialists already - I KNOW otherwise...
  12. SPECULATION - where is the evidence ???? I heard this rumour came from a family member of Oran - but that could be :- 1. A smokescreen to justify him leaving for Coleraine 2. GLS telling him that to get him to go 3. etc etc Let's see who we sign and who we get as our next manager. Will we pay compensation for Goodwin or whoever it is??? (Surely not if we are skint AND why would any manager come if our budget was going to be so poor... If there was ever a season r two to make sure we stayed up it is this one and the next one - the bigger prize money appears then. Despite Stubbs getting told he could sing Miller on a very high wage, much more that that was in the budget when Oran took over - yes there were pay-offs buy we made money from other deals too - Rice, JR, JF, Smith, Stewart etc. etc. I repeat, the budget for the coming season will be greater than it was for the season just finished!!!!
  13. Of course you don't know zilch... maybes the speculated compensation is being paid to us by Coleraine and/or Oran to terminate his contract …. I just love your comment about your speculation being a fact while Dibbles is only speculating . . . best laugh for a while !
  14. Aye we gave them a 2 goal lead last season and Goodie set them for the 2nd half really well - didn't he / // // /
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